Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This morning is dedicated to reading a few blogs.  I am such a bad blogger... I simply don't find the time to read much any more.
But... today I am.  *smiles*

After lunch I shall get back to the block I started making last night.  It's really lovely.

The Sampler quilt I'm making was going to be in blues/greens, but after seeing so many gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabrics at The Ribbon Rose, I've changed my colour scheme.  

Now it's going to be multi-coloured, using a Kaffe Fassett fabric in every block.
I got quite a few of the Kaffe Fassett fabrics last night:

ABOVE:  I just love these fabrics... the photo isn't a very good one... I took it late last night.  When you team these fabrics up with contrasting fabrics... you can get some gorgeous combo's...

ABOVE: This is the block I started last night in class.  Hopefully I should get to finish it this afternoon.
I just love choosing just the right fabrics to go together.  It's fun.

Getting excited about tomorrow... first weigh in after re-joining Weight Watchers.  *squeals*
I've been really good... NOT starving at all... simply following the plan, and so I do expect a healthy loss.  Of course, as it's the first week, we all know I am bound to have a really good loss ... which won't happen every week that's for sure.
Any guesses on how much?  I'm kinda expecting between 1-2 kilos.

Right, I'm off to do a couple of household jobs before doing some reading...


Good grief I just realised the time!
I have been reading and commenting on blogs all day, except for taking time out to hang out the washing (heaps of it), spending an hour or so with Russell (he came to visit) and having some lunch.

And I still have not finished.  So... back to it!

DONE.  Time to get off me butt and do something ... like get the washing in now!  Then ... get dinner sorted (roast chicken breasts with a Plum marinade), then sewing?

LOL... just remembered (in time) that I was supposed to be picking me niece up from the bus depot.  She's flying over to Australia tomorrow so she's there when her sister has her baby.  
So, I flew down to the bus depot and picked her up:

ABOVE:  Maxine.  aka Sabrina (her first name).  But she grew up being called Maxine, so she's Maxine to me.

ABOVE:  My weight Watcher clothes.  I am weighing them... and will wear the lightest one tomorrow.  YES... I am that anal.


ABOVE:  I put the oven on 'Fan Forced' instead of just 'Bake'.  This is the result.
Oooops.  We be having takeaways tonight.

The family had Pizza for dinner.  I didn't... I'm being good.

End of Day:  well apart from the chicken, it's been a good day.  Bring on TOMORROW!
nite  nite


  1. Love the Kaffe fabrics Chris. This quilt is going to look great. Good luck with weigh in tomorrow.

  2. for some reason the yellow fabric is calling me name, so pretty!!!!!!

  3. Love the fabrics, I can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. Love love love the fabrics - will be very cool to see how that quilt turns out. Sending you supportive vibes over the airwaves for your weight loss. Good on you for getting stuck in. I will be checking on your progress ;-)

  5. Love the fabric. Can't wait for tomorrow! You are inspiring me - will fill you in soon. BTW - thanks for your comment, and the update re David is now there too. Thank you so much for your support - it means a lot to me! Love Penny xo

  6. Diana7:06 PM

    Personally I tried to wear heavier winter clothes when I first started so when I got closer to goal weight, I weighed in with thongs summer dress. As weights a lot harder to lose closer to goal, and is always good to have buffer if you need.

  7. Love the fabrics, just peel the burnt skin off!! Good girl on being good well done....

  8. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Holy hell Chris - you really did kill the chicken! Anne - Palmy

  9. Still laughing at your chooks!

    Love the fabrics. Cut out a quilt today and hate the fabrics I've chosen. Think there is a trip to Spotlight in my near future. *sigh*

  10. well thank you for reading mine! I don't actually live in that lovely place with teh curved beach..wish i did! Good luck with teh weight watchers..I know the feeling!

  11. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Hope you enjoy your niece!
    Ouch...that chicken looks miserable! LOL
    Hope you do really well on WW.

  12. That chicken in hilarious!!!!! Easily done though :)

  13. Oops about the chicken .... I thought you were trying to burn out every last ounce of fat from the poor chicken pieces!

  14. Good luck with your weigh in. Too bad about the chicken.

  15. LOL I hate when I kill dinner.


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