Saturday, April 25, 2015


Today is ANZAC Day here in New Zealand and Australia. This is the day we remember our Fallen Soldiers who fought in all the World Wars and other conflicts around the world.

This is year is rather special as it's the 100th Centenary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli, which saw a long drawn out battle with the Turkish troops, and the loss of about 8,700.

So, we shall all take a moment to remember them during this day.

Today ... well not sure.   It's grocery shopping weekend, which will probably get done tomorrow.  The shops are all closed this morning.

I want us to take a little drive out to Ardmore to check out where the Friday patchwork class is going to be held.  

The other thing that needs to be done is planting the two magnolia trees I bought this week. I'm sure Stew will get around to that at some point.  Poor bugger.

Bex baked Steve a birthday cake, so I better show you it:

 ABOVE:  It is supposed to look like something off a game Steve plays?  Beyond me.

ABOVE:  Steve thought it was neat, so that's good.  It passed the 'Dante Taste Test' too.  I can't imagine WHO taught him to eat cake like that!  (me I think!) Whoops.

Right, I'm off to get the washing on. Catch ya later.


So far today we have gone to the shops and taken a drive out to Ardmore.  The new venue is easy to find, and it will take me about 6 minutes to get there, so super handy.

It's  a lovely day, perfect for planting trees... I'm sure Stew will do that soon... lol.
I think he's putting it off.

Actually, I think he's going to season our wok so we can actually use it!

Slowly going nuts.  Been trying to fix my sister's blog... but can't get into it, even though I have the password etc. Grrrr.  She might just have to wait a while.  Where she lives she has very patchy phone reception, so I will have to wait for her to get the verification code and send it to me before I can sort out her blog.

IN the meantime ... tonight... there is NO Coronation Street.  That sucks.
I might just watch it on the internet like Lynda does, get ahead of where it's at here.  We are a good two years behind here in New Zealand.

End of Day:  The trees didn't get planted, that's happening tomorrow apparently. 
Off to see if I can find Coro street online.
nite nite.


  1. Happy birthday to Steve. Nice mine craft cake. .. they're a pain to make. .. I've had to do two and I'd rather do a train or princess any day!! Ardmore is super close to you guys. Enjoy. I think it's going to be a nice day!

  2. Happy birthday Steve, love the minecraft cake, kids and I absolutely love the game, in fact, it's become a family fav to play challenges etc plus they bought me a plushy creeper that makes the blow up sound when u press his tummy and for my birthday they bought me diamonds....... block of diamond to be precise with a pick lol hehehe

  3. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Why are my comments not published?

    1. I don't know... but that one was!

  4. Minecraft nearly every parents worst nightmare keeps people entertained though hope you're having a lovely weekend, we got up and went to the Anzac parade has been a long day...

  5. I read all coro episodes for about three months online last night until 1:30am. Let me know if you want the link. Not watching but people write what happens.

    1. Thanks Kate, I too sometimes read the episodes in advance... but not too far ahead or it would be pointless watching it!

  6. I never get to see it so if I skim over then on the rare occasion I get to see an episode I at least know who's who! !


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