Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Yesterday one of our puppies was given up by his new family as they had a health crisis with their adult dog.

So, Bentley was offered for sale again.

He was snapped up fairly quickly I must say!

He is now going to live with his brother Toby!
Toby's new family decided to get Bentley too.

AND they have already given him his 'forever' name.  It is:


We all LOVE  his name.   It is so nice that two of the puppies will be staying together.

I am hoping to get a photo of their new owners soon to put on here.

Sewing.  Not sure I will do any today.  I'd really like to, but...

This is what happens when I sit at a chair for too long:

 ABOVE:  OEDEMA.  The bane of my life, and it's worse over summer.
Usually it affects all of my body, worst ... fingers and face.   
But... legs and feet when I sit too long with my feet down.

ABOVE:  Having fun making 'holes' in me foot!
Not the best look though. *smiles*
My feet feel tight.  And VERY heavy.

So today I might just have to have a sewing break and put me feet up.  That will help drain the fluid, and I will take a piddle pill too.  That sure will help!  I will no doubt be running off to the loo half a dozen times this morning!

Steve, Bex and the boys are coming over this morning for a visit, so that will be great.  I can sit and cuddle with the bubs and just enjoy them.  

Later on today I want to pop out and post the Dragon Bag too.  Tracy over on the North Shore is getting it for guessing correctly how many boys/girls Tallulah was having ... PLUS she came and gave us a HUGE amount of newspaper too.   And we are certainly using said newspaper!  

I hope you find the perfect use for the bag Tracy.  *smiles*


1.21 pm:  And it's been a busy day so far.
After taking Keera to daycare, I traced out the next cartoon for the drawstring bag, then Steve, Bex and the boys arrived.

Around 11 am I got a message saying my new glasses were ready.  Excited!  So Stew and I popped down to the mall and picked them up.  

I also posted the Dragon Bag to Tracy while in the mall.

Next thing... the Real Estate guy rang and said he had a family wanting to look at our house, so that's scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10 am.  Which means an early start for us!
The kids are gunna think they are dying having to get up early!

I will make sure 90% is done before I go to bed tonight, so all we have to do in the morning is sort out the puppies/garage and a few last minute things.

Our Open Homes resume this Sunday too... so back to keeping the house really spic 'n' span again.
I don't mind... I just hope we get that elusive buyer soon!  The Lady In Red's property isn't even on the market yet, so no point dreaming she's gunna buy it any time soon.

I made waffles for lunch today, they are lovely with blueberries and strawberries added to the mixture!   I only had one as they are very filling.

After lunch we put the puppies on the lawn for a little while.  It was too hot for them, so they didn't stay out too long.

ABOVE:  Young Archer was itching to get his hands on a puppy... but the grass was kinda freakin' him out, it was a bit prickly.
Dante just loves the pups coming up for a sniff/cuddle.

Steve and family have gone home now so the littlies can have a nap.

As for me now?  I am going to lie on my bed with my feet UP.  The swelling is taking forever to go down.

7.39 pm:  and I did indeed have a lie down for an hour or so.  It was nice.

Dinner was KFC tonight, as we spent the late afternoon cleaning/mowing lawns etc in readiness for tomorrow's viewing.

Mini's Mum came and visited her tonight. It was lovely to see how much she enjoyed her puppy.  Of course, Mini has grown heaps since she last saw her!  And she found out Mini is the MOST vocal and boisterous puppy of the litter!  I hope that doesn't scare her!  lol

Tonight I shall be doing most of the cleaning necessary before tomorrow's viewing, so there is less to do in the morning.  And I might get some sewing done too... or at least get the next cartoon character ready for applique.
If I can get me butt off this lounge chair!

10.22 pm:  and I did indeed get me butt off the chair, and got the cartoon cut out and onto fabric.
Then we all did a little cleaning before everyone headed off to bed.  Early rising for EVERYONE tomorrow!

End of Day:  another busy day!  Not quite so hot today, so it was bearable.  The feet have subsided... until I sit and sew for a whole day again!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Those toe nails Chris? Like wot the hell? Wot happened? Really? Paint them red girl and get over it!!
    Anna Pavis, York, N Yorkshire, UK

  2. Oh I will definately find a use for that bag, I love it :-). I think your nail polish on your toenails is awesome!!!

  3. I know how much you hate water but that would probably really help with that :(

    1. I know... but I really HATE the stuff! And hell, diet coke is made with friggin WATER isn't it? lol

    2. Here is a note about that "water" thing : Just remember - sent you to in love. Knowledge is power.

      Diet Coke Withdrawal Diet Coke Withdrawal Coke Zero Health Dehydration
      Diet Coke is not a good way to quench your thirst. It is empty of nutritional value and its caffeine content may contribute to dehydration. Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it makes you urinate. The more Diet Coke you drink, the more you will urinate, sapping the body of needed water. Dehydration can cause dizziness, headaches, speeding heart, seizures and, in extreme cases, death. While drinking caffeinated beverages is unlikely to cause life-threatening dehydration, Diet Coke won’t hydrate you nearly as well as water or herbal tea.

      You need calcium for growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth, and Diet Coke may interfere with your calcium levels because it is high in phosphate. Drinking too much Diet Coke adds large amounts of phosphate into the blood stream, which then draws calcium from your bones. Drinking Diet Coke daily may increase your chance of fracture from a fall by three to four times, according an article in the American College of Sports Medicine newsletter. Additionally, too little calcium can cause osteoporosis.

      Weight Gain
      If you choose diet soda to avoid sugar calories or to lose weight, you may be unwittingly hurting your efforts. Behavioral neuroscience Susan E. Swithers explains that people who consume artificially sweetened beverages and eschew sugared beverages have higher body weight and are more likely to have Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The reasons aren’t clear, but it’s possible that sweet, noncaloric foods and drinks throw off the body’s natural metabolic responses.

    3. Anonymous1:53 AM

      You tell her! We've been telling her for years, but she won't listen.

  4. My legs havnt been that bad in long time but I do recall the pain and weight hope you have many a wee trip and relief comes soon. Love the toe nails

  5. Lol love the toe nails mum..

  6. Good news re Benji! Gosh I get swollen ankles so bad. All the time. Because I sit at a desk at work, too. But in Summer it's worse. Just constant puffy ankles. It never goes down unless I spend a couple hours in the recliner with them raised (and who has time for that??) Ick.

  7. I have the same thing with my feet and the kids at school have all worked out when they sit in front of me that they can push in and it doesn't come out! Keeps kindergarten entertained for ages!!

  8. Fingers crossed for a sale on house tomorrow Chris. Xx

  9. Wow good that Benji gets to go with Toby, they are growing so fast. Gosh the swelling certainly looks painful. Hope it goes down soon.


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