Friday, April 10, 2015


Bex and Steve went to see their midwife last night.  It was time to talk through their 'birth plan'.

All is now sorted and plans are in place.
I'm utterly thrilled to say ... providing Stew is home to look after Dante, Griffin and Brylee.... I will be attending the birth.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me.
To miss any grandchild's birth is a biggie for me.  Some I've simply NOT been able to attend... like Russell's two littlies in Australia, and some I wasn't invited to attend (3 of one person's deliveries), but mostly I've been a welcome attendee. 
To date I've witnessed 7 of our grandbabies births! 

That's what makes it so special... to know you are wanted there, and are there to witness that magical moment a baby is born... a baby who is a part of your family.

Baby boy is now due in exactly 3 weeks.  He's growing bigger by the day and is making Bex most uncomfortable.  Sorry to say it Bex, but that comes with the territory.  It will be over soon enough, and then you get to just enjoy him.

*** Don't forget to get your Date/Weight guesses in! ***

Right... today.

I'm gunna sew.  I want to get said baby boy's name bumper FINISHED today.
Stew is taking the kids to the movies after lunch... Furious 7 I think.  I bet there's a million kids lined up to see it too.  NO thanks.  I shall be staying home!


Well... Stew and the kids have gone to the movies, and I've been doing some sewing.  Taking a break now for lunch, then right back into the sewing for the afternoon.

Any more Baby Date/Weight guesses???

ABOVE:  It's almost finished.  All the satin stitch is done, the name is on, the quilting is done and the binding is on.  Just some hand stitching to do now.  I shall do that while watching Coronation Street on the telly tonight.
I love Friday & Saturday nights, cos Coro's on.  *smiles*

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday night... 

End of Day:  rather happy to see the Lemur name bumper finished... well it will be by bedtime.
nite nite


  1. Let us know what Stew and the kids thought of the movie. My husband and I went the other night but it was too obnoxious so we left after 40 minutes. The plot and characters made NO sense. But if you like booty, car chases and explosions - you are set! Oh - and muscley guys! The theater was packed. We thought it would be better.

  2. You are right about being there when those babies are special. I got to see 5 of my 7 grandbabies born and the other 2 just a short time after.

  3. All my kids were c section so Scott was the only one in there. I've watched most of those movies just at home and they all have horrible acting lol. I think we saw the first one in the theater and it was good just not the best acting.

  4. Yes, I have been lucky enough to have been invited to all three grandson's births. So special and how lucky are we to be able to be part of this.

  5. Lucky you to see 7 little precious grandies enter the world, how special. I saw 3 of mine enter the world.

  6. I predict the baby to come April 25, and weigh 8 lbs 8 ozs. I saw 2 of my grands born. Was very special. Wish I could have seen them all born.

  7. Penny5:04 PM

    My guess is 14th April, and weight 7 lb 6 oz. Love the fantail design! Both are really cool and appropriate for each of you. Have a great weekend. Penny xo

  8. Friday morning here. I've never seen a child being born.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Love the lemur, so cute :) One of our local zoos has a ton of lemurs, so fun to watch them.


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