Friday, April 03, 2015


I hope everyone has an awesome Easter break... we plan on doing so, for sure.

Though Stew and Steve might not think so.

They are building my fence and hanging the gate this weekend.

Steve is working today... So Stew is digging the fence post holes on his own today.

I am going to the garden center for plants.  One for the big pot I bought yesterday, and a few succulents for the garden too.

Talking of the big pot... here it is:

ABOVE:  It's quite a nice pot... not quite what I went out to find, but it's still OK.
Now the thing is to find the right plant to put in it.  I have no idea what to get yet.

So, that's about all I have for the day so far.
I shall be back with progress photos of plants/fence etc as things eventuate.


The garden centre wasn't too busy when I got there this morning, which made it easy to get around and find the perfect plant for our big pot.
I was thinking about a lemon tree, but we tend to kill lemon trees!
So I finally settled on this:

ABOVE:  It's already a good size, which will look good in the pot I reckon.
And it's got that bushy bit at the bottom, so hopefully it acts as a deterrent to Coco jumping over it.

Stew is still to start digging the holes... but I'm sure I don't have to worry.  It will get done.

I'm now going to do a bit of sewing I think.

JACKIE:  As Bex said, we did put Dante in the pot... this is a photo of him in the pot:

ABOVE:  Dante freakin' out!  Poor kid.

My men worked for a few hours this afternoon, and got the gate hung.  I'm so happy, it looks so cool:

ABOVE:  Taaa daaa!  I had them hang it with the 'right' side facing in.  I wanted to see the nice side from inside the 'dining room'.

Tomorrow I will show you what else they got done before stopping for the day.

End of Day:  An excellent day, and I'm enjoying the evening too.  Coronation Street is on and I'm down in the garage in peace and solitude.
nite nite


  1. Am surprised you haven't "planted " Dante - he would just be able to peep out your pot is so big and would be a good photo!

  2. Anonymous8:29 AM

    We did put him in the pot but he freaked out and screamed


    1. That will make a great 21st photo!!

    2. Oh dear - now I feel bad!

    3. I took that photo yesterday Jackie, so you didn't do anything ... I already had the photo of him crying before you suggested it!

  3. Hey Chris - why don't you paint the pot? My sister painted hers and added embellishments - you could do an ocean theme on it with shells etc... I know you can do it!!

    1. I did think of it, but have decided to keep it 'natural', as it looks really lovely as it is.

  4. Hey Chris. I don't think shops (including garden centres) are allowed to open today or Sunday - so unless you have one near you that risks a nice fine for breaking the law, you probably won't be able to get your plants today. Having said that, I know we have one major garden centre here in Christchurch that flouts the law every year as they reckon their takings more than make up for the fine they incur each year. You might want to let your fingers do the walking before you head out - i.e. phone them to see if they are open :) Have a good day

  5. Our local Kings Plant Barn is open. They get fined every year but don't care.

  6. The gate looks great nice job, love the pot nice shape and size..... Enjoy the weekend be over too quick ...

  7. WOW your back yard is looking great!


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