Saturday, April 11, 2015


Steve noticed it first... and now I can see it too...

The freakin' 'i' in Dreaming doesn't have a dot.  Now I have to decided if I want to go back and get the bloody dot!  What do you think?

I have got bruising from the tattoo too... it's not that noticeable in the photo, it's much more obvious in real life though.

Stew's tattoo is looking great, no bruising at all, and hardly any scabbing yet.
Mine it a little scabby.  Ikkk, that sounds so gross.  lol

Today, well Griffin has his friend Joshua coming over, and after lunch Brylee is going to her boyfriend's birthday party.
It's being heavily chaperoned by his parents.... and not a real 'party' as such.  Just Mini Golf and a family dinner afterwards.
We will be picking her up after dinner time.

The kids' growing up.  I'm quite happy about that.  Counting down the years people, counting them DOWN.

I know that must sound awful, but remember, Stew and I have literally had no time as just the two of us, and no kids at home.... EVER.  And we have been together for almost 30 years!

I sometimes wonder if we will ever be on our own and empty nesters!   I have been a 'Full time Mum' with kids at home for 36 years!!!  OMG how did that happen?

Yeah, yeah... I know how.  *sigh*

So, I'm going to do some more sewing today.  Stew has a couple of little jobs lined up, like putting the latch on me gorgeous gate.  
And I'm sure he loved reminding me it's grocery shopping weekend too.  The shit.


BEST NEWS EVER!  One of my dearest, bestest girlfriends is most likely moving up here from Palmerston North!
Well... by up here I don't mean in Auckland, but not that far away!
I'm thrilled to bits... utterly rapt. Can't wait for it to happen.

Stew and I went out this afternoon and got the stuff we needed to get the latch on the gate... and now it's done.
The two boys came with us.  Found a Movenpik shop in Mt Wellington!  So, we stopped and had an ice cream.  

Once home I finished the hand stitching on Baby's name bumper, and now it's on his cot... now all we need is THE BABY!  lol

Bex said seeing his name on the cot made it feel very 'real'... I reckon that huge belly should make it feel real Bex!

Tonight I'm going to start on my next project.  It's something for our garden actually.  Will show you tomorrow what it is.

End of Day:  an amusing day with JJ here... that boy never stops talking/laughing/making a noise!  I thought Griffin was bad!  Ha, he's QUIET!
Brylee had a good time at her boyfriend's party by the sound of it.  That's nice.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Chris we have been on our own for a year now. All four of them left the nest. Let me tell ya its not all wot its cracked up to be! I hate it. We are rediscovering each other and boy what a big mistake that's been. No kidding! I think d.I.v.o.r.c.e. is on the cards! Don't rush it!

  2. Hell, I noticed that straight away!! I was going to say something but thought it too obvious - hell yeah, go and get the dot :)

  3. I would dot the I. I noticed it - but thought you had intended it that way.

  4. I'll go against the grain and say don't sweat the small stuff. Forget the dot.

  5. Maybe the missing dot is some sort of sign, no idea what :-).

  6. Anonymous7:12 AM

    What a great problem you have.....a missing dot!

  7. I didn't notice it how unobservant I am! A boyfriend a party ha the kids are growing pleased it all went well.....

  8. Hmm.. now you can think if you want the dot to be a little heart or a star or just a dot! :)


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