Thursday, January 14, 2016


Right, today I'm going to start with some adorable photos of the puppies that I took yesterday.

Cos I can...

See how fluffy they are getting!   And so adorable.  They loved being out on the lawn yesterday in the late afternoon.  It was cooler for them, and they ran around like... well, frisky little puppies do!  lol

Some news.  Keera is going to be spending part of each week with her Mum Lacy, starting next week.  It will be good for all of us, I get a much needed break, and Lacy gets to spend more time with her daughter.

I am feeling very relieved, as caring for a 3 year old 24/7 was slowly wearing me down.  I was starting to feel really over tired and stressed out.  So, all good.  Lacy will have her part time now too.  Shared care until Lacy gets a permanent home again.

At the moment she is boarding with a friend who doesn't mind Keera coming to stay on the weekends.  So I'm very happy with the new arrangement.

Keera will finish at Daycare next week, and once Kindy starts again she can go there in the mornings.  And thanks Lynda, I will certainly use that Creche you mentioned now and then so I can shop without said pre-schooler under foot!

It's been a rather stressful couple of days trying to work out a better arrangement for Keera, one that works better for my sanity. I have learnt a lot about some people in the process.  Not to worry, I shall not put myself through that EVER again.  

Today... well Keera's off to Daycare, then I'm going to get my nails done again.  Griffin is staying home to care for the puppies for me, and Brylee is coming with me for a 'girly' morning at the mall.

Yaaaa.... time out of the house.  My nails are dreadfully sore as I took all the acrylics off a few days ago, exposing my poor natural nails.  Splits everywhere.  So sore.  They must get used to having the protection of false nails on top I think.
I can't wait to get them done again.

TRACY:  re: Your comment last night on Pepsi,  TIME. WILL. TELL.  I hope you are wrong... *sad face*

Right, I'm off ... 


1.59 pm:  and finally home after a busy morning.
Stew took his car to the garage in Botany this morning, so we picked him up from there and dropped him at the Manukau office.  He is going to work out of there today and possibly tomorrow, depending on when his car is fixed.

After that the kids and I (Griffin tagged along after all), went to Sylvia Park.  I got my nails done, then we had lunch.

After lunch we visited Steve, Bex and the little boys, then came home to do a little housework and relax for the afternoon.

I am going to finish the bag I'm working on at some point today, then I can show you.

 ABOVE:  while I was getting my nails done, the nail technicians encouraged B & G to sit in the massage chairs... they really LOVED the massage.  *sigh*  I've never had one, or a pedicure.  
I must do that sometime.

ABOVE:  Today's nails. I got the same colours on my right hand too.  I love the brightness... they look cheerful.  The 'yellow' nail is actually a psychedelic green colour, not yellow.

Stew got an interesting phone call today from a lady in Tauranga.  Wow, the things you find out.  But not surprised.  Never surprised.  Just disappointed again.

I finished the bag.  BUT ... I will show you tomorrow... it will give me something to put on the blog first thing in the morning!


End of Day:  today I have felt like I'm wearing lead shoes.  Every step has been a struggle.  I'm just so exhausted.  There is no real reason why, I'm not doing that much more PHYSICALLY, so it must be psychological. I wish I could just buck out of it and feel happy again.  
nite nite


  1. Glad to hear you got a plan sorted out, sounds like it will be lovely for Keera too - lots of quality time with mum and grandma too!

  2. Anonymous7:46 AM

    The puppies are so adorable! Read your blog everyday love the photos. Marianne in Orlando

  3. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Hope you have a better day today. Having a plan of action is a good start. Hope it works well for all of you. Those puppies sure are fluff balls and bundles of energy.!!!!
    Karen in Auckland

  4. I hope I am wrong too :-)

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      I was going to say that I do hope the 'time will tell' comment wasn't referring to the me and Keera situation but I guess that would just be silly, I do get I have mucked up and in a few very big ways in the past and yes time will tell again but there are just some feelings and reality checks and so on that can't be ignored, if I could give someone my emotions and feeling for just one day I thing they would actually believe me that I want my little girl and I'll do anything to make her and mum and dad happy as well as myself and that would be to start the transition of getting her back :)

    2. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Good Luck Lacy, Keera is a gorgeous little girl. You can do it just believe in yourself and try really hard. Show everyone and make them proud and above all make yourself proud.
      All the best.

  5. I'm not sure if you can drop off Keera as a casual - might pay to phone them to find out what they offer.

  6. Those puppies are so cute!

  7. The pups are the absolute cutest now. Love the ones of Mini and Toby with the fushia - that is precious and very professional looking to me. I hope things go good for Keera - you look into her little sweet face and know she deserves the best-like you give her. I know it is harder as we are older so my heart goes out to both of you.
    Sorry about your poor nails - they sound Terrible. What about that next bag -looking forward to seeing it.

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      'the best-like you give her' I did try not take that personally but yea, I may be a usless piece of sh*t in most of your eyes atm but yea nothing I say is going to make much of a difference atm, I guess as a lady said 'time will tell......and show you all

    2. I hope you do Lacy.

  8. Those puppies just the cutest things and fluffy as, just mischievious little fluff balls. Here's to more time and space for you and starting with nails at the mall what better way.

  9. Get a pedicure--they're wonderful.

  10. agree, get a pedicure! You won't look back xxxxx

  11. Have you heard of Jamberry? That might be a solution for your nails. I will join you to my friend's FB page. I think you would like it!

  12. Those puppies are just so cute-great photos. So glad you have a plan moving forward with Keera. sounds like you have had a nice day out and about.

  13. Anonymous5:21 PM

    The puppies are so cute ! I hope Lacy is ok, it is hard being a single parent and it is true no one knows really how anyone else is feeling or copes. Chris you do a great job and are a caring parent. you can be my mum for a while (even though I am older than you ) lol....I am trying to stick to my "food " plan it is so hard, but I know I can do it and continue on my weight loss path....

    Cheers Peta

  14. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Sending love to you all. I hope that things get better for Lacy soon, I am not judging, we all make mistakes and have to deal with the fallout. I don't think anyone could doubt that Keera is loved by her mum or her grandma. But things must be hard for you all at the moment.

    Mary in Tassie

  15. Don't go and get a pedicure at those Asian Places they are horrific for fungal infections in toe nails. Google some of the documentaries that TVNZ have done with hidden cameras.... it's not worth the risk trust me. If you go there for your nails (which by looking at the photos you do) I would say find somewhere else, they are horrendous for fungal infections and the use of MMA a banned substance in new Zealand. They put them in unnamed bottles, and they use it as it costs a fraction of the price of the legit stuff. They are being closed down in many countries in the world now because of what products they use and they don't use proper hygiene standards. Yes they are handy as they are in malls, most of the staff are untrained, in the end its your own choice, but I really do recommend you look at some of the hidden camera documentaries they have made. Here are some links , , just 2 of hundreds of complaints....

    1. So if we shouldn't go to the nail salons in the malls, where do we get our nails done??? And who's to say the alternative is any better/safer/hygenic?

  16. Here is a list of some of them in Auckland, otherwise google your area . There are some crap ones in the community, but any legit one will have certificates on the wall, you will see them using either disposable files/or fresh files that have been sterilised (if you see a worn out file or a dirty one ask for a new one), you will see hospital grade disinfectants, ask questions.... It is known that the Professionails throughout the world are unhygienic/unsafe, hence why some countries now are banning them in malls etc. There are also some legit ones in the malls, but stay away from the asian bars. Ask who they trained with etc..... 95% of the ones in the community or non asian ones in the malls, you will find are legit. These are the key factors people need to check when getting nails done: Certificates on the walls, Make sure all instruments used have come out of a clean container and are clean, a quick spray with a disinfectant is not good enough, ask to see the list of ingredients in bottles that are unmarked (personally any bottle unmarked I would stay away from), make sure the disinfectants are hospital grade, not your standard supermarket ones.... It is not uncommon for people to even bring their own files, all my regulars have their own set of files, (which I hold in a paper bag for them with names on them) which are still washed and sterilised with hospital grade disinfectants after each appointment and thrown out regularly. I use disposable files on first time clients... Honestly it may seem over the top, but if you have to lose a finger or a toe because of bad hygiene you would have wished you had thought twice about going there.

  17. Also if you are waiting for a client to finish, check out what they do with the files they used to make sure they are not used on you, make sure the tables are disinfected (again with hospital grade disinfectant) before you sit down.... its those little things which make such a difference - if you want any recommendations in your area let me know and I will find some for you :)

    1. Thinking about my appointment the other day... the technician used a file that was obviously used already, she used snips from her drawer (Obviously not sterile) AND did not clean the table before I sat down, she just put two tissues under my hands. They were all Veitnamese and two of them had NO ENGLISH. I read the articles you linked. I won't be going there again.


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