Saturday, April 04, 2015


When I bought that big plant yesterday, for my new pot, I was a bit concerned Stew would spit the dummy at the cost.
It wasn't a cheap plant. I did have a really good look around the garden centre at other options, but kept going back to that plant.

So, I didn't actually tell him how much it was... but he did see the price tag before I took it off apparently.

ANYWAY... once it was planted, and in place, he said " Really good choice of plant Darling"... so,  I was REALLY happy he liked it that much.

Usually he's the one who say's "NO" due to the cost.

The guys DID get the pot and plant in place last night... so here it is:

 ABOVE:  setting up the space for the pot...

 ABOVE:  Pot and plant in place... still a bit wet and muddy in that area.

ABOVE:  The view of that corner from 'inside' the dining room.

ABOVE:  I love how cute the fantail garden stake looks there in the pot.  As you can see, there isn't much chance of Coco jumping onto and over that pot.  *smiles*
That's why I chose that plant, it's bushy at the base, but has height for effect.  I ♥ love ♥ it.

The guys reckon they will have the fence up and finished today.  Yaaa!  Then I can titivate.
I titivate well.  I thoroughly enjoy making my place look lovely. 


Once everyone was up, we headed out.  Steve and Bex went to Spotlight to check out their sale,  Stew, Brylee, Dante and I went to Bunnings. (Griffin is at a friend's home)
Dante thought we were going to see a 'bunny'... and was still saying "bunny" when we got there.

AND... there WAS a bunny.  A man dressed in a white rabbit suit giving out easter eggs.
Only, Dante took one look at him and hid behind my legs.  AND he didn't want a bloody egg from THAT bunny either.  Too funny.

So, we grabbed an egg and went shopping.

For a carpet/rug to go under the dining room table... cos the chairs scrap something dreadful on the concrete out there.

We found a rug.  I'll show you later, once the guys have finished messing up the area with their construction.

Going through check out, and Stew spies some 'baby' tape measures... and got one for Dante.

ABOVE:  posing with his tape measure.  

 ABOVE:  All the posts are in, now it's construct the fence time.  


ABOVE:  Steve enjoying a quiet beer after working with Stew all day to get my fence done.

ABOVE:  My fence is made of two sheets of plywood with posts in the middle, and a 'shelf' which is 150 cm deep, so I can sit pots of herbs and flowers in it.  And the odd ornament too.

Totally my idea, something that I came up with one night while thinking about how I could incorporate plants into/onto my fence.

It works really well, and looks GREAT I think.

ABOVE:  Steve and Dante hanging out together, while Granddad has a shower before he joins them.

End of Day:  what an awesome day!  I'm thrilled to bits with our fence and gate.  And Steve said he really enjoyed making it too.  Not so sure Stew did... he's groaning a bit!
nite nite


  1. Looks fantastic Chris! We are still waiting for all our snow to melt before we can get into the garden. Its been a while since my last visit I feel so out of touch. My health has been a real struggle so I haven't been doing a lot these days. Hope that you guys are doing well!

  2. I am so envious that you have 2 hardworking guys to do jobs for you. I'm thinking I'll have to get hire a hubby to put my design wall back up lol. It looks wonderful Chris. Happy Easter to you all.

  3. This looks GREAT! Wow! I think the plant is worth it, too. :)

  4. Chris, just curious, why are you building a fence ?

    1. 1. Added security for the 'dining room'.
      2. It looks good.
      3. It keeps the dogs off the 'baby/kids' lawn.
      4. It stops kids running into the plastic side curtains and tearing a hole in them.
      5. I can grow herbs on the top.

      That's about all I think.

    2. Sounds great good idea.

  5. It is all coming together, the gate looks stunning, the finished room once you get all your looks pulled together will be such an added bonus. You should do interior design? You'd be great.....

  6. Wow that's awesome. We'll. Done Stew and Steve. Love the idea of the shelf. Now, will you paint a mural on it Chris?

  7. Looks great. What a great job they did. Like the idea of the plants and herbs on the shelf.

  8. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Looks amazing! And I'm impressed at how well the pot and plant fit. Are you going to paint the fence?

  9. What an exciting addition/living space you've made to the house. I have been tied up with life and haven't visited for awhile. Love it and the fence. Will you paint it?

  10. Looks wonderful Chris :)

  11. It's nice! It will look good once it's weathered. I like the flower pot area on top.


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