Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Today is the day my niece in Australia is most likely going to have her baby.  So excited for her... this will be her first bub.
I hope everything goes well and I hear by day's end of the arrival of a new family member.  We don't know if baby will be a girl or boy, so even more exciting to hear her news.
Go for it Rowie!

I'm off to Weight Watchers in a couple of hours... I shall be taking me marbles with me again!  I quite like the idea of doing the marble thing in the meeting.
I'm expecting a loss of around a kilo, maybe a bit less/more.  Not sure as their scales are different to mine.

After WW's, I've got a couple of jobs to do so won't be home for a while ... but you can be sure when I do get home I shall update with me loss.

COS IT WILL BE A LOSS.   I have been 'fairly' good this week.  Not exceptional, but not evil either! *smiles*

Right, I'm outta here... time to get ready, make sure I've got all me bits 'n' bobs (weigh in book, marbles, light weight slippers etc)...


AND...  I lost 1.9 kilos this week.  Not bad after such a big loss last week.  Really happy, and have transferred 19 marbles.  *smiles*

After my meeting I went and got spa pool chemicals and some lunch for Bex, Dante and I.  We had chicken in hot rolls that I baked in the oven.  Those pre-made dinner rolls are amazing, you just have to bake them for 5 minutes in the oven and it's like fresh bread!  

Now I am stuffed to the brim and feel like sleeping the afternoon away!  

ABOVE:  First we had mice, then nits... now to top it off... we have a RAT!  OMG.  Bex saw it in the dining room this morning and kept the doors closed so it couldn't get in the house, now it's gone.  There's one place that critters can come into our 'outdoor' dining room, so I presume that's how it got in ... and out again.  

GROSS.  I hope it never comes back!  

Steve is home early today, probably because it's too wet to work today.  It has certainly been wet!

NO baby yet, either in Australia or here.  

End of Day:  well it's all quiet on the baby front.  I'm waiting in huge anticipation of news from Australia.  Probably won't happen till tomorrow knowing my luck.  Going to watch Pitch Perfect on the telly then head off to bed.
nite nite


  1. Good luck for weigh in today :-). Looking forward to seeing how many marbles you transfer today.

  2. Well done on this week's loss Chris :)

  3. 1.9 kilos! That's great? Any babies??????

  4. Well done on the loss Chris !

  5. Another great week, well done you :/)

  6. Lovely weight loss go you. Gosh baby waiting your nice, Kate, Bex...
    Ewwwwwww Rat gawd I had dispose of a squished one ewwwwww not a happy camper.

  7. OMG ick!

    WTG on the 4 pounds! (anyone else look up kilos? lol)

  8. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Get Steve to stamp on the rat! He's good with things like that. Hands on man.

  9. OMG! The rat! The Horror!

    I didn't realize both babies were due so close together. My guess is they come on the same day! Wouldn't that be fun???? Surprised that rat didn't induce labor in poor Bex!

  10. AAAHHH!! Rat! ew! What a picture!


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