Friday, January 22, 2016


Steve sent me some lovely photos of the kids playing in the water yesterday, so I'll share... cos well.... I ain't got any other photos for the day yet!  *smiles*

 ABOVE: See the smile on Dante's face?  I bet you $100 Steve told him to smile for Grandma!  I know that smile!  It's the "I have to smile" face.... I wonder if Steve had to give him a lolly after he smiled?  lol

ABOVE:  lol... look at Bex's face!   Something tells me she just got a face full of water from Archer's splashing.
I love getting photos from them.  At least they bother to send me photos.  Some hardly ever do.  

It goes both ways.  It shouldn't be all up to us to see our grandkids.  Just saying.

Do you ever get sick of defending yourself?  I know I do.

Right, enough about THAT.
I have an appointment at the Kindergarten this morning to formally enroll Keera, she will be starting there next Tuesday. 
I am sure she will love it, she's a really sociable kid is our Keera.
Hopefully Lacy gets her back here by Monday so she can go on Tuesday.

After that I have a Doctor's appointment.  I'm going to get my prescriptions tweaked so I'm not feeling quite so DEPRESSED, and I've also got a bloody sore back ... so hopefully some painkillers too.
I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle a couple of days ago because it's really hard to move without pain right now.  

Once all that is done I will come home and do some odd jobs around the house, and play with puppies I think.  They are just so cute now!
Oh and I must remember to take more photos, they are growing and changing so much!


2.36 pm:  and the Doctor's visit went well.  I'm trying a new medication to try and even out me moods.  And I'm booked in to see a psychologist in just under 2 weeks.  Hopefully I can re-learn some coping strategies?

Steve, Bex and the boys popped in this morning too.   Dante was wanting to play with the puppies, so that's what he did.

Puppies.  Totally loving being outside, though it is very hot today. Luckily they have plenty of shade where they are.

I went out to check on them when I got home from the Doctors and had a heart attack ON THE SPOT... because I couldn't see ANY of them anywhere!  None in the bed...  On the lawn... Behind the bed box.  Nowhere!

I screamed!  And the next thing I know the agaves started moving and out came 6 little puppies from under them!!!  OMG what a relief!

I'm shopping right now.  From my lounge chair.  At a shop in Coffs Harbour, Australia.  lol

There's a fabric shop closing down over there and my Mum has offered to get me some fabric.

So I rang the shop to find out what she had.
Only, her number was disconnected.... so I did a Google Earth Search, found the fabric shop, then I found the shop next door to it, and rang THEM to see if they could get me their neighbouring shop's number?  And I had luck, and she gave me the other shop's mobile number.  Yaaa. 

Isn't the internet wonderful?  *smiles*

I'm now waiting for some photos to come through so I can choose some fabric!  How cool is that!  I'm really smiling now.

 ABOVE: Dante outside with the puppies this morning.

 ABOVE:  What I saw (or didn't see, this morning!)

ABOVE:  I yelled, and they all came running out from under the agaves!  Little cuties.

End of Day:  totally quiet evening... loved Coronation Street as per usual.  Off to bed... it's been a friggin long, hot day today.
nite nite


  1. Gorgeous photos, I love Dantes "photo face".

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful. The babies are precious - they sure do look like their parents. I loved Bex's ! lol Hope Keera loves her new playmates. Wonder if you found any neat fabric?????

  3. Glad the doctors visit went well. Hope you find some fabric you like after that detective work! Can just imagine the screaming when you couldn't find the pups!!

  4. ZOMG, the puppies are sooooo cuuuuute xxxx

  5. Bex, was just wondering, would you consider creating your own daily blog or Vlogs combining bits of your family and kids plus your hobbies ie crotchet etc? Or combined blog with Steve? Miss seeing / hearing about you and your activities as I so admired all your handiwork and life in general :).

    To have both Chris and your blogs to read would be so cool
    Please excuse spelling mistakes as still blind one eye (cold sore virus flare up in eye, plus ulcer which left scarring in eye means blind as a bat for now) and auto correct don't always correct the correct words ? (Using mic to "type" the text)

    1. Anonymous3:33 AM

      Oh yes Bex that's an awesome idea ��

  6. That's good about the doctor visit forward thinking. I BET you freaked and a lil monkeys they are so darned cute.

  7. Have a good weekend.

  8. Wow - you are cutting down to once a week? Well, I am glad you are not quitting altogether. Perhaps once a week will work for you, or maybe, you can just play it by ear and blog when you feel like it - but don't feel like you HAVE to. I suspect you might get the urge to throw a little post up there before Wednesday. Anyhoo - I will miss you! It's one of the things I like best about your blog. It is always updated! But, I understand it's a lot of work and time on your part.
    I am glad the pups came running when you yelled, that must have been a HUGE relief! The kids are looking beautiful!
    Enjoy your week off from blogging - if you can make it that long (I am hoping you can't).


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