Friday, November 29, 2013


First up for the day... we have a new name for Pearl.

ABOVE:  her Mum Denise has named her Paisley, and I love her name.  Denise, this was Paisley last night.

I have made two puppy blankets:

Now I can go ahead and make Paisley's too.

I got an email photo from little Peppa's Grandma last night.  They had put an elf hat on Peppa... and quickly got a photo before she shook it off and took off with it.  *smiles*

ABOVE: poor girl!  I would have run away with it too... and buried it!  Peppa is a little girl from Coco's litter last year.  She is about 14 and a half months old now.

Today I am going over to pick Keera up, we will be having her to stay until Sunday as Lacy is out of town again.  I plan on taking Coco and the pups with me (in a travelling crate)... so the pups get a taste of travelling in a car before they leave home.

I'm looking forward to Stew coming home today... he should be early as he's been out of town at a Manager's meeting.
Lucky buggers have been staying at Omaha... my DREAM HOLIDAY HOME destination.
Stew and the other guys even had a swim yesterday.  I am green with envy.

So... I'm out for a little while this morning, then home with Miss Muppet all day.
I wonder if I will get much sewing done today?
Maybe while Keera sleeps?


This is for anyone who is new to blog world and does not know how to leave a comment:

 ABOVE:  1.  at the bottom of every day's post you will see  this.  It is how many comments have been made so far.

 ABOVE:  2. comments left and a comment box will now show up under the post.

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Right, I'm off to pick up Keera...


  1. Pearl is a much better name than Paisley.

  2. Luv all the pups......Enjoy your Keera weekend !!!
    Lucky Stew Omaha is lovely

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    The pups are so cute & I love the puppy blankets that you made! Chrissy in Oz

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM


    I love all the pics of the children and puppies, you are doing well in you weight loss! I am jealous, I have decided to try harder on the weight loss...after spotting my reflection in a shop window...."nothing tastes as good as slim feels" I need to remember that!

    Take care


  5. Oh I love Ruby's little snuggle blanket.. so talented

  6. The puppies as always and the blankies every year are cute, I like Paisley I hope the weather plasy nice all weekend we have THOUSANDS here for the Great Lake Cycle Challenge! oh joy..

  7. Have a great weekend.


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