Thursday, January 21, 2016


Just in case you didn't see enough of Lacy and Keera yesterday:

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera ... gorgeous girls.

Today I will be getting up, feeding the puppies/dogs and then... GOING BACK TO BED for a sleep in!

OMG It will be wonderful I'm sure.

Remember I made a new roof for the little outhouse a week or so ago?  Well... I dropped it when I moved the damn thing!  So I have to make ANOTHER one.  It will be the 3rd roof for that particular pottery outhouse!  So, I want to get that done today at some point.

Other than that... no plans.


I'm struggling to keep my fat mouth shut about SO MANY things right now.  I am still seething over what happened last week, I didn't discuss specifics here because it would have just made the matter worse.  But I was lead to believe one thing, told over and over again 'they' would do something, then when the chips were down.... NAH.  Total backtrack.   

Never ever rely on anyone because at the end of the day... you can be shat on.  Clearly I'm not 'over it' and clearly I'm not gunna forget in a hurry. 

Oh and then there's another matter that is gnawing away at me too.  It involves an email I received 11 months ago.  Swept under the carpet by the sender obviously, but OMG, not by me.  That's another huge white elephant in the room that is going to be addressed at some point.  Probably cause a huge blow out, but hey... It was sent with the clear intention of hurting us.  

But I know once I've talked to the sender of that email and sorted it out once and for all I can put it behind me.  And I need to do that for my peace of mind.  Some things just can't be forgotten.  'Fresh Starts' cannot happen when you haven't sorted out the past first.

I'm tired of being weighed down by so many ill feelings, hurts, betrayals and frustrations.  I'm miserable.

And I don't want to be this sort of person.  I want to shake all this unhappiness off and be happy again.  Accept what I can't change and decide to be happy.  My cousin Dulcie told me that's what I needed to do to move on from this.  So, that's what I am going to try and do.

Starting today.


12.34 pm:  AND... I slept in till 9.30 am!!!
It was wonderful.
I would have stayed in bed longer, but my mind kept running through all the things I needed to do.

So I got up and got the washing on, cleaned up the puppy pen, and tidied up the house.

Then I put the puppies outside and decided they could stay out there all day... so I made the little lawn puppy proof, set up their bed and made some shade for them:

ABOVE:  I'm really happy with the new 'day' set up. They get heaps of room to run and play, and can come in at bedtime.
It means the garage does not smell like a kennel all day, which is a huge bonus.

Getting all that sorted out was a really big job, thankfully the kids helped me.  They are such good kids.

Well... I just did some 'tweaking' to the puppy's outside area.  I took away the chairs and so on and used the big outdoor blanket box as a 'kennel'.  It gives them heaps of sheltered room and a snug place to curl up and sleep too. I'm really happy with it now.

When I'm not that happy with something, it annoys me until I get it right.  It's just how I am.  Ask Stew... poor bugger has to put up with me all the time!

End of Day:  It's been a funny old day. Got lots done, then had a bit of a lazy afternoon.  Played with puppies after dinner, it was so nice outside in the early evening!  Cool and still, but not muggy.  Loved it.
nite nite


  1. Have you ever noticed when you clean out a room or a storage area it looks like a shit fight, there is stuff everywhere. Then once everything is sorted it can go in the bin and back in the room and it's tidy and fresh. That's my point, sometimes in life you have to cause s shit fight to enable you to clean and de-clutter!! You only get one life Chris, go sort the shit and make this life a happy one!

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    The photos of Keera and her mum are beautiful. She's a happy little girl. I hope things get sorted for you soon..
    Might take Bec's advice myself!!

  3. we love Dulcie (coolest name!), please try to shake off negativity casued by others xxxxx

  4. Dulcie is a wise woman, & I love Bec's analogy too, I think you know what you have to do :-).

  5. You do have a wise aunt. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful weather - I am so jealous as they are calling for a Big storm here starting tomorrow afternoon and two feet of snow and losing our electricity??? Are you sure you don't want to trade????? LOL

  6. Beautiful photos of Keera and Lacy...good luck with the house clean!!! Wise advice from Bec and Dulcie. The outdoor area for the puppies looks great.

  7. Gosh he puppies will love it and you will too they will be venturing out to their forever homes soon, Lovely pics of Keera and Lacy. Nice to see you got a lay in.

  8. The puppy area looks great! I admire your energy so much! Lacy and Keera's pics are really pretty! You so deserve that sleep in! I hope soon that you will get many more!

  9. Hopefully you are feeling a little better with having a small break from the responsibilities of babysitting. Cheer up better days ahead. Take care.


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