Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Bex took Dante to Playcentre last week, as she really wants to get him socialising with other kids and adults, and she also wants to start making friends with other mum's here.

So, she really enjoyed her first visit last week, so she is going again today.  I have decided to go too... just for today.  I don't need or want to be going to Playcentre anymore!

I took my kids to Playcentre three days a week for years.  I'm done, done, done with Playcentre.  But I'd at least like to visit to see how Dante enjoys it from time to time.

So, that's the plan for this morning.  If I find it utterly boring, I will just come home and ummm... read some blogs!  After getting 'told off' for not commenting on other's blogs yesterday... I thought I better do a catch up!

As mentioned yesterday, here's a very quick video of Teddy after his bath:

He hates his bath even more than Coco!  But they both love it afterwards, running around like mad dogs!


Well... I went to Playcentre.  And I left after 40 minutes.  It's just not me anymore.  Today's session was boring apparently.  And I don't know, but the girls there today seemed to just play with their own kids and not interact with us at all.  Bex felt it wasn't a good session either.  She's going back tomorrow, where it's a different group of women/girls... which she enjoyed last week.

After I left the Playcentre I went to the mall and bought GLEE Season 2, which I've been wanting for ages, but it had to come down in price before I would buy it.  It WAS $124, today?  $18.98.  SCORE.

ABOVE:  then I got this organiser for all me sewing tools, pens/pencils, ruler and the like for my sewing 'room'.   
You can call me 'Mrs Organiser'... cos I am always doing it!  OCD?  Maybe a hint of it!  lol

I'm off to do that organising, then maybe read some blogs.  I say maybe cos I'm like mega tired... no idea why?  

KATE:  from J B HiFi.  They have all the seasons on DVD.  I've got Seasons 1,2 & 3 so far.

ABOVE:  our little loves today.  I just moved their pen, so when I do that I put them in the tin.  How darling do they look in there!  Miss Jade tried her best to get out... she's going to be our little escape artist I reckon.

HEY NANNETTE!  Email me, you must be arriving in NZ soon?  stewandchris@hotmail.com

We had visitors tonight, so now that they have gone home... time to chill out!

Dinner tonight was Beef Steak which I coated in a Parmesan cheese crumble (bought in a packet) and OMGosh it was lovely!  I think the crumbing kept the moisture in the steak, I'm gunna do that again!  

One reason why I usually hate steak is it gets too dry.  Not any more... I'm  gunna get more of that stuff for sure.

End of Day: well I've had a lovely day.  Lots of things going on.  No blogs read though... yep... I suck at keeping up with that!
Maybe tomorrow?
nite nite


  1. Oh Teddy is so cute enjoy your day out chris :)

  2. Teddy and Coco so cute running around hearing Dante laughing at Coco yesterday cute as. Ahhhhhhhhhhh playcentres yip after having only 1 child that was enough for me too. Hope you two went walking? today. Oh and as for commenting on others blogs WHY haven't you? OH yeah that's right YOU HAVE been ultra busy who leaves comments like that sheesh dickheads. ** shakes head**

  3. Yep, I totally get the being over playgroup. I does take a little while to get to know other Mums and Bex will make friends. I take Cole to a plunket playgroup and find the mums and caregivers are getting friendly lately but it's taken awhile. I only take him for his own good - up to me I wouldn't bother!!

  4. Where did you score the Glee DVD from? Paige is in love with Glee which I think is a bit old for her but goes over her head - she likes the singing...

  5. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Oh wow look how they have grown Coco is doing a great job playing cow MaryH

  6. Doesn't say much about the organisers of the Playcentre. I met the best of friends when my kids were little at play groups. Dante is growing so fast. He's so cute.

  7. Glad to see all is going well with the pups. A little late but congrats on your weigh-in. The babies are growing quickly.

  8. pic is ah-mazing very very nice very cute boy....


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