Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Tallulah looks hilarious in her 'puppy proof' clothes...

ABOVE:  the puppies tried their hardest, but they could not feed from her, so then they just enjoyed being with her.

 ABOVE:  tidying up the garden for me.  

ABOVE:  "Hi Mum!"

 ABOVE:  Leaves are fun!

ABOVE:  Her 'shorts' are so funny! 

Today, because Keera isn't going to Daycare, Lacy is going to come over and pick her up and have her to stay for the next few days. 

So, it will be a quiet few days around here. 

Dante is coming over this morning to play  while Steve, Bex and Archer go to the doctor's.  Keera will love that, her and Dante get on so well. 

I just heard from the Kindergarten. Awesome news.  They can take Keera 4 days a week, starting next week!
So, 8.45 am until 2.45 pm at a cost of ... GET THIS... $18.80 a week!!!  That is AMAZING, and OMG so much cheaper than daycare, which was $200 a week.  I am so happy.  Win win for her and me.

11.45 am:  and we've just had a lovely morning with Steve, Bex and the boys.  Took a few photos:

 ABOVE:  the boys hung some washing out for me... Dante watched... and then hung it out too.  He did as good a job as Griffin!  Which isn't saying they did an exceptional job, but hey!  The washing is hung out!  
ABOVE: NO sexism in this house!  Boys can do housework too.

ABOVE: Archer has just woken up from a quick nap... Dante giving him loves.

ABOVE: Keera really isn't feeling the best today, poor kid has a heavy cold now.
Bex thinks her hairstyle sucks.  I know it's not amazing, but it's off her face and neck.  She hates hair on her face like me... and it's too hot to have it on her neck, so I do this:

ABOVE: It's too short to be in two pigtails or one, so I have to do three.  It's not THAT bad is it???  It's not like she cares!

ABOVE: Teething.  Archer style.

They have gone home now, and I'm awaiting the arrival of Lacy.  Lunch time for me.

I made the kids custard and fruit... that went down well!

ABOVE: Clearly, Lacy arrived.  I've taken dozens of photos of her and Keera!
I will try not to post too many... lol

End of Day: well once Lacy and Keera left I literally slumped and did nothing.  Had a nap. Played with puppies.  Cooked dinner.  Watched TV. to bed.
nite nite


  1. Tallulah looks so cute in her outfit. Great photos of the pups. It will be nice to have a few days to rejuvenate.

    1. Great news about he kindergarten

  2. Had a giggle over Tallulah wearing her shorts, she looks so cute! Great news about the kinder.

  3. whoa!!... that is a bargain kindy and I'm happy for you and Keera. Hope she enjoys it and you can get a little break xxxxx

  4. Great news about the kindergarten - and Keera will learn stuff, too, which is great.

    Golden retrievers in your future? Or just a larger breed?

    1. Yeah, goldies. We've had them before. It will all depend on the size of property we can get in Hamilton, ONCE we get there.

  5. wow $200 a week is outrageous. Guess that's Auckland prices for ya. A child doing 6 hours a day x 4 days where I am is completely free (including pick up and drop off in mini bus) so really interesting to hear what other centres charge.

    1. That is $200 a week ON TOP of the 20 hrs free provided by the government! Clearly there are plenty of people who will pay that so they can go back to work etc. I paid it to get a break, but really couldn't justify the expense any longer. Hopefully when Keera finally goes back to Tauranga permanently I can convince Lacy to put her into daycare or Kindy so she gets a break, and so Keera gets the social/peer interaction she needs too.

  6. PS: Tulluahs shorts are HILARIOUS.

  7. Ah, your childcare is CHEAP! :D Here in Sydney I pay $131 A DAY for my 18 month old and $115 A DAY for my 4 year old. I get a $7500 rebate for each child per year from the Government, but even still it costs us a lot every year. Have to do it to go back to work. And my kids get so much from it. Kids need kids!
    When Miss S was little, I did the old three pig tail trick because it got it off her neck. High five me!

  8. Kindy is great cost wise and they do a fair bit of learning too which is grand :) I am sure both you and Keera will be happy. I also think Keera looks adorable in her pigtails, I remember when Jodes was little she had a whale spout on top in the summer. Nice to see Dante and Keera having fun together and the puppies are super cute xx

  9. Might be a silly question, but how does Tallulah go to the toilet with the shorts on. It us I e if the funniest things I have seen in a long time

    1. She is only in them for a short time, when she is playing with the puppies. Otherwise she's NAKED. lol

  10. O, I think the shorts are super and worked great to keep the pups from nursing! Plus they actually look sweet and lady-like.
    I love Keera's hair! She is so cute. All of the boys are "dolls " too! You have such a precious family and take such wonderful pictures.

  11. Keera looks so awesome in that last photo, super cool :D

  12. Griffn and Dante cute as Dante was all concentration, Archer and Dante super cute Keera uber cute in pigtals all 3 of them, but the cutest of all is Tallulah!


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