Sunday, April 05, 2015


Well... here's a few more photos of the transformed outdoor area/dining room:

ABOVE:  A rug for under the dining table.  The chairs move easily now.  It was awful moving them on the concrete I must say.
Good decision Darling... the rug is excellent.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  The only access to the spa pool now is if we lift that side curtain.  So, it's very safe.  I love that little corner by the pool now too.  I moved a few things around this weekend, to 'pretty' up a few areas.... and in most places I didn't actually have to buy anything new.

That blue pot does need weeding though!  lol

ABOVE:  Steve looking pretty happy with himself.  Note the BEER BOTTLE in my 'fence garden'!  Little shit.

ABOVE:  enjoying the late afternoon sun on the lawn.  I'd made a seafood & pasta salad for dinner.  Poor Bex couldn't have any.  She had pasta and vegetables.

KAREN:  Nope, I'm not going to paint a mural on the fence... nor paint it at all.  It's going to weather naturally and look ... kinda rustic.

Now.  This is called spot the new thing...

 ABOVE:  Can ya see it?.....
........................  let me make it easier for you:

ABOVE:  Can you see it now?

Today we are going out to get some long, narrow planters to put all my little plants in.
And that's about all I do believe.
The guys can now enjoy the next two days of Easter with no jobs lined up.


DONE... all done.   New plants are in the new long, slim pots on top of the fence.  
Everyone is just having a lazy, chill out sort of day by the look of it.

I'm all hot and bothered after planting all my little plants.  But, freshly showered and ready to relax myself now.

Might just get some sewing done this afternoon.

I had planned on grooming the dogs, but I'm too hot and sticky.  That will have to wait until tomorrow I think.
Both dogs look like sheep, so it has to be done soon!

ABOVE:  Today's other little titivation... macrocarpa sleepers with pots on top.  And 'framing' the fence artwork with two of my distressed white planks. 
I'm done, Stew's done. Relax time.

End of Day:  well... relax we did indeed.  I even had a Granny nap.  
Steve cooked dinner, which was lovely.
nite nite


  1. Oooohhhhhh exciting! ! Looks great!

  2. It all looks amazing. I just *love* your gate and fence. xxxx

  3. Aww .... you got your horn craft table - well done!! You'll be so pleased your gate and fence are now in place. Have a happy Easter Sunday :)

  4. Id so come up and do the pups for you Ma i miss doing them

    1. OK. See you tomorrow then!

    2. Sweet your making cheese and onion scons (cant spell lol) for morning tea then.

  5. Wow looking fabulous I'm so thrilled it has finally come together, withe addition of a new baby soon any extra space will be a godsend I'm sure.....

  6. love the craft table. I have a Horn sewing cabinet in the whitewash colour. Had it twenty years this year. It's buried right now though. It looks like your spa corner is completely surrounded, is that right? so, would you need to have the clear curtain down now? would opening it up "open" up that corner? I love what you've done recently. Place looks amazing! xxx

  7. The yard looks really nice! I bet that craft tables works out great for you.

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