Friday, January 15, 2016


So the latest bag I made was NOT a cartoon character for a change.

Here it is:

ABOVE:  I ♥LOVE♥ it!  Blue.  Anchor. Totally nautical.  
I'm thinking of making a lot more and then trying to sell them.  Maybe make little pottery houses for sale too.
That way I can make my hobbies pay for themselves.

So that's the plan.  Make enough, then perhaps go to a market again.

Because I've been feeling dreadful the past few days, I'm going to try and get on the treadmill and/or the exercycle for a while today.  Maybe some exercise will make me feel a bit better?  It might help?

Kick in the endorphins and all that crap.

 Seriously, every morning when I get up I:

a. get a massive hot flush
b. Feel like throwing up
c. Have NO ENERGY what so ever.

That ain't 'NORMAL' is it?

I don't know why it's so bad at the moment, it can't all be due to having an extra child, puppies to look after etc?  I'm thinking of going to the Dr to talk about it, cos it's getting worse, not better.

So, that's where I am at the moment, not exactly a bundle of fun!
Shit happens.   

Today?  Dunno.  Make a roof for that little outhouse?  Should do that.  Might even make another couple ... we will see.

OH and I must make an appointment at the vet's for the puppies first immunisations... they are due on Sunday, so I shall try to book them in for Monday.  

 ABOVE:  some happy snaps of Griffin and the puppies taken last night.


2.00 pm:  After dropping Keera at Daycare, I came home, tended to the puppies then...went to bed.

And slept till 1 pm!  Must have needed a bit of a nap me thinks.  *smiles*

Then I had a late lunch and now... I'm going to make that outhouse roof.  

Puppies are booked in to have their first shots on Monday morning at 9.30 am.  I am sure that will go well... pups seem to hardly even notice having a shot.  Unlike Coco!  But then, she's just a whimpy chicken, McChicken... like ME!

Does ANYONE like the bag?  *sad face*

I'm cheating with dinner tonight ... we are having lasagna toppers heated up in the oven.
Stew should be home in the next half hour or so, then I can relax for a little while.
Having him home to help ... or just BEING HERE makes me feel better.

It's stinking hot right now, so I have two fans on full blast in the lounge.  All they are doing is pushing hot air around.

If it didn't cost so much I'd close all the doors and windows and put on the heat pump... on COLD of course.  But I dread to think what that would cost!

MARLENE: You are right, I will keep the Anchor Bag.  I love it.  Now just to find a use for it... maybe my hair dryer/straightener and curler can live in it.  

End of Day:  a quiet day.  Did nothing to speak of.  Just spent my time thinking...
nite nite


  1. Chris, you feel so terrible because your body is reacting to all the stress in your life, I think you are depressed too. Do something nice just for you, if you oud go for a walk that would be good for you, but please be kind to yourself. And, yes, go and talk to your Doctor. Xxx

  2. I agree start of depression.. had simolar feelings earlier last year. You need to exetcise and do the things that make you feel good. Seeing and pottery and markets are perfect

  3. I hope you can sort out what is happening to you soon..I agree with the above people, so much is happening in your life house sale, puppies, kids.....has to affect you over time. Good idea to talk to the Dr. Good idea to go for a walk even just a short one.

  4. hi Chris! did you get on the treadmill? I will if you will!!! xxx

    1. Off ya go... you will be on ya own though. I have NO ENERGY and no desire to do a bloody thing right now. I'm tired and mega grumpy. I feel like I have a lead suit on me. Everything is an effort.

  5. I am sorry you feel so rough today-it stinks.
    I Love your Griffin - he is so good with the puppies and to me that means he has a good heart - so he is a Keeper!

  6. Yes I think the bag is great Chris. It is so you, I think maybe this one should be for you. Nice photos of Griffin with the puppies. Hope you find your spark again soon.

  7. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Could you try putting bowls of ice near or under the fans - that might make a difference. I lived in Akld for 25 years so know what a killer that humidity can be. Audrey from Rotorua

  8. If your aircon costs a lot then it's not right for your space. We run ours all day and most of the night. I have it automatically turning off two hours after I go to bed. Ours is ducted throughout our whole house in each room. It doesn't add too much to the power bill at all compared to the absolute bliss of being cool :)

  9. We open the doors and windows and walk around in the rudies 😉.

  10. I love the bag! I can crochet but I really wish I could sew.

  11. I love the anchor bag. It is so you nautical and blue. Very nice...

  12. The cartoon bags are cute but the anchor bag is so you, and could you line them with plastic inner or a bit bigger so they could be swim bags? just a thought Griffin is a puppy magnet they are all so cute.

  13. Selling/ moving home is one of the major stresses in life! Add that to kids (big and small!), puppies, Christmas, heat.... no wonder you feel like you're cracking up! Be kind to yourself, try to do something just for YOU every day. I think making the bags, and houses to sell is an awesome idea. I love the anchor bag, it's my favourite of the ones you've made so far. You made some gorgeous bags a couple of years ago.. I've looked through but can't find them... they were bigger, anyway, I'd happily buy one of them!! x

  14. I love your bag…its so you, keep it for yourself :-)

  15. Oh Chris, I feel for you. Doing everything for everyone! You have so much on your plate at the moment (which unfortunately isn't unusual!). I can't tell you what is happening to you but I'd like to suggest you are heading into depression! You've been there before and would know how awful it is and how hard it is to come out of. It's time your family take some responsibility and help you out! I am sorry if I offend anyone in your family, but really how much more can you take! There is only so much one person can do or take and you are an absolute miracle with what you do for your family. I know that love towers everything and am speaking from experience, but YOU deserve some quality time to yourself. Thinking of you Chris xox

  16. I like the bag, but it looks kind of small. How about some big beach bags or ones to take to the grocery store?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Hope you find some time to yourself over the weekend. Great bags BTW. Take care.

  18. Love the anchor bag, so cute!


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