Thursday, April 02, 2015


The reason for my restless nights, sick tummy and being on tenderhooks today.... someone is getting some news today.  It could be semi-good news, or it could be VERY BAD NEWS.

I'm not at liberty to divulge any more details, but it directly affects someone very dear to me... so until I get a certain phone call... I'm going to be stressed out.

So, Stew has given me a mission... possibly to help keep my mind occupied during the day?

ABOVE: To the right of the gate post is a smallish gap, and Stew and Steve reckon a nice tall, square pot would look good there, instead of them trying to fill the gap with more fencing.

So... I know exactly what sort of pot I want there.  Now I just have to find it.

ABOVE:  An old photo of Keera and Dante looking inside a pot we already have.  It's this sort of pot I would like to find, only with a square base.

So... I'm heading out once the kids have gone to school.


Well... a busy morning!   I ended up going to 5 different places to look at pots.
And I found THE PERFECT pot in Palmers, Orakei.  But... and it's a BIG but.... it was $700.
That pot is still at the shop.

Stew met me for lunch and we decided on a smaller, WAY cheaper pot from the same place.

It's not in the colours I would have loved, but it's just fine for the 'gap'.

I will show you once it's out of the car.  I can't possibly get it out myself as it's too heavy.

ABOVE:  I did buy this blue jar today... I'm calling it my 'consolation pot'.... cos that really expensive pot was AH...mazing.  And I will never get it.

Good news!  The person I was so concerned about got good news today.  Things are still not the best, but the dreaded BAD NEWS didn't happen.  I'm so relieved, as she must be too.

Maybe now I will be able to sleep!

Stew and Steve are going to Bunnings on their way home from work tonight, to get all the fencing materials they need to make me gate/fence this long weekend.  I'm rather excited about that.

I've wanted a fence in this area for years. 

End of Day:  a funny sorta day... kinda glad it's over now.  Photo of new pot tomorrow... I'm outta here.  Time to wind down and relax.

nite nite


  1. Both kids have grown a lot since that cute picture was taken.
    I hope the news is at least semi-good.

  2. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Is that a sweat mark on Stew's t shirt?. Its white!! Yikes!

    1. Ahhh no. It's a water droplet on my camera lens actually.

  3. Wat a great idea for the gap.......means more shopping for ya mum....

  4. There is a pot/planter shop on the car of Wairau RD & Hillside Rd in Glenfield. They have a good selection.
    Fingers crossed for good news :-)

  5. Please let it be semi good news at least

    1. I'm delighted with the good news xxx

  6. Good luck with the mission, and the news. Thinking of you xo

  7. Waiting for an update on the new pot, the table thing you intend to bid on, and the good / bad news! You are more exciting than a TV series! I just really like how you blog EVERY day! For some reason it's a lot of fun to check in and see what's up!

  8. Anonymous2:15 PM

    fingers crossed for good news. xoxo

  9. I cant imagine why you didnt get 2 of those amazing pots for a matching pair ( yep that is sarcasm !)
    good to the the good news. If it is what I was thinking our case good news was 18 months instead of 3-4 months.

    1. that should read "good to hear the good news"

  10. So happy about the GOOD NEWS!!! Wow, what a huge relief for everybody xxxxxx

  11. Glad the news was semi good! Love all your blue bits and pieces you buy .... Blue is my fav colour too. Happy Easter to you and family x

  12. Penny1:34 AM

    Very good news, I mean, much better than the worst case. I'm glad you might sleep tonight - hope you are asleep right now in fact. You and I are both night owls, I think! Penny xo

  13. Glad to hear the news was positive. Take care relax and enjoy the long weekend.

  14. I'm glad the news was good!


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