Monday, November 18, 2013


Well... it's the boy's birthday today.  A big 12 years old.  I didn't bake his cake yesterday, as I had planned to, so I need to today.
He's requested a Chocolate Banana cake.
I'm sure I can do that.

FREEDOM:  yes, I will be making a little blanket for each puppy to take 'home' when they leave us.

ABOVE:  Our darling Keera yesterday.  She hadn't had a sleep all day, and one second she was wriggling around on my lap and the next... totally out to it!
So I put her on the floor and she stayed asleep, until Lacy picked her up and put her in Dante's cot... then she slept for another hour.

I have been eating Peanut M & M's, I cannot lie.

Feeling.... Ikkkk now.  
Was thinking of 'stuff' that is happening in the new year that could either work out great for us, or really, really badly.
So... maybe I shouldn't let something I have no control over worry me so much?

How do you not worry though?  My mind keeps going around and around in circles... all dead ends cos I cannot do anything to change the outcome.

My mood... well it's getting worse.  Just feeling very down.  I feel.............flat.

And Peanut M & M's don't actually ....... help.


LACY:  you better check if Housing NZ will allow you to have a dog first I think.  I don't have a problem with you having one of my puppies.  I know you will take care of it... considering how often you have groomed Teddy and Coco for me!

The cake is in the oven.  It does not have bananas in it.  I will add them later.
I have used a recipe I saw on a kids TV programme!  It's called a Chocolate Coffee Mud Cake, and OMGosh, it is to die for!  It takes 1.45 hours to bake in a slow oven.
I am sure Griffin will love it.  I plan on layering sliced bananas on the top, under and over the chocolate icing.  
Sounds good eh?

There has been a lot of housework done this morning... three loads of washing out and one to go.  As it's incredibly warm today, I am sure it will all get dry.
I've also done lots of tidying up, so I'm rather happy with my efforts so far today.

We are having beef steak with a salad for dinner.  I wonder if the guys can cook the steak on the BBQ for me?

ABOVE:  the kid needs a bath!  And, after his midday sleep, he woke up and he has a rash all over his torso...might be from the paint?  or the sandpit at Playcentre?  Not sure, may never know.

ABOVE:  CAKE is DONE.  Lots (maybe too much) of icing.... it is falling off the banana.  *sigh*   Never mind, it will taste good no matter what.

Well dinner was just lovely, the cake?  Overcooked, but saved thanks to ice cream on the side... we had it like a dessert.

It's getting hot.  The house is like an oven, even though we've had the doors open all day.
Makes sleeping difficult, and it's not even full summer yet.

End of Day:  well Griffin has had a nice day. He's thrilled with his new watch, and he has cold hard cash to go shopping with.   I much prefer giving them cash nowdays, that way they can get what they want.
nite nite


  1. Don't linger on the stuff you can't control. Focus on all the good things in your life that you have been blessed with.

  2. Try and put all thoughts of "stuff" out of your head. It will not be good to do in so many ways. It's easy to say but very hard to do.
    Enjoy the build up to Christmas and let the New Year happen as it does and will.
    I hope you are ok.

  3. Oops forgot to say Happy Birthday Griffin xxxx

  4. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Happy Birthday 12th birthday Griffin enjoy your day, especially your mums homemade chocolate banana cake.

  5. Things are changing greatly for us in the New Year too - I hope things work out for you whatever it is. Happy Birthday Griffin :)

  6. Happy Birthday Griffin Lot of Love
    Lacy and Keera xxo
    nd Ma I have been thinking and I think I want to get a Puppy from me and Keera for Christmas
    (chat in person bout it k)

  7. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Happy Birthday Griffin Hope you have a good one and enjoy the cake
    Chris what will be will be No sense worrying about things that you cant change
    Hope you are allowed to have a pup Lacy and Keera
    Mary H

  8. Happy Birthday Griffin, enjoy your day and the promised cake which sounds amazing.

  9. Happy Birthday Griffin.

  10. Happy birthday big boy!!!.... PS: Chris: step away from the chocolate. I know that feeling well, and I always regret it. xxxxxxx

  11. Peanut M&Ms are a weakness of mine so I understand.....but they unfortunately don't help solve any problems.
    Happy birthday to Griffin!

  12. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Happy Birthday Griffin, have an awesome day! What a cute picture of Keera :)

  13. That sounds like it is going to be a fantastic cake. I had a candy binge the other day. It was awful and I felt terrible afterwards, it was totally mood related as well. I find that the only way NOT to worry about stuff is to find something else to fill my brain with.

  14. laurie brown2:39 PM

    Happy Birthday to Griffin. The cake sounds yummy!

  15. Happy Birthday Griffin.

    Sometimes our minds have a mind of their own LOL

    Getting through one day at a time and trying to refocus on something else helps but it's not easy. If it was none of us would stress and worry would be obsolete.


  16. Happy Birthday Griffin I do hope that cake is nice because it sure looks nice!!!! I hope you had an awesome day. Sleeping child nothing more special, a painted child, is a happy child..... I do hope the rash isn't serious though. Very warm here too but thunderstorm warm........

  17. Happy Birthday Griffin!! Cake looks YUM!

  18. Happy Be-lated birthday to Griffin! The cake sounds yummy!

    It's hard not to worry about stuff I know!! I just keep telling myself that things always work out and we will be fine and somehow they always do.


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