Wednesday, November 06, 2013


So... I will have one now.

Stew bought me two flowering, hanging baskets for my birthday, and Bex got me one too.

And we have been watering them EVERY DAY, and well... watch:

What can I say?  Less than impressed for sure.  And if they continue to die, I am taking them back!  So annoying.

Today Bex and Dante are going to Playcenter for the first time.  I hope she likes it, and Dante has fun with other littlies.

Meanwhile, I shall stay home and get some housework done, then sew again.

ABOVE:  they are starting to fluffy up a bit... and today I hope to get a photo of Jasper with his eyes open.  Maybe by the end of the day there will be more with their eyes open too.

It's the Pups Day 12 today by the way... those photos were taken last night.  I am running behind... lol!

Right, gotta go.  Stuff to do...


OH YEAH... I forgot to mention my weigh in!  I lost a kilo!  Most unexpected, but yeah, I'll take it, thanks very much.  *smiles*

I'm just popping out. I've not done me damn blood test yet... and it was supposed to be done two weeks ago.  And I ran outta Metformin about then too. WHOOPS.

Wow, there was no huge wait at Medlab today.  I got in within two minutes, bloods taken and outta there again!  Silly me though, I had me piddle for the day before I left, and ummm... they wanted a 'sample'.  Nope, none left.  So I will have to go back with a sample tomorrow.  Can't see me piddling again today, but miracles DO happen. lol

Hey it's come to my attention that some of you can't read or comment on my blog via your phones?  Apart from Lacy and Bex, is anyone else having that problem???  

Well... so glad no one else is having issues with reading/commenting.
I've taken Word Verification off for a while... until I get mega spammed again anyway.

Lots of sewing getting done today!  I even managed to make a couple more little mug rugs ... now all I have to do is sew the binding on and I will have 6 more done and dusted.

I will post photos when they are totally finished.

For now, how about a little puppy video?  It's of She Who Likes Being On Her Back:  RUBY...

ABOVE:  ain't she so cute!

Right... I've just finished 1 mug rug and 1 placemat:

 ABOVE: The Mug Rug.

ABOVE: The Placemat.
I so enjoy making them. 

We have a weather warning... seems we can expect heavy thunderstorms tonight.  What do ya bet I sleep through it?  I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS.  *sigh* 

End of Day:  9 pm and still no thunderstorm.  Booo.  Oh well... another day eh.
nite nite


  1. Good job and nice to see the pups thriving.


  2. Well done on the weight loss... I haven't jumped on any scales for a while now but feel like I have had a loss....keep up the good work...

  3. well done with your weight loss mum keep up the good work.. love the puppies . and as for the hanging plant I would take it back...

  4. I comment via my phone if its during the day.

  5. Test for comment

  6. Nope mine went but no spam thing yeah

  7. The puppies are looking so cute and is amazing how fast they grow.
    Good job on the weight loss.....a surprise loss is all the better.

  8. Hanging plants need 2 lots of water a day I water early morning and late arvo evening when the water runs through it is bone dry I only put little bits in so the soil A: can soak it up and when moist it should hold more you need to water little bits and often I have ten hanging baskets and none of mine die off untill I am ready for them too also next pot refill try a denser mix with water crystal that will help I also line my moss with clear plastic bag and leave holes in bottom for water to slowly drain through.... ( a large hole not tiny ones). Great to have a weight loss too.

  9. no comment words today ie: spam thingy

  10. I've had the same experience with hanging pots. Unfortunately those ones are useless because as you've discovered they don't retain the water. They look pretty but are not functional. I repotted mine into a smaller plastic pot then put back in basket but if you can't be bothered doing that I'd take them back and swap for something different or see if you can get some sort of liner to put inside the baskets. Soriah

  11. re your hanging baskets Chris, there are loads of articles online and from what I can see they all leak. This is the best one I found... Hope it helps.

  12. This one is good too....

  13. Love the sweet pictures of the puppies. They are just adorable. I can't comment on my phone, but I don't miss a single update!
    Happy for your weightloss. I've gone back to WW and it's just brutal...I wish I had your peace.

  14. Try lining the basket with the black liner, and just poke a couple of holes to let it drain a little. If it is that dry you should be able to lift the soil and plants straight out.

  15. I don't have a problem commenting from my phone :)

  16. Putting a pot around them should save the water from running out the bottom and they will soak it up from the bottom. Hope it works. Such cute pups. Had to get Kiwi spade today and she is not a happy camper today. Hope she does alright I feel bad that I had to do that but it was for her own good. It will be a long night as I want to keep a close eye on her. Take care and Keep smiling.

  17. I have trouble as I mentioned previously commenting from my iPhone.
    Congrats on your weight loss.

  18. Having the same trouble with a couple of plants I potted, although the rain is so heavy tonight it should help! Next time I going to try plastic in the bottom. Hey - well done on the weight loss!

  19. Well done on your lost kilo.

  20. I love all your mug rugs . We don't seem to use them in England . We us the melamine place mats . Not so interesting as the mug rugs .
    Puppies are beautiful
    Lovely that Dante is now going into the fray

  21. Squeee OMG Ruby is too cute :)

  22. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & mug rugs :0)


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