Saturday, April 18, 2015


***SHOCK ... HORROR ***

Brylee got nits!
She complained about an itchy head and I checked and sure enough... a big, fat, nasty nit was crawling around.   Talk about freak out.

I hate, hate, hate nits.

It's been about 24 years since we had nits in our house.

The process of elimination happened within an hour or so... Stew went out and bought the necessary shampoos and sprays.

Of course, we all have itchy heads now... it's a mind over matter thing isn't it?

I'm sure no one else in the house has nits though.

Brylee must have picked up a nit or two at the party she attended last weekend... it's the ONLY place she's been over the past week or so where she came into contact with other kids.

If she'd got them later than that, she would have a whole colony of them on her head, but she doesn't.  She just had a few adult ones.

GROSS.  They are so disgusting.

So.  It's the weekend.  And again, no plans.  I am just so happy with how the outdoor lounger cover came out, I'm now going to make covers for two of the outdoor chairs too.

We actually have 8 outdoor chairs, but I don't think I'll cover them all, just the two that are out by the Archgola side of the house.

Then again, I'm good at changing my mind too!  So, we will see.

We are expecting a visitor later on today.  Kate, who I've met a few times.  She's bringing me a few Weight Watcher magazines etc... so that's going to be neat.  I can do with all the motivation/inspiration I can get.
Though, my motivation is feeling pretty high right now.  I just KNOW that THIS TIME I will do it.

I feel DIFFERENT than all the other times I wanted to lose weight over the past few years.    Hard to explain really.

Right.... time to do something constructive... like organise a few jobs around the house.  Then sewing I hope.


RIGHT.  My sister left a lovely comment on last Tuesday's post, and as we all know .... if you write it today but on an old post, it will show on that post, NOT TODAY.  My sister is very upset because she thinks I deleted her comment now.

But I didn't.  It's on Tuesday's post... BUT ... I have copied and pasted it to today,   ON THE BLOG, so everyone can read it...:

Hiya Chris and ladies. I don't know how hard it is to loose weight to be honest. Its not something I have had to worry about. I am Lori., Chris's sister in Australia and yes its me that Chris made the deal with. So while I don't know just how hard people find it to loose weight and keep it off, its like smoking, its so so sooooo very hard. I have tried lots and failed so cold turkey is what I have to do. This is the deal my sister made with me. I am finding things, life very difficult because so many things have to change to give up the fags. BUT when I found out about my condition it was live or die. Give up the fags, have me operation and start a new life. I like my sister have been given another chance at life.I know my sister Chris can and WILL do this. I have been so proud of her in the past for her efforts and prouder now she has chosen to go back to WW and not 'TRY" but DO IT again and keep the weight off this time. She will be healthier and happier for it.
You have all these wonderful people Christina to support you here and encourage you to keep on keeping on, and you have me. You will always have me to help support and love you through this journey on health recovery for me and weight loss for you. Life is hard at times but I have been given this 2nd chance and sometimes choices have to be made. Thankyou for helping me make the right choice. I love you my little sister. Take care and I will keep you up to date.
Love Lori (Lorraine) and Shiloh dah dog woof woof

Well... I have started on another block for my 'Sampler' Quilt instead of another squab cover.

Brylee has gone out with her boyfriend and his family this afternoon.  They are off to the movies then bowling.  She's so happy it's a bit cute/a bit sickening.  But, I do remember how it feels to be a teenager amazingly.

Expecting Kate any minute, so better get off here...

ABOVE:  Kate and her daughter Paige playing with Dante.  For once Dante wasn't shy and actually talked to them.  AND showed off heaps.  He kept them entertained with his antics.

ABOVE: All the goodies Kate brought out for me.  I shall enjoy looking through all the magazines and books... Thanks Chick!

End of Day:  well another lovely day.  I made another block tonight, but it came out a quarter inch smaller than it should have, so I'm a bit crabby.  Will do it again tomorrow and see if I can find out where I went wrong.
nite nite


  1. What a great note from your sister, thanks for sharing it with us. I'll add your sister to my prayers.

  2. Lori, I'm really sorry to hear about your illness. My partner is a long term smoker and is trying to quit again now as we speak. It is a really tough one and I don't envy anyone in your position. Thankfully he is not sick from it yet. My uncle got very sick with emphysema a couple of years ago and didn't have long, and the doctors said if he quit he would have more quality of life. It was very hard for the family to watch when he didn't manage to quit immediately - for them he should love them enough to want to stay with them longer. He absolutely did love them, he also was dealing face to face with his own situation. Most of us here do not know what you are going though to have things presented so clearly in front of you in terms of your prognosis. It is fantastic that you and Chris are supporting each other with such positive changes and good luck with quitting. I hope you find the will that Chris seems to have this time - it is almost all about the mindset, as we know. Much love and good luck, Penny xo

    1. Thanks Penny. Its people like you that Chris needs as I do. People who care and share and most importantly support us.I wish your hubby well, I know what hes going thru. Thankyou for being here for my sister me and your hubby. Meanwhile take care of yourself, its important aye.. Much love Lori and Shiloh Dah Dog xxx

  3. Hi Lori - you can do this. Smoking is such a powerful addiction but I know many who have been very heavy smokers but broken the addiction. You can do this, just as Chris can do this as well. Good luck to you both - let us know how you go, I'm sure many of Chris's supporters will be your supporters too!!

    1. Thanks Lynda. Chris sure has some wonderful friends here. Will keep youz all up to date. I would have a blog on my stink life and how I got to be addicted but I don't know anything bout blogs PMSL. I'll just go take a pill now. lol

  4. Such a great comment. It is so hard to end habits of a lifetime. .. I gave up smoking 15 years ago and even just the other day I thought it would be so easy to start again and I even craved one!! Omg. I would never do it though. I went cold turkey and it is not easy but determination wins in the end. Funny how I can't put the same determination towards food. .. much harder!! Ultimately I guess it's down to how much quality of life we want. I think its great you have each other to support one another. ♡

    1. Hi Kittie, I was talking to a friend recently about living alone and finding it hard to stop smoking. She said that her and her husband gave up 9yrs ago and could quite easily just pick up a smoke and start again but of course wouldn't. Goes to show that smoking is BAD really BAD. They have re-hab centres for alcoholics etc but we have nothing accept damned patches, pills but ultimately its just up to the individual to WANT to give up. Some just don't. Im not one of the ones who don't want to but geez, day one and 1 smoke and I feel like shit. Your right tho, its the quality of LIFE that now I look forward to. xxxx

    2. Anonymous8:59 PM

      Well Paige is trying to give up sucking her thumb and I've made her get her loom bands out again so she's doing something with her hands so maybe buy some loom bands!!! It's all about being conscious of breaking the habit - for me it was in the car or straight after food that were the hardest so I would have a boiled lolly in the car so it took ages to get through it, and after food I would either brush my teeth or put peppermind essence on my tongue - I smoked menthol too but the peppermint really put me off. Kate (kittie444)

  5. Oh my goodness! Your sisters comment was beautiful! You would NEVER delete that! I am so glad you have each other and can be each others support through these difficult times! Both of you have a challenge ahead! But Chris, I need to lose about 35 pounds! So, we have that in common! Good luck to you and your sister!

    1. Thankyou for your kind words Dogstars, your wonderful and I think if you keep coming back here you to will find the support you need to loose the 35pounds. Its a challenge for all of those to loose weight, stop smoking or to stick to a program to stop an addiction. Good Luck darls. xxxx

  6. PMSL....shows how much I know about computers. I just lost another post I left here. Seems you have to log in the be able to publish. Went to preview and POOF my whole post here gone lol. Oh well Anyways ladies thanks for the compliments, its great to know my sister and self have this support. Its important to keep in touch with each other and make sure the other is doing ok. Im really shaky still. Done me groceries, read sisters blog and now um, EAT. Lata folks. Hugs to you all

  7. where did I leave that jar of jelly beans....?????? hmmmm, think they were with the Twisties and chips......

    1. Jelly beans, twisties and chips.... I'm DROOLING now. And that ain't fair. Ya know I can't have any jelly beans, twisties OR friggin chips.

    2. OH YEAH.....sorry bout that little one. Umm. Well I would actually show you the plastic container of jelly beans but im bloody hopeless on computers and blogs. Her at KMART we have plastic round bout 8" high by 3 1/2" wide FULL of jelly beans. $4.00 By my bed, by computer by sink so when I feel like a smoke I graba a handful of jellybeans mmmmmmm black ones are soooooo niiiiiiiiice. Oh dear Im sposed to be supporting you. Sorry really I am. I will do m my utmost not to tease you. Its not nice really I know but just couldlnt resist the jelly beans. Truth be known im onto my 2nd jar and halfway thru utterly sick of bloody jelly beans. Gum Balls next I spose till im sick of them. Sorry. ThinkI may give those e cigarettes a go. They are only bout $70. Its not so much wanting or replacing with lollies its getting shaky etc. Welp, I have actually had ONE smoke today. ONE. Now that's a first for me. Its as good as cold turkey but me bod was reallyl running on overdrive and I was running round looking at houses this mornng.

  8. Love Lori's comment, I am sure you will both succeed with the support of each other and all of us.

    Siobhan basically had nits all through primary school, luckily not since then, I spent HOURS de nitting her only for her to come home with them a couple of days later.

  9. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I see the photoshopping didn't work Chris!! :) Need to sit up straight and put my double chins up! Oooh that Dante is a cutie patootie...


  10. What a lovely heartfelt comment beautiful. So pleased with your WW stuff, loads of reading there, Brylee out dating again how cute..... Nits there a curse that's for sure….........

  11. Ughhh feeling scratchy here!!

  12. The guy that sits next to me at work has had quite the dealing with his 2 little girls. They got lice and a family daycare. He's taken to shaving his own head lol


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