Monday, April 20, 2015


Today I'm going down to the local King's Plant Barn to price Magnolia trees.
I want to plant 3-4 to act as a screen on one of our boundaries.

The section off to one side of our home has been sold, and we expect a two storey home to be built there in the near future.

So, in order to preserve our privacy on that side of the property, I am going to plant some magnolia trees.  They are fast growing and fairly dense, and an attractive tree.  Perfect for the purpose I think.

Today, well tonight, it's back to Patchwork Class in Mt Wellington.  So I shall get my sewing bag packed for that.
And get some dinner sorted out before I have to go.
At least on a Monday night I won't be home to eat it... particularly if it's something really yummy for the family.

Bex is gunna hate me for saying this... but she's finally 'waddling'.  ha ha ha... her tummy has grown heaps in the past month!  She is due in only 12 DAYS!  OMGosh it's so exciting.  

What I'm looking forward to the MOST, apart from meeting our newest grandson, is seeing the look on Dante's face when he meets his baby brother.  I hope I have the camera ready for that moment.  

Right, I'm off to check out trees...


Well, Bex and Dante decided to come to the garden centre with me... and that was so cool... because I actually got to wander around and see heaps more of the place than 'normal'.
They have a farmyard area with chickens, rabbits and two darling baby Kune Kune pigs!

We spent quite some time there in fact.  We also went to the re-vamped cafe and had a hot chocolate, Dante had two fluffies and a shortbread biscuit shaped like.... a bunny. lol

I did end up buying two magnolia, and ordered two more, which should be in by the end of the week.

 ABOVE:  The two new baby kune kune piglets.  There is a competition on to name them...I forgot to enter.  The boy is the ginger one and the girl is the little black and white one.  They were so cute.
Bex told Dante to scratch the little girls 'bum'... so he did... he scratched her butt hole !!!
Bex had to take him to the bathroom to wash his hands... nice.

 ABOVE: Inside the cafe was this wall of books.  What an awesome feature.

ABOVE:  Dante with chocolate all over his face from his fluffy.  It was quite bright under the canopy in the coffee shop, hence the squint.  

We had a lovely morning.  

Now Stew has two trees to plant when he gets home... sorry Darling.

Well I had an awesome time at Patchwork class tonight.  I spent so much time getting more fabric and yakking, I only got 1/4 of my next block sewn.
But it was fun.  Can't wait till next week... even though it's ANZAC DAY, class is still on.  Yaaa.

End of Day:  I've had a lovely day.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    why is bex waddling? is she gonna give birth to a duck?

  2. Maria7:58 AM

    Talk to the garden centre people about some trees for screening. We used to have a Magnolia, and it was beautiful when flowering, but is bare in winter. the leaves drop but don't brake down and rot like over leaves, so we had to rake them up all the time overwise they blocked the outside drains etc. They are very messy always dropping something, either petals or stamens or leaves

    1. The magnolia I got are deciduous, so don't drop all their leaves in winter.

    2. I'm confused. I thought deciduous was when they dropped their leaves and evergreen was when they didn't?

    3. You are 100% correct! I got me words muddled up. My magnolias are evergreens! lol

  3. Dante is getting big!
    I like the wall of books.
    It surprises me to see the palm tree in one of your photos. You're so far outside the tropics, I can't imagine how they survive the winters.
    Thank you for visitng my blog and wishing me a happy 10th!

  4. I had to look up "fluffy." Fluffed up milk?? Had no idea that was a thing.

  5. I was going to ask what a fluffy was but maybe Happy Elf figured it out lol

  6. Glad you had a lovely day at the garden centre, that wall of books is amazeballs :)

  7. Anonymous3:35 PM

    How cute are those piggies!!!!!! And Dante of course :-)


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