Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My Mum is the eldest of 10 siblings.
I have 26 cousins on my mother's side... and I could probably walk past 20 of them on the street and not recognise them.

That's pretty sad.  But, as we were the first grandkids and most of our cousins are quite a few years younger, we didn't really have much to do with them as we grew up.  Only saw them at BIG family gatherings.

So.... I've got about 6 cousins here in Auckland.  And I don't have anything to do with them.  I've probably not made enough of an effort to get in touch.  But that's because I just don't know them.

Anyway.... I'm leading up to why I'm talking about this.   One of the cousins who lives here got in touch, and is coming to visit today.
I'm sure it will be a lovely visit... she's got a dog similar to mine.  *smiles*

I bet she's going to love our puppies!

Griffin's friend JJ is coming for the day, so that's Griffin entertained for the day.  Mostly they play Play Station in the bedroom and I hardly see them!

Also today, I think Steve, Bex and the little boys are coming over?  Steve said for a spa, but maybe the weather will ruin those plans.

Keera's off to Daycare... this is her last week.   After this week I'm hoping to get her into Kindergarten.  I must ring up and find out if they are open yet.

The only other thing on me agenda is to bath Tallulah.  She is as smelly as the puppies were yesterday, but I didn't get the time to wash her after their baths.  So today sometime... I will bath her too.


DAMN!  Some bastard has stolen one of my potted palms from the front of my house!  I'm really upset, it was looking so good and had just had a growth spurt.  Now I'm left wondering if I should have anything out the front that is nice and pinch-able!

Grrrrrr... never thought that would happen around here.

I visited the local Kindergarten this morning and they are working on getting Keera in soon.  I should hear back from them some time today if they have a space for her.  Fingers crossed.

2.35 pm:

- my cousin was just LOVELY.   We talked non stop for 3 hours... we have SO MUCH in common when it comes to kids and family issues!!!
We must get together again soon.  I really loved talking with her.

- Got a phone call from Daycare.  Keera has a low temperature and a snotty nose, so I had to go and get her.  She has a cold FFS.  So, I doubt she will be going back there as her cold will probably last till next week, and this is her last week there anyway.  So, I will be paying for three days childcare ($145)  this week for NOTHING.  That does wonders for my mood.

ABOVE:  This is the sort of palm that was stolen.  It wasn't a huge plant, so easy to nick.
Lesson learnt.  Try not to have easily stolen potted plants out the front!  

Now... I'm going to bath Tallulah and get her smelling pretty again.

End of Day:  OMG another stinking hot, humid day!  You literally cannot move without breaking out in a sweat.  Thank goodness for fans!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    No self control, stealing a tree what the heck for. I once left my baby's booster outside over night as it was wet so needed to dry it out and some prick stole it. And I've never had a problem with theft before. The kids leave their bikes, scooter and other outside toys never have they be taken. It's just annoying I despise thieves

  2. I can't believe someone would steal your palm! What a low-life.... Hope it turns up its toes on them!! Enjoy your day with your cousin x

  3. Now Chris, you could be living here in the US and have SNOW on the front porch and below freezing air blowing right through you so there would be no LOVELY PLANTS to lose -because they are all CRAMMED into the house ! So yes, I am jealous Once again. But So Sorry something has happened to one of your plants. Maybe someone will have a guilty conscience and bring it back????
    It is hard to keep that many furbabies bathed isn't it. When all 12 of mine were alive it took two hours to give baths. Now , I drag my feet at 4 -just because they HATE it so bad. All of yours are so beautiful.
    Hope Keera makes new friends easy at Kindergarten - I was Always so shy -it would have killed me to make those kind of changes. She is so beautiful.

  4. That's lucky if Keera can get into Kindy soon! Cole had to be on the waiting list for ages. Wow, stealing a potted palm? That must have been heavy - I wonder if you were home when it happened?

  5. Gosh that is a big family boy the dishes alone would be nightmarish lol. WHO would steal a palm, go walking with the dogs can't have gone far, if a big one.

  6. I am so over this weather, it is hot & sweaty all might & all day. My hair is a frizzy disaster.

    Bugger about the stolen plant - bastards! I hope they at least pulled a muscle during the heist and are in agony :-)

    1. Yeah you should see my hair! I plaster all the fly aways with hair glue.. literally STICK it down!

  7. Too bad someone stole your plant. Glad to hear you had a good visit with your cousin.

  8. Hey Sis, what Couzy was she??. We have one here in Brizzy somewhere but never got her address from Mum. Dont even know which one she is either lol. Shame about the plant the mother fuckers, hope it dies on them. Pricks


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