Saturday, January 02, 2016


First up for today, I'm off to the hairdressers to get my hair toned some more.
I'm glad I made the appointment, as I'm not happy with me hair.  Better to get it done right, rather than be unhappy about it.

I wonder what they will charge me?

Next up for today, I am going to be taking photos of PUPPY FACES.
I can tell who's who from looking at their body markings/size ... but not from their faces!  
Well... the two little black and white puppies are easy to tell apart, but some of the others look very similar!

ABOVE:  See those two on the right?  No idea who they are from their faces!  One is Toby (in front from his markings) and the other is Holden. 

 ABOVE:  cute little guy!  

 ABOVE:  That is Viva, with 'B' in front.

ABOVE:  Could be Mini, could be Jerry!  lol
I hope I can get some good face photos!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GORDON (Yesterday) and AMANDA (today).  I hope you both had/have lovely days.

Right, I better get a move on... feed the dogs, dress and feed Keera, put some washing on... all the usual stuff.


10.22 am:  And... I'm finally happy with my hair.  And there was no charge today, which was neat.  Nice ladies at Synergy Hair.  I always feel stink when I go back for a 'fix up'... more often than not I just 'let it go'.

Now... I might think about taking those face photos...

ABOVE:  Yaaa!  All done, and it was easy for once.  They all behaved.  Now to send the photos off to their owners.

Well.... the rest of today has been fairly average.  Just lazing around doing bugger all!
Stew is enjoying his break I think.  No stress.

End of Day:  quiet days are nice, but I'm getting a bit bored!  Wonder what we can get up to tomorrow to break the boredom?
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    H & T puppy's, H has a bigger dark patch of fur on top of nose

  2. O they are so sweet. You did a wonderful job with the pictures! I am so glad you went back and got your hair adjusted to where you are happy with it since YOU are the one who has to LIVE with it. You paid good money - you deserve to be happy.

  3. Great to hear that you had a better outcome with your hair colour today. Love, love, love the puppy pics!

  4. These pups are so so precious. I hope you are all enjoying your time with them.

  5. gawd they are gorgeous photos of puppies glad you got your hair sorted.

  6. That's nice of your hairdressers! Oh My God! Those puppies! Soo adorable!

  7. Glad your hair is sorted. Those puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aww the puppies are so cute! My daughter's puppies have just opened their eyes.


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