Tuesday, January 05, 2016


I know it was mean not showing you the finished bag last night!
But it gave me something to put on the blog today eh?

Here it is:

ABOVE:  I seem to have a penchant for blue/lime green colours at the moment!  I just love that colour combo.

What do ya think of it?  

Stew asked me what can it be used for?  I reckon it's a good size to be a BYO bag!  But of course, you can put anything in it you wish.
I hope the girl who gets it, likes it.

Today...  Keera goes back to Daycare.  She has been asking "Is it Daycare today Grandma?" the last day or two, so I think she wants to go back.  *smiles*
I know she has a good time there as she never grizzles about going.  This is a good thing.  She gets heaps of stimulation and fun playing with other little kids. 

Unlike here, where she has a teenage brother & sister who would rather do anything than play tea parties with a 3 year old!  *smiles*

As for the rest of us... I might just think about making another bag!  I loved making the dragon one.  Hmmmm... what shall I do next?


I found THE PERFECT IMAGE, and bag colours to use today! I have to go to Spotlight to get some fabric. It's NOT going to be blues/greens!
I'm really excited....

I am a bit sad.  Bentley's new family have backed out of getting him, their adult dog is very ill.  So, I have to re-list Bentley.
Just done it.  I hope he finds a new family soon.

Right, back to me sewing!  I'm having FUN.

5.17 pm:  and I've finished the next drawstring bag!
Wanna see it?

ABOVE:  TWEETY BIRD! Cute or what?  I love it.. of course.  

Keera is home from Daycare and as per usual, she's STARVING!  I do wonder how much she eats there?  I think she's too busy to eat.
She sure makes up for it when she gets home!

Stew has cooked a beef and bacon stew in the crock pot today.  We are having bread with it.

I have news on Bentley.  More of that tomorrow.

End of Day:  a little early, but oh well.  It's been an awesome day, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little Tweety Bird Bag, and already have the next one in my mind.
nite nite


  1. Oh wow love the little Dragon so cute

  2. Love your wee bags…the lil dragon is perfect

  3. Beautiful dragon bag.

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    When is Lacy picking up Keera? Has she found a place yet? Is she going to be staying nearer to you so that she can go to the same daycare center? Love the bag. Are they hard to make? Do you have a pattern for it? Can I buy the pattern from you? You do lovely work.
    Cheers, Tonia Auditor, UK

    1. Lacy's plans are still up in the air.
      The bags are not hard to make. I cannot sell the pattern as it is copyrighted. Thank you for saying the bag is lovely.

  5. That little dragon and the bag is so cute Chris. Would also look great with the design of the bag changed to make it into a library bag for children.

  6. The bag is lovely, lovely, lovely. Tell Stew I would pack my lunch in that bag and carry it to work each day.

  7. was thinking: it would be so cool to make a make-up bag with a bright red lipstick on the front. !!!!

  8. Love the bag, too cute, Bummer about Bentley but I am sure you will find him a new family soon.

  9. I could visualize my Granddaughter wanting to use the Dragon Bag as her Library or Lunch Bag at School.Shame about little Bentley but I am sure he will be snapped up as quickly as they were first time round.
    Go little Keera in wanting to go to Daycare.


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  11. Love , love the little dragon bag- you do the most beautiful work. I am glad you are feeding your soul. Hugs,

  12. Love the bag. The little fella is soooo cute

  13. OMG Tweety Bird bag is so adorable. You are on a roll. Next one?

  14. The dragon bag is cute as BUT TWEETY that's the shiz! I would love a Grouch or Oscar haha shame about Bentley but bet he be snapped up soon.

  15. I love the tweety bag, how cool :)


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