Monday, January 18, 2016


Today the puppies go to the Vets for their first immunisation.
I will take them down after dropping Keera at Daycare.
Hopefully no one screams and cries (that would be ME !) lol

It's a big step towards them leaving home, and the last big expense involved in raising puppies.  I don't think I will be breeding with Tallulah again, not after she got eclampsia and was so unwell.  That really frightened me!

My job once the puppies are gone will be to fatten Tallulah up again, and get her and Coco fit.

Once we move to Hamilton, IF we get a property with a bigger section, I plan on getting another dog to breed from.  It won't be a Shih Tzu.  But that's all I will say on that for now, as it may not happen.  Time will tell.

After the Vet's visit, I will come home and put the puppies back in their 'room', then I have to go grocery shopping.  I will leave the big kids at home to keep an eye on the pups for me.

I know the puppues DON'T need to be watched all the time, but I like to know they are not home alone.  I'm a mega protective puppy raiser obviously.

So, I have a fairly full morning planned. 

ABOVE:  I'm starting to use the puppy blankets... getting puppy smells on them so they smell like 'home' when puppy goes to the forever home.


10.27 am:  And the first big job of the day is done!   All the puppies are immunised, Vet Checked thoroughly, and all have passed with flying colours.
No one has any issues whatsoever.  Big relief.    There is always a little niggle that someone might have a dicky heart or something wrong, but nope.  All 100% healthy.

Now they just have to grow for another 11 or so days and they can leave home.

Next thing on the list.... grocery shopping.  Ikkk.  

6.37 pm:  Oh my it's been a busy day!
After I did the grocery shopping and got it all put away with Brylee's help, I took a break for an hour or so.

Then I decided to bath the puppies.

They took it well...NOT!   Lots of shaking and shivering, so the heater went back on, and they sat in front of it for an hour or so.

ABOVE:  getting dry in the lounge.

 ABOVE:  And spending time with their Mum.  Only, she's dressed in Keera's clothes! That way the puppies can't feed off her.  I think Tallulah was a bit indignant about the pants!  Hee heee.  I cut a hole for her tail, so that's one pair of shorts Keera won't be wearing again in a hurry!  *smiles*

End of Day: this evening has been lovely.  We had fresh sweet corn for dinner, so yum!
Off to bed shortly... it's been raining and blowing a gale today, so now it's all STICKY. Probably have the fan on all night again so we can sleep.
nite nite


  1. I know you love breeding your puppies but be careful. General consensus seems to be the push toward adoption rather than buying from non-pedigree breeders. You may not want to subject yourself to that kind of public backlash, unless your next breeder has papers. Too many unscrupulous breeders out there are not looking after their fur babies as well as you do, and it's giving everyone else a bad name. Anyway, just be careful, okay? I wouldn't want you to get negative feedback xxx

    1. Honey I get negative feedback all the time! I just delete those comments the moment they come in. I will be getting a dog with 'papers' next time I get a dog to breed from.

    2. Oh and worth noting, most of the dogs that come up for adoption have been breed by back yard breeds and then neglected by their owners. I at least know my puppies have been raised right, with all the care in the world.

    3. Awesome. When do we find out what breed you're interested in getting? And yeah, that's true about why puppies are up for adoption. Wish everyone looked after their animals responsibly. Too many deadbeats in the world :P

  2. I'm happy the pups are well and healthy.

  3. I Wish Everybody took as good a care of their animals as you do - then the world would be a Much Better place!

  4. glad puppy babies got a clean bill of health you are as caring for your furbies as you are the rest of your family luv ya

  5. Love Mum in Keera's clothes!

  6. love mum in Keeras clothes sooo cute.. glad the puppies are ok

  7. Anyone who wants to know how much you care about the puppies only needs to read your blog if I were a dog not a cat person I would have no hesitation in buying one if your puppies :-)

  8. ha puppies so cute and Tallulah even cuter, Groceries for me today in the rain yuckkkkkk............


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