Monday, April 13, 2015


 ABOVE:  All the baby clothes are washed and ready...

 ABOVE:  His bed is made, he has his Teddy's....

 ABOVE:  The bags are packed, the car capsule is ready...

NOW HURRY UP.  The last two and a half weeks till his due day is going to DRAG... *sigh*
Everyone in this house is so eager for him to arrive.

ABOVE: Bex bought some newborn nappies for him.  She can't get over how tiny they are compared to Dante's.  LOL.... Wait till she has to change his nappy for real.  Then she will be shocked at how tiny newborns are... you forget so quickly when you are changing a 2 year old's nappy!  *smiles*

Today.... might just have some girl time with Brylee.  Take her to the mall and get her a couple of winter tops... cos it's getting cooler out there at last.

Then home to do some sewing I think.  Griffin is at his friend's, he slept over there last night.  Thank goodness!  Two boys giggling like little girls for two days non stop was long enough.  (At least they were happy though)

My tattoo is starting to itch.  This is a good thing.  Stew's isn't yet.  His is so much bigger, with some areas heavily filled in, so it will take longer to heal.  But, it's looking good.

Right.  I better go and start the day.


Well the mall wander was nice.  I got some lovely outfits for our new baby... he can't have ALL HAND-ME-DOWNS!
Brylee decided she didn't really need any more clothes right now!
So... we had lunch with Bex and Dante and after getting some stuff for the baby, and having me chinny chin chin waxed,  headed back to the car park.

To find a couple of distressed ladies right beside our car.  Their car had JUST been stolen from right in front of them!
They couldn't believe it!  From RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.
The younger girl was really upset as all her University papers/books etc were in the car.  I hope they get it back.

Talk about daylight robbery.  I can't believe someone would have the nerve to steal a car from a heavily peopled car park... there were people everywhere, plus about 6 security guards too.  

On a brighter note, here's the clothes I bought for baby:

ABOVE:  We got some from Farmers, on sale, and some from Pumpkin Patch. I really love the stuff from Pumpkin Patch.

ABOVE:  Baby will be coming home from the hospital in either the outfit on the left, or the right.  

WINTER arrived today.  There is a definite change in the temperature, and it's pissing down with rain.
All I can say is THANK GOD.  I am so over the heat.  And watering the garden and pots.
Maybe our 5th lemon tree will come back to life too?

Did I mention it looks dead?  After all we did this time around to try and get a lemon tree to thrive here... summer took it's toll.
BUT.  I live in hope it's just packed a sad.

It's been a nice quiet afternoon.  Can't say I did anything riveting besides cook dinner.  *sigh*
It has rained almost non-stop all day, and down in the South Island they got a dumping of snow!
Talk about a massive change in the weather.

End of Day:  Might have to hunt out some warmer clothes tomorrow!
nite nite


  1. Ohhh how utterly cute are those nappies!! Not long now exciting for all including us.....

  2. lol when my daughter was born the nurses cut new born nappies in half for the first couple of weeks. Mind you, you would never think that now.

    At least Bex will never have that problem.

    I have the same pegs, aren't they great ?

  3. Oh! I had to go back and find your tattoo! It's beautiful! I love tatts! Good luck with the next two and a half weeks! I'm sure it will fly!

  4. Try Potash on you lemon tree, it saved ours

  5. The clothes are really cute! I also love your expressions! "packed a sad"....... so sweet! Did you get the I on your tattoo???

    1. Not yet. Still trying to decide if I'm brave enough to go back! We have one free 'go back' for touch ups... so once Stew's has settled down we can decide then if we need to go back.

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Just caught up on your last week. Love the tattoo's!!! I vote for the outfit with the bear ears to come home in :0) I can feel the new baby excitement building!!!! xo

  7. Of course you are brave enough to go back! Silly girl! It's only a dot! A teeny tiny dot - but an important one! But it makes sense to see if Stew's needs anything.

  8. Such sweet little baby clothes! Does Dante sleep in the same room or does he have his own? When that baby comes home he's going to seem so big. I remember that well lol.

    1. Dante is in his own room now. Baby will be in with his parents.


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