Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Today I'm taking Coco over to Mt Wellington for a groom.  She's looking very wooly.
As I'm just going to be dropping her off and picking her up again a few hours later, the big kids can stay home.

Keera will be going to Daycare as per usual.  That kid just loves it there! She gets to paint, play with playdough, sand and all sorts of shit we simply don't have here... AND play with other little kids.  I'm so happy she can go there.

Now, yesterday I took heaps of photos of the boys and puppies, here's a couple that I didn't post yesterday...

ABOVE:  I wonder what that little puppy is thinking?  lol   Most likely wishing the papparazzi would bugger off!

ABOVE:  Tallulah is UNDER that huge pile of puppies!!!   No wonder she's starting to wean them, she is swamped.
It's hard to believe how much they have grown in just 5 weeks!  They were so tiny, now... not so much!

While Keera is at Daycare, I am going to sew.  This next bag has a different pocket picture ...  not a cartoon character for a change.

Right, I better get Miss Muppet ready for Daycare, and get some washing on too.


Well Coco looks lovely, the day is flying by and I've got bugger all done!
Started doing the bag, got distracted by puppies.

I'm working on a big change here.  Some things need to change or I'm gunna go nuts.

4.11 pm:  just found out I have to cope on me own after all.  Not happy, but oh well... it is what it is.  Sucker here left to do it all.

WELL, Steve and Bex would help in the situation I'm in ... but I can't/won't ask them as they have their hands full already.  

And the other choice is a:  'LIKE FUCK' I will go there.

Cryptic? Yeah, can't put too much on here or it will blow up in me face.  

On to something else.
Puppies.  Food.  Been giving them crushed up, watered Pro Plan Puppy pellets.
They just don't seem to be that keen on it. 
So, I added some Chef Puppy food from a tin, mashed it up with the pro plan pellets and ....

ABOVE:  BOOM!  They all tucked in with GUSTO!!!
Did I mention Holden has been given his forever name?  He is now Jonah.

The only puppy without a forever name is Mini, and her new owner is thinking of keeping her name as Mini.  Time will tell.

Talking of time, I better go and pick Keera up, then get on with making dinner.


End of Day:  a shitty day really. Let my emotions get the better of me.  Another day tomorrow.... here's hoping it's better.
nite nite


  1. My daughter's puppies are so big already and they are only 2 weeks or so! Amazing how fast they grow.

    1. Her puppies are from a bigger breed, so they are going to be bigger! Mine will always be little dogs. Small and fluffy, just the way I love them! Though, husky's are gorgeous dogs too... fluffy in a bigger way! lol

  2. Small and fluffy - they are perfect. Certainly hope the dog flu is not over in New Zealand like it is over here ! My poor babies have really suffered with it. It is like a breath of fresh air to see your sweet , clean babies . I can even smell that little "baby puppy "smell all the way over here -opps - gotta be careful and not get your nose nipped by those little teeth. lol

    Can't wait to see the new bag!

  3. No it didn't take long if it's what I am thinking.

  4. Hope you are ok Chris.

  5. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I'm sure you and stew will steam through your latest road block as you always do. Bee Gold Coast (cant remember my bloody password grrrr)

    1. Send me your email address... to stewandchris@hotmail.com

  6. Take a deep breath . . . then let it out.

  7. Hey, person in question! YOU SUCK. That is all.


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