Monday, January 11, 2016


So the neighbour who approached us yesterday about MAYBE buying our house privately can't.

Stew spoke to Steve, our Estate Agent about him, and Steve said he (the neighbour) had come through one of the Open Homes, and therefore he was 'on their books', and is NOT allowed to do that.

So, all good.  If he wants to make an offer, he must go through the Real Estate Agent.  No skin off our nose really.  The neighbour was just trying to get our price down.

If he seriously wants the house, he will pay the price ... or NOT.

ABOVE:  Puppies at 5 weeks old... and their little tails are finally totally flipped over like little Shih Tzu's!
Tallulah is now starting to wean them I think, because they are suddenly quite keen to try the puppy food!
So today I am going to really push for them to have some every few hours... at the moment they are only just giving it a go.

Last night a couple of them had a really good go at eating some though.

First thing this morning I have a Doctor's appointment.  Quarterly diabetes checkup, and renewal of me prescriptions.  I ran out of one rather crucial medication about a week ago... WHOOPS!

After that I shall drop Keera off at Daycare and come home and do the housework (not much to do luckily) and tend to the puppies.


Phew!  A busy morning!  Dr's visit went OK... my blood sugar level went up by 1 point, so have to pull finger there.  Cholesterol is excellent though!
Keera was skipping going into Daycare today, asking where "her Mel" is?   Melanie is her principal carer, and Keera loves her.  Isn't that neat!

Steve, Bex and the kids arrived around lunchtime, returning Griffin.  And Steve is building me a foot rest for under the sewing table as my new chair is really high and me feet only just reach the floor!  

Dante and Archer had a play with the puppies just now, it was so bloody cute!
Dante is really careful, whereas Archer just wants to scrag them... so we have to be careful he doesn't.

Time out now for me, time to relax for a little while.  It's been go, go, go since 6.30 am.

RIGHT:  some photos of the boys with the puppies....

ABOVE:  I love them all!

While they were visiting, Steve did something lovely for me, he made me a foot rest for under my sewing desk:

ABOVE:  It was the first time he had his tool belt on since he broke his ankle weeks ago.  
His ankle is not 100% healed yet, but he can hobble around out of his moonboot for a while during the day now.

His next appointment for a review is next month, so he's still got a few weeks to go before he can get back to work full time.

End of Day: well I think the puppies are getting more interested in the puppy food.
It's been a real slog getting them to even lap at it though.  Obviously they ain't quite hungry enough yet!
Oh well... it will happen.
A lovely day, I got quite a bit done, and even got another bag started, even though I hadn't planned to.
nite nite


  1. $60,000 is a lot for your neighbours to expect you to drop your price anyway, I think that is a little rude of them.

  2. That's right, once shown a house by an agent it has to go through them. I don't know why they want it private though?? Just so you don't pay fees and would drop that amount? If they want it then just put in an offer through the agent, even if it is much lower. Lots of people offer way lower but usually as a starting point for negotiation.

  3. Yeah but about half the reason you'd want to go through an agent is for safety and also to make sure all the legal stuff is done properly. I hope if your neighbour is truly interested in the house s/he does the honourable thing and gives the business to the agent. It would be perfect; they could move at their leisure in steps and then list their old home. :)

    1. Christine, their 'old' home is a three story, brand new, beautiful home we can see 50 metres away, from our lounge windows. It is owned by their parents, hence their desire for a home of their own.

  4. awwww cute puppies and Dante and Archers smiles say it all. Even if you dropped the house $30,000 it is still cheeky true IF they want it they will find the money. Hope steve gets good news next apptment.

  5. My goodness, those two wee boys are very cute. All credit to Bex and Steve for being awesome parents!!

  6. I bet Steve is going stir crazy not being able to get around!


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