Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Let's go!
I'm off to get weighed in, and re-join freakin' Weight Watchers today.
This morning.  9.30 am.

And I'm just hoping like hell I kinda like the leader.  Cos, you need a good leader to make the meetings interesting.

I'm determined to stick it out this time.  Go the distance.  Reach MY goal and stay there.

FOR RENA:  here is Rena and Kelly doing some jobs for me yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Kelly dismantling my newish craft table... it's going into storage under the house until Steve and Bex leave.  I simply don't have room for it in the house now that I've got the Horn Cutting Table.  

And there is Miss Rena tidying up the books.  

ABOVE:  Miss Rena moving the toy basket for me.  She was such a great help for me yesterday.  THANK YOU Sweetie!

I hope she finds something nice to spend her $2 on.  *smiles*

So that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


***  I will not allow comments that run down someone's physic, particularly when they are untrue.  All comments like that will be deleted.***

So... very happy to report I liked the meeting, the leader AND the ladies that were there.
They were really welcoming, included me in their conversations, were supportive and are looking forward to seeing me next week!

Which is funny as I was a grumpy tart!  LOL
One lady said she could see why I was there for sure!  And she wasn't meaning my SIZE.  

I think this is going to work.

And I can't wait till next week now.

After the meeting I went down to the mall and got some essential winter clothes, just enough to last me this winter.  I'm also going through my two suitcases in my wardrobe, to see if anything in there will fit this winter too.
Otherwise, I shall be living in 3 pairs of tights, 2 tops and 3 warm jacket/cardigan thingees!
Oh, and 1 bra that still fits me.  *sigh*

Our pretty blue toilet seat broke in half.  So I also bought another toilet seat.. a more modest/normal one... but one that has a 'soft close' mechanism, so we don't kill another one.

Now... I'm off to find me WW ProPoint calculator... I've got one SOMEWHERE in this house~!

I found it!  Now I just have to try and figure out how to use it again.

I just saved Dante's life AGAIN... 2nd time in 4 days he choked on a fruit snake and I had to thump him on the back to dislodge it.  This time it took 3 good thumps before he brought it up! Scary.  He's got marks on his back!  He ain't getting any more of those freakin' things. 

Dinner tonight is corn fritters with a side salad for anyone who wants it.  I don't know how to work out the propoints for them.  With hardly a thing to go on... I didn't buy a big points book... do they even have them?  Not sure I saw one.  
I might go to the local meeting tonight to see if they have any.

So.. I nipped down and bought the necessary books.  Derrr not buying them this morning.
Now I can work out the points values of everything.

 ABOVE:  These are what I gave him.  On Sunday he choked on the head part.  Today I chopped up up the head part and he choked on the snakey part!

ABOVE:  I can see why he choked on the head part... it's too big and Dante didn't chew it up.  But the long thin bit too?  If he gets any more I will be chopping up the entire thing.

End of Day:  an awesome day... feeling really positive.  Looking forward to making good choices and having an excellent loss next Wednesday.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

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  2. That sounds interesting ^^ Obviously another person has to hide behind Anonymous !!
    If you cant say anything nice then don't say anything at all.

    Good luck at WW Chris

  3. Good for you with WW! You're a braver woman than me, that's for sure. At least you're tackling your issues--I'm hiding behind a bag of chips. (And I hope Bex and Steve aren't leaving too soon!)

  4. Go chicken!!!! I love weight watchers - there isn't one in my town and the online thing sucks! I'm with you, you need a good leader! Love the Geordie Shore (?) shot too!

    1. Geordie Shore shot???? I don't know what that means Chick.

  5. Onya Chris, you can do this, ww has been just the best for me again, hope it is for you too :d

  6. Good luck with this Chris - I'm so pleased that you felt at home at this meeting!!

  7. That's awesome so pleased they're a nice bunch, Rena is getting so tall, I love the pattern on Kelly top I have a similar long sleeve top it is bright and I love it...

  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    so glad you enjoyed the meeting & the peeps!!!

  9. cheering you on ... whoop whoop :) very proud of you

  10. Glad you liked the group. Sending positive thoughts for your journey.

  11. Anonymous5:02 PM

    What is a fruit snake?

  12. Choking is my absolute dread with kids... I'm paranoid I'm afraid but hey, you can never be too careful. Well done on dislodging it but yes, no more fruit snakes!

  13. I would be contacting the manufacturer, place of purchase and any other body you can think of. They should come with a warning or be taken off the shelves.
    Glad you enjoyed the meeting. You will look forward to going so that will help keep you on track.

  14. Glad the meeting went well.

  15. I'm glad the meeting went well and that you feel great there. It will be easier to stick to your goal. I don't give my daughter candies which are shaped like those you gave to Dante because I am afraid the same thing that happened to Dante will happen to her. She choked twice already on a spaghetti (I didn't cut it up enough and when she ate a piece which was only 2-3 cm long, she started chocking). Luckily she threw it all up and now I am very careful. I am more afraid of the snakey part of the candy than the head - if it's too long and they try to swallow it, then it won't go down the throat nor back up. I have a phobya of long food! :)

    1. That is exactly what happened today, he just kept retching and gagging... and he looked so panicked... it was horrible. Luckily I did thump it out of him! Poor kid... he thanked me and kissed me for helping him, and he's only 2 years old. Such a little love.

  16. Yikes those look horrible! I'd be tossing them for sure. It's so scary when they choke like that.

    I actually thought maybe I should try weight watchers again for the accountability of weighing in every week. I really don't like it though lol. I'm trying really hard to do my Lose It app and be accountable on Instagram lol. Have you ever done the online calculators for WW? I think they even have an app on your phone too.


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