Friday, November 22, 2013


FROGGY:  no we don't have frogs anymore.  We couldn't use insect repellents in the house and after a while the mosquitoes just got too much, so we let the frogs go in the little lakes down the road and sold the terrarium.

Over the weekend I am going to concentrate my time on getting good photos of each puppy, on it's own.

That's because it's almost time to advertise them for sale on Trademe!

It seems like the time is flying by, but I want to make sure I get them online next week, so anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy for Christmas can consider ours!

I have been told MANY times that what made our puppies stand out from others was their photos!  I pride myself on trying to present the pups beautifully.  Sure, it takes HOURS and HOURS to get just the most 'perfect' photos, but it is worth it.

So, for now... here's the latest photos of the pups from yesterday:

ABOVE:  can you imagine having to PICK just one of them???   I would keep them all if I was allowed to!

RUBY:  Has a 'Forever Home' already AND they are going to name her... RUBY!  lol   She is joining Miss Molly and her human family down in Hawera.  I couldn't be happier!  We will get to actually meet Ruby and Molly's parents in December when we meet them 'half way' to hand Ruby over.  

That is going to be lovely, and a day out for us.  Yaaaa.   

Here is a longer video than 'usual' that I took last night... 

We were watching The X-Factor on TV... so that's what's in the background noise.

Moving on... Bex and Dante are off to Playcentre again this morning, and I shall be going down to the lab for yet another blood test.  

This time it's to see how the 'Blood Pressure' pill is affecting me kidneys.  Apparently they can cause harm, so they check after a week or so to make sure they ain't..  

Well we can't have that can we!  So, probably best I get the test done.
I just hope my vein doesn't swell up again, cos it hurt.  And I'm such a sookie la la.


Tracy don't panic!  I had to rush Ruby to the Vet's this morning!  She did a little vomit and had milk come out her nose.  She was having a hard time breathing!  

 So I rushed her down to the Vets, where they put her on oxygen, then once she was stable again they gave her an Anti-decongestant injection to help clear her nasal passages, a Steroid injection to help her lungs just in case some went into her lungs, AND an antibiotic injection to make sure she doesn't get a lung infection!

OMGOD... you have no idea how sick I felt thinking we might lose her! 

But... all is well again, she's breathing normally, has had a feed from Coco and is now sound asleep.  She is very tired after all that fuss.

Me?  Once again a jittery mess. 

We are back to 'normal'.... thank goodness.
Miss Ruby really loves the puppy food now, she's the first to get to it and the last to leave it.
She's got it all over her chin it the above photos. *smiles*

ABOVE: just to reassure you Tracy.... this was taken at lunchtime today.  Ruby is doing well.

The Vet (Fiona) has rung me this afternoon, just making sure Ruby is OK.  I know that if I have any concerns whatsoever I can take her back and they will see her immediately.
I love my Vet.

It's nearly dinnertime... and I don't have to cook.  Stew and the kids are going to the kids School Night Gala.  Steve, Bex and Dante have gone to Sylvia Park for dinner, and they are picking up their new X-Box One.  They paid it off over a period of time before it was even available.

ME?  I'm going to have something on toast... using bread I baked yesterday.  Bex assures me it's delicious.  *smiles*

BLONDIE:  when we take Ruby down the line we shall be going down via Hamilton/Te Awamutu/Otorohunga ... not via Taupo, so no meeting likely.  Sorry about that.

End of Day: well it has been a very stressful day to say the least.  Luckily Ruby has recovered wonderfully from her little hiccup this morning.
Everyone is in bed and I'm staying up to keep an eye on the Rubster.  I will sleep on the couch and set my alarm to wake on on the hour, that way I will know she's OK.
The Vet did say I should keep an eye on her for 24 hours, so that is what I am doing.
nite nite


  1. Really excited to get our new fur baby and to finally meet you Chris

  2. Poor Ruby. Glad she is OK, these puppies are certainly giving you a bit of stress this time.

  3. omg... trying not to freak.. She'll be fine.. she has you keeping an eagle eye on her ;-)

  4. Oh wow TG she is ok They are all looking so cool

  5. ohhhh she's so cute.. thanks for sharing.. will have to leave you blog up so Cam can see video when she gets home from school... thanks Chris. Your wonderful.

  6. OMG those puppy photos how cute on your way down where are you meeting? we might be able to say a quick hello!!! Glad Ruby is doing better what a day...

  7. OMG…poor little Ruby, glad she ok now. I would do the same thing and sit up and monitor her too after a scare like that.

    ohh and while I thinking of it, I think 4.20 kilo's will be your weight loss.


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