Wednesday, January 27, 2016


SATURDAY:  Well I ended up going to Tauranga in the evening to pick up Lacy and Keera and bring them back here.  Steve came with me to share the driving as it's a 5 hour round trip.
All good... won't be needing to do that again as Lacy will be visiting Keera here from now on.

SUNDAY: I started a new medication on Friday night, and OMG am I suffering the side effects!
Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea!  Feeling sick as a dog all day.  Which sure didn't help when we had to get the house ready for the Open Home.  Luckily Stew picked up the slack and I didn't have to do much.
We had 4 groups through.   Not heard any feedback yet.
After the Open Home, Steve, Bex, Lacy and the boys came over, and Stew and Steve went and picked up the weights we won on Trademe.

ABOVE:  See Keera's face?  She's not happy her Mummy is playing with someone else! 

ABOVE:  She eventually came right.  Archer quite liked Lacy.

ABOVE: See where wee Archer gets his ginger tinge from?  Steve's got a real read beard, just like Stew used to have.  So has our youngest son Mike.

ABOVE:  Archer having his first ever spa.  He LOVED it... he's a real water baby.

Once Steve and Co. left after dinner, we settled down to enjoy some TV before bed.
And then .... we got a knock on the front door at 9.30 pm!  Who the hell visits at that time of night? ....

ABOVE:  My niece Christina from Australia!  She's over for a 3 week holiday.

We sat up and yakked until 2 am!  We had a lot of catching up to do!

MONDAY:  Steve, Bex, Lacy and the boys came over to see Christina.  Christina had not met Bex or Dante and Archer, so that was lovely for her to meet them.
She also got to meet Keera in the morning, once she woke up.  At first Keera totally ignored her, but then she decided she really liked her...

ABOVE:  She was copying everything Christina did!  So freakin' cute!  

ABOVE:  Puppies and kids outside having fun.

ABOVE: Just a nice photo of these kids.

ABOVE:  Two thrilled to bits kids, got to push a real baby in Keera's pram!  Dante wants a pram of his own, a BLUE one.  

His parents asked him who was going to get him a pram, and without a second's pause he turned and pointed at ME!  And he said I was going to buy him a BLUE doll too!  Hmmmm.  

ONCE our visitors left, Christina and I (and the kids) had a very quiet afternoon.  It was wonderful to just sit and chat.

Quiet evening ... lots more chatting.


Up early, fed the pups, made Keera's lunch, then we piled into the car and took Stew to the train station.  He had a conference to attend in Auckland City, so took the train.

Then I took Keera to Kindy.  We  had a good look around, found out where everything was, and then I kinda slowly left.  I half expected Keera to cry... but NO.  She's a very self assured kid.

After leaving her there I went home and picked up Christina and Brylee and we went to Sylvia Park.

Brylee and Griffin got haircuts, I had my nails redone, and we meet up with Steve, Bex, Lacy and the boys for lunch.

Christina and I also bought 3 more pairs of shoes for Keera... so she's got a few more choices.  Her jandals died yesterday, so we needed more of them too.

On our way home we dropped Lacy at the bus station so she could go back to Tauranga and try to sort out her life.

 ABOVE:  After we picked Keera up from Kindy she got to try on her new shoes.  
And I got to take more photos!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  This face means "ENOUGH PHOTOS GRANDMA!"  

After that it was play time for the puppies, so we took them outside.  I decided it was far too hot for them, so I dunked them all in a bucket of water.
They didn't mind being wet at all.

ABOVE:  They all looked like drowned rats! And yes, that is one of Keera's new jandals!

 ABOVE:  Spot the puppy.  They love being in the garden.
And because they were wet, they got filthy.  I will have to bath them tomorrow!

 ABOVE:  I love their cute, squashed little profiles!   I don't love what they are doing to my garden plants!  If they aren't eating them, they are squashing them.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  Keera wasn't happy.  We made her get off the outdoor squab box that she was standing on.  Tough tits.  Better to be safe than sorry is my motto.

After dinner it was a 'normal' evening.  I went out and got a few groceries, and Christina bathed Keera and got her to bed for me.  Stew got a lift home from the city with a work mate, so I didn't have to pick him up from the train station. He has another day tomorrow in the city, then he's back to Hamilton for work.

WEDNESDAY:  First thing this morning is a repeat of yesterday.  Take Stew to the train station, then drop Keera off at Kindy.

Christina is heading off to Palmerston North today, so it will be sad to see her go.  It's been WONDERFUL seeing her again and spending time with her.  

Griffin has a friend coming over for the day... they will probably hang out in his room playing Play Station and who knows what else.

The rest of the day is up in the air... though if it's not raining I will probably get some washing done... and do all the usual household chores.  I've kinda neglected them while Christina's been visiting.

My new medication is still throwing me for a loop... I feel like throwing up, or I DO throw up... all day long.  And the shits. OMG let's not talk about how my butt feels after having the screaming heebie jeebies for 5 days already!!!

The ONLY bonus is I've dropped a little weight!  Hopefully I don't find it again.

I will update during the day today... like I used to, then my next update will be NEXT Wednesday.  

UNLESS I have anything worth sharing earlier.


10.30 am:  My niece just left for Palmerston North... sad to see her go.  She's hopefully coming back next year for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Griffin and his friend are happily playing in the bedroom, and Brylee has gone for a walk with another of Griffin's mates.  "NO MUM!  Hes not my boyfriend!  We are just FRIENDS".  Yep, that sort of walk.  *snigger*

I'm now going to get going on all the housework, and there is HEAPS to be done!  Good, it will keep me busy.  Thankfully, the dreadful sickness is subsiding and I can function semi-normally today.

3.01 pm:  I've accomplished HEAPS today!  House is spic n span again, washing is getting done, kids are happy, fed 4 teenagers lunch, just picked up Keera from Kindy in TORRENTIAL RAIN.... and it was DELICIOUSLY COOL.  It's only water after all.  *smiles*  Now I can hear thunder.  Cool!

I've got the aircon on in the family room, windows and doors closed and it's BEARABLE in the lounge/kitchen and family room now.  BLISS.

Well... it's the end of my first weekly post.  I will be back next Wednesday... and if all goes well we will be puppy-less by then!

Two leave home on Friday, three on Saturday and one on Monday.   
That's the only big event to happen I hope.  *smiles*
Thank you for your lovely comments.  I have enjoyed the break from daily blogging so far... sorry!

End of Day:  it's been a friggin hot, sticky, wet day.  But happy to say I'm feeling quite a bit better, nowhere near as much nausea today!  Thank god for that.

nite nite


  1. Great to hear things are going well Chris. Well done on the weight loss too, what a great effort

  2. What a great update!!

    1. Meaning there was so much to read.

  3. Yay! It's Wednesday and Chris is back!!

  4. Loved all the pics! Your niece is a gorgeous girl. What a fun visit to have :)
    Hope you feel better soon!
    ~Nicole in CA

  5. Great to see you back. Hope the sickness clears up for you. Lovely to see the photos. It's going to feel like a l o n g time till next Wednesday!

  6. Thanks for updating, it is great to read what's been happening and see the pics.

  7. Loved this blog. Will I really have to wait a whole week for another one!!!

  8. Oh, I feel much better. Now I know that your Wednesday is my Tuesday and that your blog post is full of wonderful details and pictures, I'm good again. Thanks for posting. Tuesday evenings will now mean wine and cheese and Chris, Stew, Brylee, Griffin, Keera, and the dogs...

  9. It was great reading your update! I have so missed your daily blogs. Your niece looks like family. Nice she came to visit. I loved all the sweet pics. Hope that you are feeling better. I had a stomach flu for the past 4 days and was miserable. Look forward to next Wednesday!

  10. O what a treat- have missed you so bad. Christine is so beautiful - you can sure see the family resemblance. All the kids are beautiful and the pups too. I worry about this new meds you are starting- I don't believe things that are good for us are suppose to hurt us. Please be careful. Chris, you are so beautiful and you make your home so beautiful. I hope everyone knows how lucky they are to have you in their lives.

  11. Great update. Sorry to read you aren't feeling the best with the new media, hope it settles quickly

  12. What a full on week, the photos of the kids are awesome and such a nice visitor too. I hope those side effects subside very very soon.

  13. have missed those cute grand kids loved the spa pool shots and missy no more photo face classic

  14. Ooooh I've missed you. Thanks for the update. Hope the sickness passes and the meds do their thing. xxx

  15. Awesome photos and I love all of Keera's expressions you have captured. Gorgeous niece-glad you had time for a nice catch up with her. Hope you feel better soon with the new tablets.

  16. Yay so glad its wednesday! Love all the photos...Archer is growing so fast and he's such a cutie!... ive still been checking your blog daily...just in case.

  17. I've missed you :)

  18. Lovely photos of the kids! That's Dante in the blue shirt? Goodness! It's always great to catch up with distant relatives. :)

  19. I missed my daily fix!!!!

  20. What an action packed few days it has been Archer is utterly gorgeous the puppies how cute they are, Keera is delightful and looks like your niece a strong family resemblance there or sure. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling your best hope that improves soon. So pleased to read all the news. Did you fit any pottery in?

  21. Thank you for updating Chris - we've missed you! Have a great week :-)

  22. love the love all the pics of the kids and puppies...

  23. Great to see you are giving yourself much needed time out. Hope the new meds settle down quickly and they help.

  24. Super busy as usual. Hope you feel better soon.

  25. Awww the puppies are going :( I'll miss the cuties!

  26. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Great update, like others I have missed your daily updates but pleased to see that things are going well (apart from the medication side effects). Photos are gorgeous as always! Roll on next Wednesday :)
    Karen (Wgtn)

  27. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I have missed you. But as long as you don't disappear altogether, I shall cope. Just update when you want or once a week. Whatever feels right. Everyone looks fabulous!

  28. OMG! Tauranga was my favourite! Such a beautiful little spot! Christina actually looks quite a bit like you! Photo bomb central but they are so gorgeous xoxo

  29. Miss the daily fix, but I understand why you've gone to a weekly "publication". Just thought I'd let you know we're "adjusting" to the new way. So hard when I've been popping here daily for 7 or 8 years :-)


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