Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So... what's the haps today?

Bex and Dante are going to Playcentre again... and I am going to stay home and do some housework.

After that I shall sit on me bum and read blogs... seriously.  That is all I've got on me agenda today.

I will devote 2-3 hours to it, then I will go do some sewing.


Good.  I knew that would please some of ya.

*waves* to anyone who is crabby I've not visited their blog lately.  I hope to today.

I've not even got a photo or video for ya today... YET.


Now that the puppies are a bit bigger, Coco doesn't always sleep with them, and this morning Stew found all 5 squeezed up in a corner of the whelping pen shivering.  (I did have a heating pad in the whelping pen, but it's only small, and does not cover the entire pen area). 

So I got a child safe electric blanket off Brylee's bed and put it under the pups.  Now I can relax knowing they are warm overnight.

And I don't care what it costs to run it 24/7, my puppies need to be warm.  In another 2-3 weeks it won't matter so much as their hair will have grown longer and also, the nights will be getting warmer.

I'm reading blogs!  Told ya I would.  *smiles*

So.  In two hours I've only managed to read about 20 blogs and leave comments.

And it makes me wonder.

In light of the comment the other day about me not commenting on other's blogs: 

I must say, of all the blogs I DO read and comment on, even if only ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, at least half of them have NEVER EVER left a comment on my blog.  Yet I leave them a comment anyway.

Maybe I need to just put it out there... I am finding it really difficult to keep up with all the blogs I follow.

I have to cull me reading list.

It's necessary!  I have put in hundreds of  HOURS over the years being a diligent reader/commentor on dozens of blogs, but life changes.  It gets busier.  And my time is spread very thinly over many different aspects of my life.

I am no longer going to feel guilty about how often I do read and comment on other's blogs.  If you get upset about that, just stop reading mine!  And hell, don't leave me a comment either... I really don't care anymore.  I'm so over this feeling that I am not a nice person.

These moments often make me want to just stop blogging.  But I love my blog too much to stop!  So...  relax if that made you panic!  LOL


Read.  Comment.  Or not.  Up to YOU.  I will always do my best to keep up with my favourite blogs and leave you a comment.  But I will not do it out of guilt.
I will do it when I can, and if I can.
End of Story.


FOOK!  I have over 350 blogs to go through and decided to delete or not!  Could take a while... so I will get to that maybe tomorrow.

Right now... I shall hang out the washing (finally) and then come back and read some more.

DAMN!  I just remembered the other blog I am a part of!  Sew It Finished
I think it has about 100 bloggers who post on it... so now I have to read all the updated posts on that blog too!  I've no idea how many posts I have not commented on ... shit shit shit.

RIGHT.  5 hours later.... I'm done sitting on me bum.  I'm off to stretch me legs and do something else. 
Like Christmas sewing.
I am determined to give everyone something I have made this year.

PINKY:  awesome, I look forward to catching up with you, it's been far too long!

ME: thanks.

Pfffft.  So much for being 'done' sitting on me bum!  I have just spent almost 3 hours sewing.  Sitting. On. Me. Bum.  *sigh*

But, I'm happy with how much I've achieved.  I almost have 5 more items finished for Christmas presents.  COOL.

ABOVE: our babies seem to be much happier now that they are not having to huddle to keep warm!  

ABOVE:  he painted himself it would appear.

End of Day:  well it's been a super successful day.  I've done heaps of sewing.  That always makes me happy.
nite nite


  1. OMG, Chris, if anyone is crabby because you haven't read their blog or commented they need to get over themselves. I can save you some time by telling you I haven't written anything very exciting lately. :)

    1. People have no right to be crabby. As you said read or don't. Their choice. Xx

  2. Reading, and no puppie pics! My kinda post! ;-)

  3. I don't understand this "if I read you and comment you must return the favour" thing! Read what you want, Chris. But 350 just might be a bit much!!!!

  4. 350 blogs! Crikey! I have about 35 or so on my reading list, and I am not a big commenter. I only comment when I have something to say!

  5. Hey Chris, thanks for visiting my blog, (I have answered your question on it too). I understand life gets busy, pity others can't.

  6. I only comment on perhaps 4 or 5 blogs? I read maybe ten at the most. I feel no guilt whatsoever if I don't leave a comment so neither should you - clearly you are readying waaaaayyyyyy too many!! Just narrow it down to those you really feel you'd like to keep following - life is too short and you've got lots more going on these days. If people don't understand then so be it :)

  7. I agree with Lynda, just read ones you really want to, not out of misguided guilt. I often cull which ones I read. I am of course also the worlds WORST blogger. I really need to try better.

  8. I read about 20 regularly and comment on them. If after a while I don't see a comment back from one I comment on regularly I usually slack off on that. Were you telling me there were no pictures or please no pictures? LOL I want to put them up as a link so that people can go look only if they want since they will be so graphic.

  9. i love your blog but i only ever comment like once every few years :)

  10. Comment if you want on blogs you read don't feel guilty if you don't comment. Be kind to yourself Chris. Life is too short to worry what others think. Aldo haven't forgotten the shirt. Courtney needs it for exams this month. Then we can arrange a catch up

  11. pics are up (in a link)

  12. I think you need to do what is right for you - I read and comment when I can and do try to get to the people who leave me comments but that isn't always possible. At the end of the day - it's your life and if people don't like it - they do have the choice to leave / not read / stop stopping by. I don't understand people who complain that someone doesnt' comment on their blog - if they can, they will, if they can't, they won't - if you dont' like that they haven't stopped by your blog - don't stop by theirs !!!! This isn't a tit for tat kind of relationship - well at least I didn't think it was - read blogs and comment only if they do the same back for you. I have left literally thousands of comments and haven't got nearly that many back - that is how blogging works and I understand that. Sorry for the rant - because, I totally agree with you !!!!! LOL
    Have the best day !

  13. I only have a few fave blogs to read daily and you know you're on my list!

  14. Oh Master are just so precious, me and Keera miss you heaps hehe x....
    (and the rest of ya in the harvey household lol)

  15. Oh how Dante is changing he looks so different still as cute as though

  16. Ruby what a puppy ho!!! lol Dante I sooo can see Rena in those eyes..... Glad you sat and got to A: read B: sew and get loads done.

  17. I blog for myself no one else .. but you know this. .. love your comments but don't ferl obliged lovey you are a busy lady xx

  18. I still love ya mate. I'm not always the best but I try to comment when I can.

  19. You only need to comment on important mine!!! lol!
    Hope to see you very soon!!!

  20. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Love the pictures of Dante, so glad he is enjoying the play centre. Had me worried when I thought you wouldn't blog, glad youre not. :)

  21. I read blogs when I can and comment if I feel like it. Of course, I read yours everyday! People can just be so petty and jealous sometimes over the smallest stuff. Just live your life.

  22. Ruby is like "oh yeah baby" :)

  23. Does Ruby always sleep on her back?

  24. The puppies are so adorable. Don't worry about what others say about you. You know who you are.


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