Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Today is Parent/Teacher interviews for Brylee's year at school.
Griffin gets to stay home while Bry and I go to the interview.  
It's just to discuss her progress so far this year, and so on.
Hopefully I don't hear anything annoying.  She appears to have pulled up her socks and reigned in her attitude a bit this year... thank god.

After the interview, they both have the rest of the day off school.

That's fine by me, they know how to amuse themselves.

I'm going to fix the patchwork block I made last night (photo on yesterday's post).  There is a glaring boo boo.
I still can't believe no one, not even the tutor, notice it last night!
It won't take much to fix it though, a little unpicking and then sew it up again.

Then... I'm going to work on making two covers for the two outdoor chairs to match the other, larger one I made. 

The house is a bit untidy, so I'll get the two teenagers to do some housework I think.  They are both really good about that now, they just get on with it.  Sometimes I lose my rag at them when they don't do it 'right'... but well... I'm FUSSY.

I've found this week a bit harder on the 'diet' front... but hoping for a modest loss tomorrow.  I now know my 'danger' time is after dinner... in the long hours between 7-11.  I'm trying to think of ways to curb the cravings, but failing miserably.  

I'm simply relying on WILL POWER right now!

Right, I better get ready to go out ... catch ya  later... I'm off to school soon.  


Well the interview went well.  I was kinda surprised to learn Bry is doing quite well at school.  Nice to know.  Obviously having a boyfriend hasn't interrupted her learning.  A... mazing!  *smiles*

I'm off now too some sewing, after tidying up me 'bedroom'... it's a freakin mess!

Well just had a quick visit from Kelly, Gordon and Rena.  Which was nice, although I have a nasty headache so wasn't much company.

I did a bit of sewing before, I fixed the block, and started on a chair cover, but I just didn't feel like doing much.  I'm stressing out about weigh in tomorrow... AGAIN.  Dumb I know. I am sure I will have a loss, even if it's small.

Not much else is going on here right now, I'm curled up in front of the telly with a blankie cos I'm COLD!  Nuts.  I think it's the headache making me feel cold though, cos the weather is quite nice now.  A bit windy, but the sun is shining.

I don't have to cook tonight, Bex is.  So I can just relax and keep warm and hope my headache goes soon.

ABOVE:  Doesn't my daughter-in-law look gorgoeus!  She's almost 9 months (in 3 days in fact)... and is BLOOMING.  We are all so excited... hurry up baby boy!

End of Day:  a quiet day again, just hanging with the preggo girl, waiting for her to show some signs of having my next grandson.  *smiles*
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    frozen grapes are good to snack on... separate them from the bunch and put them in a small container... then they take a while to suck on while you're sewing or watching the telly - you could have a small bunch over the space of the "snacky" time and you will feel like you're having a treat.


  2. those long hours after dinner are my downfall too. Sometimes I distract myself by giving myself a manicure (and with wet nails I can't open any packets!!!) or, straight after dinner I brush my teeth. That, surprisingly, reduces my cravings and tells me body "no more"......

  3. Anonymous10:52 AM


    That is the worst time for me too....after dinner.....

    Cheers Peta

  4. Good Girl Brylee :-).

  5. When I'm being really good sometimes I'll just go to bed early so I won't eat lol.

  6. Can you factor in a 8.30 - 9pm snack - hot drink - low fat hot chocolate? Or a piece of fruit? Rearrange your food so there is something for that time slot??

    Well don Brylee :-)

    1. Good idea, now that it's colder maybe a nice hot milo would be nice. I'm sure it would only be worth a point or two.

  7. I drink iced water :)

    1. Natalie... you don't know me very well do you? I NEVER EVER drink WATER.

  8. Are you using all your points Chris?.

  9. You're looking great Bex!! Such an exciting time - good luck, it won't be long :)

  10. Bex looks fantastic! How exciting!

  11. Anonymous9:31 PM


    Chris You can just drink your cold diet coke, I like coke zero the best and I drink the coles mineral water...and water. I never drink tea or coffee I just don't like hot drinks much...I have never had tea or coffee, I don't really know why..lol..

    Also, Bex looks great very pretty and it looks like she will be slim after the birth just seems to be all baby...


  12. Good on Brylee for focussing on school, well done. bex you do look gorgeous just gorgeous


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