Sunday, April 19, 2015


Today is all about... pottering around the house mostly.
Getting housework up to date, drying clothes that have been hanging out in the bloody rain for two days, making sure the kids uniforms etc are ready for school tomorrow and so on.

All very boring in fact

If I can, I hope to re-make a block I did last night that came out too small. Most frustrating as I followed the pattern to a 'T' and it still came out 1/4 inch too small.  Let me assure you ... 1/4 inch makes a big difference!

Quite excited as the Monday night Patchwork class starts tomorrow.  AND maybe the Friday class I was going to will re-start too.. only not in the shop, but at the Tutor's home instead.   
I've not heard yet what's the haps with that class.  I do hope it continues as I like the ladies who were in the class.

I also want to dedicate some time today to sorting out meal options for me... mostly lunch ideas ... now that I am back at Weight Watchers I need to work out the points of everything I plan on consuming.  I have some lovely books/magazines from Kate that I can pour over for ideas now.  Yaaaa.

Lastly for now...

ABOVE:  Dante enjoying a 'fluffy' up at the breakfast bar like a big boy.  Not long now until he's a real 'big brother'!

***Don't forget... if you want to enter the 'Guess the Baby's Birth Date/Weight' giveaway... you have about 5 days left till I cut it off.***

Right, I'm off now... catch ya later.


I just spent about an hour putting away all my summer clothes and sorting out my winter clothes, and going through all the clothes I have in 'storage'...

 ABOVE:  In these two suitcases I have all the summer clothes I've been wearing and hope to never fit again, clothes I should fit in 30 kilos time and some that might fit at 35 kilos time too. 
35 Kilos is my goal ... but I could push that out to 40 kilos yet... time will tell. 

ABOVE:  This is my winter wardrobe!  I have 3 pair of tights in the drawers too.  But that's it!

There's about 5 pair of tights and jeans on the left hand side... they are my 'too tight right now' things, but by the tail end of this winter they should fit me.

I found a long dress/tunic (see it with the lace on the bottom?)... that's what I shall wear every day to my Weight Watcher's weigh in.  It's long enough that I can take me tights off and still be decent!  lol
I like to strip off as much as possible for weigh in!  Who else does that?  Or am I alone in the stripping stakes!  *smiles*

Now that's done I feel a load is off my shoulders.  I'm feeling less weighed down by clothes that are too big, too small and just cluttering up me space.

I got on the scales this morning... there's a kilo gone already.  EXCELLENT.

Bex and I had some fun this afternoon by putting my colour change nail polish on.  She chose the light glittery blue to dark blue and I chose pale blue to purple.  

Stew is cooking dinner tonight ... we are having rice risotto with chicken and onions added.

End of Day:  an enjoyable, quiet day.  Stayed totally on track and feel great.
Not even hungry either.
nite nite


  1. Love your positive outlook, Chris. I have no winter clothes so need to go shopping which I hate when I'm this big. Every season I say to myself "next season I will be smaller". Not happening yet. Am watching your progress with interest. xx

  2. I used to blow my nose before a WW weigh in!

  3. I always pee and strip as much as possible for weigh in!

  4. If you lost a kilo does that mean you are going to put a marble in the empty jar?

    1. No, it means I get to put 10 marbles in the jar! Every marble is equivalent to 100 grams.

  5. Ha! I used to shave my legs in order to weight less at my WW meetings !!!!!!! LOL

  6. I always wear the same clothes (including same underwear) to weigh in…and make sure I pee before I walk in to weigh,,,,lol

  7. Yep even in the coldest of weigh in nights I would wear my summer chiffon dress...

  8. Penny5:56 PM

    For weigh in at home: pre food, coffee, water, post shower, dry but before getting dressed. Christy, I am with you - I am sure dead skin etc. makes a difference!

    Great to see you in such a good frame of mind Chris. Penny xo

  9. GET RID of the old clothes! You're never going back!

  10. Congrats on the loss chick! Man Dante is such a big boy!!! And a new brother soon! How exciting:-)

  11. I need to clean out my closet too. I've got quite a few things that are worn out, don't fit right and some too small :( Although I'll probably keep the too small things that used to fit right lol


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