Sunday, January 03, 2016


Here's hoping it stops raining today, I'm feeling really sorry for all the holiday makers who are camping and having to put up with the dreadful weather we've been having!

I don't mind the rain, it means I don't have to water the plants and pots.  

But I would like it to stop so I can throw open all the doors and windows and air the house!

It's starting to smell like a kennel... it was bound to happen with the puppies in the house.

As we haven't had an Open Home in a couple of weeks, I feel like the house has literally 'gone to the dogs'.... OMG that's so funny!  Cos it has gone to the dogs  lol.

So, I'm going to make everyone do some cleaning/dusting/polishing today.  It really needs to be done.  
I'm sure I've got a touch of OCD when it comes to keeping the house clean and tidy! 

Once the house is all spic 'n' span, perhaps Stew and the kids can go out to a park or something, I'm sure the kids would like that.

And I can enjoy some quiet time.  Yeah, that sound good!

ABOVE:  This is where I take photos of the puppies.  Not much of a photo 'studio', and the little buggers are starting to walk away, so I'll have to think of something else soon.  I wonder if a big carboard box with a side cut off would work?
lol.... the things I think of!  Once they are running around outside I won't have to worry about it.

So, as I have nothing riveting to report about so far today, I'll be off.


OMG... so busy!  I decided to do a 'dummy run' of how to prepare for Open Home with the puppies now they are bigger.  Which meant putting them in the big crate and completely cleaning the garage, with the garage door wide open.

It took about an hour to do that.  So, I can work that into our routine next sunday, when we go back to having Open Homes.

We are all still cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  It's such a big job when you've not done it for a couple of weeks!

Stew went out after lunch and got the grocery shopping done... I managed to weasel me way out of it.

After that, Steve and Bex arrived with the boys for dinner.  It was lovely to see them.

I'm slowly introducing puppy food to the pups, they are just licking it off my fingers for now.  I expect in another week or so they will all be eating some, then by 6 weeks I can start weaning them off Tallulah.

They are all doing so well... it's fun to see how much they are developing now.

End of Day: well another lovely day here in the house.  The rain finally stopped midday, so I even got some washing dry!
Better make the most of the next few days, before the rain starts AGAIN.
nite nite


  1. yeah its a cleaning tidying type of day here too rain rain rain has eased off nowbut weSO need it!!

  2. You cleaning your house - I cleaning the chicken's house. LOL
    Gone to the dogs - that is really cute! lOL

  3. Your house is always so immaculate - mine on the other hand is a bloody pig sty.

  4. Please send the rain to us! We are on stage 3 water restrictions which means no car washing, no filling pools/spas, watering gardens by hand only two days a week between set hours and our water supply is dead empty!

  5. I agree with you in regards to the rain. I want it to go away but I don't want it to be stinking hot again though. But I have missed jumping in to pool. Not that the rain would stop that but it isn't as nice lol.


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