Friday, April 24, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEVE... 28 today!  It would be rather cool if baby boy arrived today... but I don't think he will.

So... today I'm off to my 2nd patchwork class for the week.
It will be nice to see the ladies again from last term.  I wonder how many will turn up?
It's no longer at the shop, so maybe some won't come.

It was really handy at the shop, we could get supplies if we needed them right there and then.  But, if you go prepared it shouldn't matter.

I'm just going to keep making the blocks for my sampler quilt.  

Next Friday we are meeting at a new venue, out at Ardmore.  I shall find out exactly where in Ardmore today.  Thanks Lynda for the info on where Ardmore is!  I did know it was somewhere around this area *smiles*.

Today is Bex and Dante's last day at Playcentre until after baby is born.  She's got 1 week left to go till due day.  I still think he will be born after his due date by about a week.  I hope not for Bex's sake though! 

Either way, he will arrive eventually.

 ABOVE:  last night's dinner for the family, Chicken fried rice.  It was really lovely... and not burnt.

 ABOVE: Last night we were watching  Britain's Got Talent, and there was a little dog on with it's owner... and it barked a lot.  Tallulah went nuts.  It was really funny watching her trying to find the dog.

ABOVE: Bex finished this last night.  She had made another one, identical to this in a multi-coloured pale green wool, to bring baby home in, but Steve didn't like it.  So she made this one for him.  I love it. 

Right, that's it for now, I better get moving and make sure me bag is packed for class.


Patchwork class was lovely.  Just 5 of us today as it was at the tutor's home.  Next week we will be in a much bigger venue and more are expected to come then.

I finally got that block from Monday night finished AND I got a 2nd block finished too:

ABOVE:  I am thrilled with both of them.  AND I didn't chop any of the points off.  
Everyone loves the colours I am using... this quilt is going to be COLOURFUL to say the least.

LUNCHTIME and I am so hungry I could eat anything put in front of me... luckily I have my lunch already sorted.  Chicken stir fry like what the family had last night.

Well... my lunch didn't turn out well at all.  My rice went like concrete!  But, the chicken was OK, so I didn't starve.

It's been a quiet afternoon, I did some tidying up in my sewing room ... made a beef 'n' bacon stew for dinner then relaxed in front of the tv for the evening.

End of Day:  It's been a good day, I love going to patchwork classes.   I enjoy the company and doing the sewing too of course.
nite nite


  1. Wow Bex, you are doing do well with your crochet!! About those dogs, that was so funny watching that dog running off the stage... even funnier to see your dog trying to find it!

  2. Happy Birthday Steve. Bex, I love that wee matinee jacket, you are so clever.

  3. Bex sure has come a long way in her crocheting, the jacket looks great.
    Happy Birthday to Steve.
    I would like to see their baby born on May 4 but only because it is our 30th wedding anniversary . I am guessing that asp would suit Bex better. I just hope that everything goes well when that baby does arrive

    1. Do you have a guess on his weight?

    2. No because I am hopeless at that lol.
      Even my fill in Dr was no good second time around. He said I would go early and have a big baby. Nope and nope, late and induced 3 times and he was 6lb 8. Thank god he wasnt like his grandfather and 12 lb

  4. Happy Birthday Steve and congrads Bec, yes you are doing so so very well with the crotcheting, a natural if I may say so myself. Keep up the good work sweets. Love Aunty. Have a good day out ladies as well.

  5. Happy Birthday Steve!! BTW I think you should like everything Bex makes LOL!!!

    Love the block colours too Chris!!

  6. That chicken stir fry looks fabulouis! I want it!

  7. I'm thinking Bex will have him next Friday and the baby will weigh... ohhh... I'm terrible at this. ... 7lb12.

  8. 29th April 8lb4oz

  9. Yummy looking stir fry. The blocks are bright very bright I love them. One week to go wow.. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. buy yourself some pre packaged quick cook rice. Brown rice. Brown rice has more fibre, is less refined, and has more flavour. :)

    1. OK, will find some tomorrow and give it a go. Thanks *smiles*

  11. Happy Birthday to Steve. Good luck to Bex. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Cute sweater! Exciting waiting for the baby's arrival!


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