Thursday, January 07, 2016


It's gunna be a mad house here this morning.
I have to get Keera off to Daycare, then get home and get the house ready for the Private viewing.

That means getting all the puppies in the crate and out of the garage so we can clean it and 'de-doggy' smell it!
Cos keeping 6 puppies inside makes for a smell like ... well a kennel!

Puppies... OMG they are growing so fast now!  And doing all sorts of little doggy things, like barking, growling, scratching, chewing each other's tails/ears and so on.  They are ADORABLE.

I took several little videos yesterday, but only got time to upload one last night:

ABOVE:  Puppies playing, aged 4 weeks, 3 days.
I love them at this age, so cute and cuddly.
And they are only going to get cuter.  

ABOVE:  Dante and Griffin having time with the puppies yesterday.  Dante is ever so gentle with them.  I wonder how he will be when they are biting him with their little needle like teeth!  *smiles*  They are getting their teeth now, but only their molars so far.  No front teeth yet. 

Right, I better get a move on... I have to make the TEENAGERS get up very soon!  God help me... they are going to be so grumpy.  
Getting the house ready for a viewing stresses everyone out nowdays.  Even them.

I think it's because I get stressed out... it just flows onto them.  I wish I could be blase' about it all... but I can't.  It's a BIG DEAL trying to sell your house.

RIGHT....Less talk... more do!


11.22 am: Viewing over.  Not too sure how it went... but not holding one's breath.
I am over getting my hopes up.  It will happen... when it happens.

Got an email from the Pottery Tutor last night.  He did another firing and did some of my little houses.  ONLY... he dropped one of the roof's and broke it, and with two others the glaze ran and stuck to the kiln shelves, so he had to smash them off.
So.  Not good.  I am sure I have lost all of them.  What a bloody waste of money!  So annoyed.
After the misfiring last term he told me to put 'HEAPS' of glaze on to try and cover up the under fired glaze.  Bet that's why the glaze ran and caused them to stick to the shelves.  

I'm just gutted and no doubt when I pick them up they will be going straight in the bin.

I shall probably go down and get them sometime today.  *sigh*  Dreading that.

WOW!   I was so, so wrong!  My houses are not totally ruined like I EXPECTED.  I'm actually very happy with the results.

Yes, two of the large houses have damage, but no where near as much as I was told there was!

And the little outhouse that came through unscathed is just lovely.  YES, it's not like the first one, but it's still lovely.

 ABOVE: On the left is the new one, and on the right is the original first one, using 'their' glazes.  The one on the left was using my glazes.  It's just as nice.  I am really HAPPY!!!

 ABOVE:  The first damaged larger house...

ABOVE:  And the 2nd damaged one.  This one's damaged less than the other one.

ABOVE:  Now in the garden... damage can't be seen.

ABOVE:  Same with this one.... while not good enough to give away, still perfectly fine for me garden eh?

The day just got brighter.

4.20 pm:  I decided to go out and get a new chair to use when sewing/potting etc.  The current one has lost it's lift... I probably killed it.
So, we went to several places and looked at chairs, and ended up at Office Max in Mt Eden, where we found the most comfy chair ... for an exorbitant amount of money!  But ... it's really comfortable, and has multiple ways to adjust the chair to suit you, and it has a 10 year warranty.... AND it cater for MY SIZE.  So I'm very happy.

Once home, I bathed the puppies again.  OMG the water turned brown fast, I had to change it three times!  Now the puppies are in a plastic box in front of the fire warming up and drying.  The little whimps all cried like babies and shivered and shook!

The ain't now though, they are perfectly toasty.

Stew and the kids have gone out to Maraetai for a swim... though Stew said he wasn't going to have a swim.  It's actually not that warm today, but the kids were keen so off they went.

Wind up:  Stew and the kids got home and had dinner which I had cooked.  Beef 'n' bacon spag bol, it was delicious.

Then my brother-in-law Richard, his wife Olla and their twins Dewi and Vern arrived for a visit, en route home to Indonesia.  They have spent the last couple of weeks here visiting family.  They leave the country in the wee hours... with a 10 hour flight back to Singapore, then on to Pekenbaru, where they live.

It is always delightful to see them.

End of Day:  a lovely, busy, eventful day.  Love it!
nite nite


  1. Good luck with today :)

  2. What a gorgeous video - those puppies of you are so cute! Great to hear that "B" has found his forever home - and that he will be with his brother is pretty cool too.

    Sorry to hear about your pottery - how disappointing! Hopefully you can rescue the mishaps! Good luck!

  3. puppy love!!! The houses are so cute! Fairy homes in the garden! Love!!!!!

  4. Love your wee houses, they look awesome :-). Puppies are too cute. I hope the house viewing went well.

  5. O, those little houses are SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! Makes me want to just "move right in one". lol
    The pups are so precious right now- all fluff and cuteness.

  6. Your glaze is prettier,

  7. I agree with BeckyAnne your glazes are nicer.Much brighter.

    Southgirl x

  8. puppy heaven just too cute! I think your houses and glaze and outhouse are so gorgeous. What a busy day you have had.

  9. Your pieces look perfect in the garden! You clever kitten!

  10. You are always so busy! I like your garden houses! cute puppies too! Happy 2016 to you, if I didn't say it already!

  11. Puppies are getting big. Love your pottery. Happy New Year. Good luck with the house.

  12. The houses look so cool in the garden. So glad they were not as badly damaged as expected.

  13. Aww bug bum I forgot Stew. So busy at work I hope you had an awesome day mate.


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