Sunday, November 10, 2013


Whoever said it was hard to photograph babies and animals WERE NOT LYING.

I would rather photograph babies (human ones) ANY DAY. I tried over and over again yesterday to get 'face shots' of our 2 week old puppies... and after a lot of silent swearing... I finally got these:

ABOVE:  feeding time... I'm so happy I never had to feed 5 at a time!  Coco is eating 4 times more than 'normal' at the moment, it takes a lot to nurture puppies.  She's doing an amazing job.

Now... more photos:

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex bought Dante a little foam seat, he loves it.  Keera wasn't so sure though.  

Today?  Not sure.  We have Keera until dinner time, so whatever we get up to has to include her.
Maybe lunch out?  


So... I got up early, fed the dogs, checked on the pups, gave Keera a bottle, then went back to bed!
Bex looked after Keera until Stew got up.  I stayed in bed till 9.45 am... BLISS.   Oh and I just had peanut M & M's for BREAKFAST.  Shoot me now.  I have a serious addiction to them.

It has to be all or nothing... I think I better go back to NOTHING.

WHAT is YOUR worst 'must have'... if you are going to be evil?

Lunch.  We all had seafood at Sylvia Park.  Was really nice too. They have a new 'Summer' Menu, and their Fish & Dill fishcakes were so yum! 

We then did the 'Sunday Wander' up and down the mall... I got roped in to getting my hair straightened, even though I told the girl I had a curler and straightener at home.  It was nice though... she was a lovely Brazilian girl who lives up the road from us.  She's almost finished her Degree in Personal Training, and we enjoyed yakking with her.

Home now, and expecting Lacy soon.  Here's hoping she's had a lovely weekend away.

End of Day:  usual Sunday evening, watched some tv, dinner and shortly... bed.
nite nite


  1. I love Pearl's markings! It's like a mask, so cute!

    I remember when we bought Melissa one of those swings and she belly laughed. I have it on a video, I should get it changed over to a CD.

  2. I love Keera's hair and Dante is so cheeky looking - like father like son - like father like HIS mother!!!

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    AWW Awww awww Mary H

  4. Me too I love Pearl face, but they all are cutey cutey!! Keeras hair is so seriously gorgeous lucky thing, Dante looked like he sure as heck didn't want to stop, my evil is cinnamon sugar long donuts with cream (fresh cream)!

  5. My forbidden "must have" is very simple...bread and butter! Fresh delicious still slightly warm bread slathered with butter. Lots of butter. I try very hard to stick to my wheatless diet but oh dear once I get a whiff of fresh-baked bread my cravings go into hyperdrive. At our local supermarket I have to pass through the bakery to get to the chiller. I usually avert my eyes as i scuttle past but yesterday I succumbed to temptation and bought some seeded rolls which are my crack. Took 'em home and ate the lot. I never learn. Oh dear. Now you've got me thinking about them...must not go to supermarket...

  6. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Choclate choclate choclate lmao

  7. Chunky babies and puppies! Your life is rich!


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