Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I've made a big decision.
One I've made a few times already since moving to Auckland.
This time I have decided to stick to it.

I'm going back... to Weight Watchers.

There's two reasons I am going back.
1. I've made a DEAL with someone.  If that person stops smoking, I will lose 30 kilos this year.  I know I can do it.  I hope she can too.
2.  I am tired of feeling like I'm a failure. 

My nearest meeting (in Manurewa), is only held at night, and I'm not that happy with the location and lack of parking, so I'm going to attend the Papakura meeting on a Wednesday morning.  It's not too far away, it has lots of parking and it fits in with my patchwork classes.

So.  Tomorrow I go, weigh in and stick to it.
If I don't feel like I 'click' with the meeting/members/leader... TOO BAD for me.  I must stick it out. 

So, today I am going to hunt out all my WW's books etc and sort them out.
I know things have changed in the past few years since I last went... points have changed etc. So, tomorrow I will see how much things have changed and go from there I suppose.

The main tool to use to be successful is TRACKING... so I shall certainly be getting myself a tracking book tomorrow.   I hope they still have them?  Anyone know?

Today I am getting the kids to help with some housework.  Mostly vacuming, dusting, polishing, a few windowsills, and so on.  It will keep them occupied for a  while, and help me out.


Yaaa.  All the jobs are done.  It helped that Kelly and Rena arrived and helped too.  
I've now sent Kelly down to the local KFC to get some lunch.  I'm starving.

Let's call it my last evil meal... cos tomorrow the 'real' diet starts again.

I was freakin' tired after lunch, so I had a nap.  Amazing considering how much noise was going on with the kids!  Apparently I snore.  Pffffft. 

Steve is cooking dinner... he got home from work early today.

So, I've been preoccupied lately, feel like I'm neglecting my blog.  But... sometimes my mind is elsewhere and stuff is going on that just makes posting during the day ... unimportant.
Bex is now getting lots of 'practise' tightenings.  My niece is also not far off having her baby.
Another family member is on my mind constantly.
My Mum keeps ringing me... which is nice, but the conversations sometimes make me worry more (Mum's FINE btw).
Stuff... GOING ON.

Today all I've really done is THINK.  And worry about so much that I can do nothing about.  It does my head in.  
Time to call it a day and get to bed.

End of Day:  glad all the housework got done if nothing else.  And it was nice having Kelly and Rena here too.
Rena was a lovely little helper today... I had her doing jobs, and she loved it.  Weird kid.
nite nite


  1. I think having a deal with someone will help your motivation :-)

  2. I've been thinking about going back to Weight Watchers too - there's something to be said about the effect supportive strangers have, isn't there? Must be the combination of everyone is there for the same purpose, and no one wanting to give up (much easier to let things slide in front of forgiving loved ones I think). My work life is quite unpredictable though, will have to think about it some more. I hope you find it works for you (again)!!!
    Monika from Himmelgarten Quilts

  3. Win, Win deal Chris. Hope you 'click' with the Papakura group.

  4. Hi Chris - I signed up last Wednesday and have approx 60kgs to lose. Would love to work with you to get us both where we need to be. They do have tracking books but a lot is done online and with the app for tracking, all the best and sign up on the 6 month plan as then you will have to commit

  5. I use all the e-tools and track online. Good luck with your journey, the motivation with having a deal will help, its a win win !!

  6. That's a detonate plan, good for you I wish I lived closer! I swim by myself but biking with competitive teenagers/males hmmmmm they bike way too fast for me...…. I want to start walking again soon that's my next goal.

  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Good luck!!!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Diet Coke!
    I am all for joining WW. And whoever said to get the 6 month plan so that you are forced to commit, probably has a valid point. IDK _ i just pay as I go. I have a lifetime membership that I am currently about 40 pounds to heavy for. But 30 Kilos???? That is a heck of a lot. That is 66 pounds! I just don't want you to be disappointed because your goal is so high. How about 15 kilos or 33 pounds - which is still plenty. And anything over that goal is a bonus you can be proud of!

    1. Last time around I lost 61 kilos mate, so 30 is nothing. I can do it.

  9. Yowie! That's a lot of weight! I have taken a year and a half and only lost 40 pounds. It is really hard, and I'm starvin' here. :)

  10. Good decision I think Chris - I've been attending WW meetings since August last year - have lost almost 15kgs and only just over 3kgs to go. Check out some of the FB groups - they're just like we all used to be on our blogs 10 years ago. Once you've joined if you want I'll put your name forward on a couple of them.

  11. I think that is a brilliant idea Chris and 30k in a year is definitely achievable. After I had my sons I went straight to WW to get rid of the baby fat. I didn't have a lot to lose but wanted to do is straightaway. I only did it for about 8 weeks and it worked great for me. I think what I learnt back then probably still gets used when I am getting lean for a race!

  12. Love the deal. You can do it!

  13. Wishing you well, take care and good luck with your deal.

  14. Hiya Chris and ladies. I don't know how hard it is to loose weight to be honest. Its not something I have had to worry about. I am Lori., Chris's sister in Australia and yes its me that Chris made the deal with. So while I don't know just how hard people find it to loose weight and keep it off, its like smoking, its so so sooooo very hard. I have tried lots and failed so cold turkey is what I have to do. This is the deal my sister made with me. I am finding things, life very difficult because so many things have to change to give up the fags. BUT when I found out about my condition it was live or die. Give up the fags, have me operation and start a new life. I like my sister have been given another chance at life.I know my sister Chris can and WILL do this. I have been so proud of her in the past for her efforts and prouder now she has chosen to go back to WW and not 'TRY" but DO IT again and keep the weight off this time. She will be healthier and happier for it.
    You have all these wonderful people Christina to support you here and encourage you to keep on keeping on, and you have me. You will always have me to help support and love you through this journey on health recovery for me and weight loss for you. Life is hard at times but I have been given this 2nd chance and sometimes choices have to be made. Thankyou for helping me make the right choice. I love you my little sister. Take care and I will keep you up to date.
    Love Lori (Lorraine) and Shiloh dah dog woof woof


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