Thursday, April 23, 2015


First up today, Bex, Dante and I are going to the mall.
Bex wants to get a few things and asked me to tag along.
I think she's starting to feel nervous about going out on her own.  Baby could come any time now.

Today is your last chance to get in the GIVEAWAY, by guessing baby's birth date and weight.

Before we go out, I'm going to make a list of foods I will need for the next week ... so I'm prepared and NOT eating the same stuff day in, day out.  That is a great way to get sick to death of 'on plan' food and fall off the wagon.

I am thinking of making a few hearty vegetable soups.  It is coming into winter and a nice tasty soup at lunchtime is a good choice.

I still haven't finished that new patchwork block either, so after lunch I plan on doing it.  
Till then, catch ya later.


CRABBY!   I bought a new wireless keyboard to use in the lounge with my laptop.  Got home, opened the box (noticed the seal was broken on the box)... and got it out.  And bugger me!   It is clearly NOT NEW!   Who would sell anything that has marks all over it as new????

So, that means I've got to go back there tonight to get it replaced with a bloody NEW one.  Grrrr.

I'm now having lunch, then I'm going to make my soup.  I got all sorts of lovely veges to put in it.  It will be my dinner.  ZERO points!  Gotta love that.

CATHY:  this wee baby boy will be our 13th Grandchild.  The 8th Boy.  He is due in 8 days!
So excited.... we can't wait of course.

I just heard from the patchwork tutor from my Friday class.  We are meeting tomorrow at her home then after that she's found a new venue for us at Ardmore.  I'm not 100% sure WHERE Ardmore is, or how far away it is from here, so I will find out more tomorrow.  If it's too far away I will give up my Friday class.

Which would be a shame as I really do like the ladies and tutor.  Fingers crossed it's not too far away.

ABOVE: Soup is on.  Not sure if I'll add tomatoes yet... or what herbs to add either.  This is the first time I've used beetroot in a soup.

BY THE WAY:  Thank You everyone for all the lovely comments yesterday re:  my weight loss.  It was much appreciated. 

Well... The soup tastes like shit!  Too 'earthy'... too much beetroot I think.  Will try to adjust it tomorrow to make it better, though not sure how.
Ideas anyone? 

The family had chicken fried rice (homemade) and everyone said it was delicious.  Well ain't that nice?  I had a tiny portion just to taste test it and I agreed, it was lovely.  Will be doing that again.

I used the rice we didn't use with the 'dead' chicken two nights ago.  Worked perfectly.

End of Day:  a lovely day, finished of with a fun play/tumble around on the floor with the delightful Dante.  He's such a little darling... love him to bits.
nite nite.


  1. Soups are great - freeze some too for days you are stuck for something to eat. Leftovers too are great! Please don't think of it as falling off the wagon either. What ever you do now has to be forever - you can never go back to old ways, that's where you've gone wrong in the past. Eating healthy has to be second nature and not a temporary thing you do while dieting. Have a good week and good luck to Beck too. I'll say 4 kilos (8.8 lb) and arriving on 1st of May :)

    1. Beck??? where did that come from... I mean Bex - sorry Bex :)

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    That is exciting having a new grandbaby! How many does this make for you? :)
    I hate to buy something new and it isn't new. Sorry to hear that~
    Congrats on getting on track with the weight loss! I'm sure working on it...with no success so far~ :/

  3. Ardmore is right up the road from you... 9 minutes by car. You couldn't get much closer :)

  4. Vege soups are the BEST for weight loss and especially during winter. I had them all the time when I lost my 18kgs, which is over 10 years ago now. It means if you have an "evil" treat later, you still have enough points to cover it, so no guilt xxxx

  5. Hey Sis congrads on loosing the 4.5kg. Your doing great. Ive been rather miserable as you can imagine but i have to be honest and havent given up 100% and SHIT me ops on Monday 5th. I am cold turkey now and its not doing me much good up in the head wise. I cry off and on all the time but packing house to move to keep buzy. Then cry some more lol. Your doing well Chris and I am proud of you and NO ...NO chocky Bikkies coz I stuffed up ok. Go checkout me blog and tell me why i cant see replies. I followed all instructions and nothing. OH and if i write something 'upsetting' to you I promise to Tell you first. Its poetry and short stories at times that help me in so many ways cope with life. Done shitloads over the years but ended up ripping or burning em lol. I find it a relief to put pen to paper and thought others may be inspired. YEEAH RIIIGHT. Calling you tomorrow My LIl Sis xoxoxox

  6. This is my favorite vegetable soup recipe and it's weight watchers to boot lol. I've given the recipe to a lot of people and they all like it. You can vary it quite a bit.


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