Sunday, January 10, 2016


Today marks the start of Open Homes again.
OMG I hope we don't have another 6 months of them!
I will give up if that happens.  Seriously, Stew can just commute forever.

So this morning will follow our 'usual' Sunday routine of getting the house ready, taking Keera over to Steve and Bex's for the day etc.


Now, for something nice.  My latest creation, the drawstring bag I made yesterday:

ABOVE:  Pluto and Mickey.  I like this bag.  The green lining and cord sashing gives it a little 'pop' I think.  It's also the only fabric I could find last night that sort of suited the rest of the bag!
As 95% of my fabric is in storage, my choice was rather limited.

I might take a break from making these bags for a little while now.  

After the Open Home I might make that Pottery house roof.  

Right, I'm off now to make a start on the friggin cleaning.  *sigh*


We still haven't heard from the seller of those weights we won on Trademe.  Frustrating.
We had hoped to pick them up this weekend, before Stew goes back to work tomorrow.
I hope they are not going to renege on the sale.

Stew is out taking Keera over to Steve's, and I'm cleaning...

Just had a young couple who live a couple of houses away come and talk to us about MAYBE they would buy our house if we went PRIVATE, and dropped out price.  We said not right now as we are still contracted to the Real Estate Company, AND they are not prepared to pay quite as much as we want.  ($60,000 less).  
We are not prepared to drop that much right now. 

Maybe in 6 months if we are desperate we would, but not right now.   They are living with their parents, and have two young children.
Nice couple, but still... not right now.

Open home went well for this time of year, three groups through.
As per usual, won't know if anyone is seriously interested for a few days.  Or not.

Trying not to feel too depressed by it, but it is creeping in.  It's been so long already, after being assured it would only be a few weeks!

Storage costs are mounting up, I've spent close to $1, 500 now!  And of course I've had to re-buy things that I already have... in storage! That is frustrating I can tell you.

And living in the shadow of Open Homes, Private Viewings is hard too.  It's like trying to live in a show home.  Impossible with kids, dogs, puppies and life in general.

So... yep.  Getting a bit depressed by it all.

Griffin is spending his first sleep over at Steve and Bex's tonight.  He's playing Play Station with Steve I think.  He will love that.

It will give us a small break from the constant low level squabbling that is going on between him and Brylee.  It's not FULL ON war, but they are getting on each other's nerves, AND OURS.

It's still another 3 and a half weeks till they go back to school.  They really want to go back too, poor kids.  Bored at home.

But, we can't go anywhere for too long due to having the puppies.  It's just how it is.

End of Day:  glad today is over.  It's been stressful.  Stew goes back to work tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to him not being here.  I have loved having him home.
nite nite


  1. Good luck with the open home this afternoon, New Year - New Start.
    My bag arrived yesterday, I love it, you are so talented.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Without the real estate fees - you could maybe drop a bit? You never know they may come back with a better offer. Anne - Palmy

  3. Maria3:58 PM

    Look into how much the real estate fees are. It maybe a good option when your contract expires.

  4. Love the bag- you are so gifted.
    Hope the open house went well -at least you get to keep a clean house this way??? LOL

  5. Penny6:38 PM

    None of my business - this is really a rhetorical question - how long are you contracted to the real estate agents anyway? Not trying to say you have to accept the offer, only that the agents have had a good go and it wouldn't be unreasonable for you to use an alternative route to sell if need be. I realise that doesn't solve the legal problem of a signed contract with them but I'm just saying you don't owe them your loyalty after this long. Obviously that is up to you and Stew.

    Hope something happens soon - the holding pattern is so frustrating. Many hugs, Penny xo

  6. Mickey and Pluto bag is gorgeous as. I do hope the house sells soon and yes it would be so frustrating re buying stuff.


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