Monday, April 27, 2015


This is the first year that we get a public holiday today (Monday), following Anzac Day, that fell on Saturday.  In years gone by, today would not have been a holiday.

Luckily, now it is.  So, Stew is home.  Steve has chosen to go to work.  Because he's an independent contractor, it's his choice.
As he's taking time off work once Baby Boy arrives, he wants to get as much work/hours under his belt as he can.  Fair enough.

Stew, the kids and I are going out as we didn't over the weekend that much.
I want to get a push mower so I can do one part of the lawn myself, to save Stew having to lift the mower down a bank to do it.  Then we are going to get spa pool chemicals and some clothes for Griffin.  He's GROWING.  
*sigh*  He's way taller than me now.  I must weigh him!  I've no idea what he weighs.

Bex and Dante are going to stay home and take it easy.  She is really feeling uncomfortable now.  The baby has grown heaps in the last month, it's really noticeable.  5 days to his Due Date.  

Right, that's me for now... I'll be back later.


Talk about an utterly crap day!  The weather is awful, gale force winds and driving rain.  And much colder, which I'm loving of course.

We went out to find a few items of clothes for Griffin, but had no luck.  He wanted more shorts, but of course it's mostly winter stock in the shops now.

I also wanted to get one of these:

ABOVE:  Now I can do some of the lawns during the day... and get some exercise as a perk.

The kids had lunch at St Lukes mall, while Stew and I opted to get something at home.
I've got some chicken in the oven for myself... here's hoping I don't kill it!

I've got patchwork class tonight... I will be starting a new block for my sampler quilt.
I better choose my fabrics before I leave... 

Class was quiet tonight, only 3 other ladies, me and the tutor.  But it was still nice... plenty of room to spread out.
I cut out and made one block... and was thrilled with it.  The other ladies and the tutor thought it was lovely too.

I got home and went to take a photo of it ... and bugger me!  There's a rather glaring mistake and none of us in the class picked up on it!

ABOVE:  Top left... whoops!  I shall have to unpick it tomorrow and fix it.  Other than that, it's come out great.  The centre points all meet!  So happy about that, I didn't even need to unpick it and realign any of those centre blocks.  I think that's a first for me.

So, the day has gone very well and now it's time to settle down and relax before bed.  Bex is stuffing her face with cake... the b*@#h, right in my face.  *sniff*

End of Day:  so wish I could have cake.  
nite nite


  1. oh man, I don't remeber my baby boy prediction. I think I said three or four days early so that is coming right up. How exciting!

  2. OMG You are one keen person. NO WAY would I push that thing around. Geez youre game And determined to loose weight no matter what. This tho is a new form of exercise lol

  3. Lovely points. Looking forward to hearing news of the new baby.

  4. Can you eat fruits for zero points on WW still?

    1. Yes you can. But remember, if you OVEREAT fruit it will become points! I mean, a whole watermelon can't be 'free' can it! lol Anything 'free' is only point free eaten in MODERATION.

  5. And why don't you make some WW cake? There are tonnes of recipes around! You don't have to miss out!

    1. Never thought of it. I'm trying to stear clear of all sweet things right now... staying on the straight and narrow until my resolve has had time to really settle in.

  6. I like those lawnmowers! I saw a new one in the store not too long ago. Hope they work better than they did in the olden days!
    I like the quilt pattern too!


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