Saturday, January 09, 2016


No daycare to go out for.  Yaaa... though I do love daycare, as does Keera.

It will be nice to just stay home and do NOTHING.

Well I say nothing.  What I really mean is I shall probably do some sewing... or make that outhouse roof.

The roof needs to be done so I can get the thing fired and finished.  I will probably make it, then get on with some sewing.  Try out me new chair.  I already know it's much higher than my old one, and my shoulders are not going to get so sore being in a raised position to sew.  That's gunna be awesome. 

Hopefully my back doesn't get so sore now too?

We won a Trademe Auction last night.  Weights to go on the Boxing Stand.  They are necessary to hold it in the one position.  They come with a bench and bar, which we don't need.  They will probably go to the Hospice Shop. 

Hopefully we hear from the seller and can go and pick them up sometime today.

Right, that's me for now, catch ya later.


 ABOVE:  This morning's job... extend the puppy pen.  They now have more room to run around, and Mini for one is thrilled!  She raced up and down for ages.  The rest were more cautious, and investigated the extra room slowly.

It won't take them long to need even more room, and luckily I have THREE metal pens, so can extend it heaps.

ABOVE:  The snuggle corner.  Awww Benji and Jerry already found it.

ABOVE:  For MARLENE.  That is how you change the background colour. *smiles*  I always choose white.

4.44 pm:  And I've been busy sewing.  Oh and I went out and bought some puppy toys/teething things.  Cos, well they are teething!

 ABOVE: Keera scratching Benji's tummy.  She loves the puppies.
Tallulah is much more accepting of other's touching her babies now.

ABOVE:  Though by the look on her face I do wonder what she's thinking of Keera?  ha ha

ABOVE:  I think there's more toys than puppies now!  lol   Keera was quite interested in the puppy toys too.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  A little 'hint' of what I'm working on now.  Can ya guess?

End of Day: well another busy day in the garage... sewing, no potting today.  I might get to that after our Open Home tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Thanks Chris. Done now.

  2. The puppies are so lucky to have you as their care-giver. I hope their new forever homes are as good to them. No being kicked across the room for piddling on the carpet by someone drunk or mad. Life can be so cruel and they are so sweet and innocent.
    I love the way you can extend their space. You are a doll.

  3. Goofy and Pluto? The puppies are adorable 😊

  4. Not a bad guess! All will be reveiled tomorrow! lol

  5. I reckon it might be Pluto?

  6. ohhhhh the puppies are cute soon they will be running all over the house/garage and now the kids have a petting zoo......


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