Thursday, April 09, 2015


I'd love to say we are doing this, that and the other thing today.

But.  We ain't.

Stew wants us to go out again, but do you think we can think of anywhere to go that we haven't already been to?

I shall have to get my thinking cap on.   There must be somewhere we can go for a day trip.

Stew's tattoo has to be cleaned, have some ointment put on and recovered with glad wrap, so once I've taken the old glad wrap off, I will take a photo to show you what he got done.

He's really happy with it.

Keep the baby guesses coming!  Bex wasn't impressed with your guess NATALIE!  She said like hell is she having a 9 lb 3 oz baby!  lol
We will see won't we *smiles*.

She's starting to feel totally OVER IT now, but that's how we all feel at almost 37 weeks pregnant!
At least she doesn't have to carry a 10 lb 12 oz baby around, let along deliver him, like I had to!

Right, I'm off to find something to do/go...


The 'story' behind Stew's tattoo:  Prior to Stew's Mum passing away from cancer, we had never had a fantail inside our home.
Right after Ruth died, we had a fantail visit us inside our home, for several days in a row.

Then we moved house.  And within days of moving in, a fantail came inside the house, flew around for ages, then left, coming back a couple of times over the first few days of us being there.
Same thing happened again and again, for each new home we moved into.
We decided that fantail was Stew's Mum's spirit,  checking out our new home, making sure we were happy etc.

Of course, this is only how we see it.
In the Maori culture a fantail inside your home is a bad thing.  To us, it's NOT.

So.  Stew wanted a fantail tattoo:

ABOVE:  Stew's fantail. He keeps saying what a good job the tattooist did, so he must love it.

I searched for hours on the net for just the right bird, and position of the bird on the twig, and the twig too.  The twig was the hardest part to decide on, and that one was a last minute change.  I'm so proud of 'my' design.

Because neither of us felt very energetic today, we did what we do best... shopping.
Sylvia Park for lunch, then a spot of shopping:

 ABOVE:  Teddy's for grandbaby No# 13.  I try to get two the same, so if one if lost there is still a 2nd one.  

 ABOVE:  We went to the Ribbon Rose for some more fat quarters.  I HAVE to use fabrics bought from there for my sampler quilt.  I want to make another block before  class starts again on the 20th.

 ABOVE:  Stew pointed out that these were on sale, so with his urging, I bought this little one.  It's very cute.
And now on my dining room table.

ABOVE:  Two small metal trivets, handy for pots on the bench or table.

That's all!  Now dinner is defrosting in the microwave.  Pork strips that I will fry with a marinade of some sort,  and veges and potato gems.

For some reason I didn't sleep well last night, so am actually bone tired.  Might just have a quick relax before preparing dinner.

End of Day: a lovely day.  Stew asked me tonight if I LIKED his tattoo!  Seems I didn't say so here, so here ya go Darling ... I LOVE IT!  Stoopid man!
Time for bed, and fingers crossed for a better night's sleep.
nite nite


  1. Awhitu Peninsula and the lighthouse.

  2. Wow that looks so it dad

  3. Gorgeous fantail tattoo, the colours are so vivid. Have you been watching Ink Master on telly... a competition show about tattoo artists in challenges to win $100,000 and the title of ... dum dum dum.... Ink Master! It's fantastic!

  4. Love the story behind Stew's tattoo, and love the tattoo! very nice!

  5. My son-in-law has a large fantail tattooed on his arm along with a tui and other native stuff. It actually looks OK considering it's a full arm tattoo. I'm not a fan of tattoos generally, but don't mind them when done for a special reason or sentiment. Heck, maybe I'll get one some day :)

  6. Love it and what a fantastic story behind it. I like tattoos that actually MEAN something to the person.

  7. Love Stews tattoo. Different tribes have different views about the fantail. All link it to the spirits of the dead. Some believe one coming into your house is a sign that someone is about to die, others say, as you believe that it is the spirit of a loved one coming to visit. I have two living in the tree next to our house, they offen 'visit' at first I was scared but like you feel they are a happy presence and are loved ones Just saying hi.

  8. I really like both of your tattoos. Yours is simple, elegant, and meaningful. Steves is really beautiful. The attention to detail is great. LOve the red background color. And the story is wonderful.

  9. Shit yea thats ok Pa, and yea apparently its if a fantail comes into your house its as iv heard it means someone is going to die and like if there is a pray mantis in your house someone is pregnant.

    1. Not sure about the fantail but I can definately disprove the praying mantis theory - thank goodness :-) we get heaps of them here.

  10. Lol Bex... I'm on the dark side!! I carried (and ejected) a 9lb 11oz boy who broke a London hospital head size record! My guess was calculated on big babies being in the family, no 2 is often bigger, it's a boy and you're good Southland stock, as am I......

  11. Anonymous9:21 PM

    25/4 - weighing in at 8lbs 4 - Anne - Palmy

  12. wow love those fabrics. Gorgeous colours. Love the tattoos too and the story behind the fantail.

  13. I love the fantail story.... My grandparents died within two weeks of each other, and when we were cleaning out their house, two white butterflies came into the house from their bedroom window ... No one will ever convince me that it wasn't them letting us know they were there... Maybe I should get a butterfly tattoo..

  14. Nice Tattoo, I don't have any, do you?

  15. Lovely tattoo and great sentiment behind it love the colours too. Teddies yes I had 2 of the same can be a very trying time when teddy is misplaced!

  16. It's awesome and I love what it means!


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