Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I haven't had a sleep in in 8 weeks.
I wish I could!

Feeling MEGA PISSED OFF about that.

Actually, feeling MEGA PISSED OFF about a lot right now... and the worst thing is there is nothing I can do about it.

Well... nothing that would be a better option.

Explored the options.  Shot them all down in flames now.

I don't have much to be cheerful about right now so I might just bugger off and feed the small person, the 6 little fluff balls, the 2 bigger fluff balls, then get the small person to daycare.

When I get home maybe I will just go back to bed?

Nah.  Griffin's friend is coming over for the day.  So, no rest for the wicked.  F*#k I must be wicked as.

At some point today I must take progress photos of the puppies for their owners.  I took Jonah's a couple of days ago, so he's done already.  (Jonah WAS Holden)


10.50 am:  and maybe things are going to work out after all?
Fingers crossed I can appease everyone.

*sigh*  Sometimes I just feel like I live in a Soap Opera!

With no control over MY LIFE.  I'm trying to take back control.

JJ is here for the day.  That will keep Griffin amused.  *smiles*

The puppies are eating puppy food so well now!
I am only putting Tallulah in with them to nurse them 3 times a day now... and in a week I will stop her feeding them completely, that way they are weaned and ready to go to their forever homes by the end of the month.

Things will settle down again at month's end, there will be some changes here.  We will still be on the market, but some of the other stress will be gone.

Kids start school early February, I am looking forward to THAT too.  *smiles*

SLOWLY making headway on a few things that NEED SORTING.

Lots of emails to'ing and fro'ing.  

Some sewing is getting done too!

But not photos of puppies... that would involve me getting down on the floor, and my back is too sore to do that right now!  Well actually, it's getting back UP off the floor that's the problem!  I'm too tired to even contemplate it right now.
Maybe later.

7.23 pm:  and it finally cooled down enough to get the puppies out on the lawn late this afternoon.  I got photos.
Will post a few tomorrow of individual puppies, but for now here's a couple of them with kids...

 ABOVE:  Keera thought the puppies were DELIGHTFUL.  Then she sat on one... it gave a bit of a squeak, but was OK thankfully!  lol

ABOVE:  See  how little they still are?  Darling wee things.  Coco LOVED LOVED LOVED getting to play with the puppies!  Tallulah didn't mind her being around them at all.  

Stew broke down in Hamilton, so he got home quite late tonight.  *sigh*... probably have to get it looked at tomorrow by the Holden dealership in Hamilton.  

End of Day:  hopes were up, and now they are down. Going to bed frustrated as.  
But later, not right now.  I have to do something for dinner first!
nite nite


  1. just think about the rainbow after a storm. Things will work out, just try to keep going and it will all be ok xx

    1. Yeah... but getting through the storm is ongoing, and seems to be never ending for us. If it's not one thing, it's another.

  2. Hope all is well :)

  3. Our lives are very much like a soap opera. When you have a lot of kids like us the next problem is just around the corner. But we have to remain positive and remember one day it will be better, they will all get on and there will be peace - Yeah Right.

    Lol, just take one day at time and remember some days ARE better than the others. Sending hugs.

  4. Hope things change in a positive direction soon.x

  5. Oh, I am sorry to hear of the discord. You seem to be a very caring and giving person. I don't even know you - but I feel like you are a friend. Isn't that odd. So - this friend from snowy Minnesota is thinking of you and wishing happy joys in your direction!

  6. The lack of sleep can really have a terrible effect on how you view things and your attitude. I do hope that the kids are able to watch Keera and give you a little nap. Hugs.

  7. Sleep yes it is a necessary evil how delightful those little bundles of fluff look. It is hot n muggy here rain is threatening but not here yet so hot hot hot. Hope car is ok for Stew and not a big issue.

  8. My recommendation is that when you don't feel in a good mood, lay down on your back with all those puppies. they'll have you laughing and feeling better in no time!

  9. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Puppies are adorable! Hang in there - you're one of the most resilient people around. Sending good thoughts (and sleep wishes) your way.
    ~Nicole in CA


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