Monday, November 25, 2013


It's a beautiful day!
I'm feeling really happy.
Not sure why?

But... long may this mood last.

Bex and Dante go to Playcentre today.
I plan on sewing, doing housework and maybe felting too.

Talking of felting, this is what I had a play with yesterday afternoon:

ABOVE:  of course I had to make a blue heart for my very first attempt at making felt!!! *smiles*

 ABOVE:  for my second attempt I tried doing a leaf ( YES, a blue leaf, lol).  
The photo shows how much the wool shrinks as you work it.  
I couldn't believe how many steps there were involved in making felt, but by the time I was onto the second project I had it sorted in me head.

The next step with these two projects is to hand and machine embellish them.  THAT should be fun too!

Next up:  

 ABOVE:  Steve and his baby Dante.  I love these photos.

ABOVE:  Bex teaching Brylee how to crochet and add on.  So relieved I don't have to do it!  I've not crocheted in 25 years.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on, play with the pups for a while, take some photos of them so I can post them later on...


BLONDIE:  the wool felts itself together with friction... caused by one rubbing one's hands over it with warm, soapy water, then rolling it and rolling it and bloody rolling it.  Plus there's a couple more steps to the process.  There's heaps of tutorials on YouTube... OMGosh I love YouTube!

Bex and Dante had a lovely visit from a friend and her baby boy at lunchtime today.

AND I had a bloke knock on my door... so I invited him into my 'bedroom'.

Heee heee.... he was a drainage surveyor, looking for the manhole which he thought was in my backyard.
I had all the plans from when this home was built, so I showed them to him... on me bed (cos they were beside my bed funnily enough).

I then showed him through the garden gate into my neighbour's backyard, and where the manhole was.

It ain't on my property.  Yaaa for that.

My little felt heart and leaf have now had some machine stitching added, now I want to do some hand work on them too... and bling.  Can't forget the 'bling'!

I'm working on the Advertisment for the Puppies on Trademe.  I should have them listed by late tonight.
It always exciting to see how the ad looks once it's up!

End of Day:  sorry, no puppy photos today, but there will be some tomorrow.
Been busy.  Sewing.  Taking photos for  advert. And now I'm looking after Dante while Steve and Bex go to the movies.
nite nite


  1. Great pics of Steve and Dante :)

  2. Lovely pictures of Dante and Steve, how does the felt stick by heat? very intense that crotcheting....

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Love the pics of Steve and Dante Mary H

  4. Your felting looks great! I have seen brooches and hair flowers etc made like that.... so pretty. You could consider bookmarks etc too xxxxxxx

  5. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Glad you are feeling happy!!! Relieved to hear Ruby is OK. Amused you were able to help the drainage dude out with the plumbing!!!!!

  6. WHAT?? The whole man in your bedroom thing made me jump! Ha ha!

  7. Your house sure has a weird


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