Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Yesterday saw Pearl and Jet sold... and going to lovely homes by the sound of it.

Jade... might go today, not sure yet if the lady from yesterday will get back to me or not.

If she doesn't take her, I'm sure someone else will.  *smiles*

NOW, in no particular order:

ABOVE:  Bex saw this at our local Hospice Shop and bought it for me.  How sweet of her!  

ABOVE: the kid in his first pair of shoes.  They are so cute!

ABOVE:  three of our pups, taken last night.  Ruby, Jade (J) and Jasper (A).

ABOVE: photos of Sienna and Bodhi.  OMGosh they have grown so much!  They are just gorgeous.

Today:  staying home most likely.  Do more Christmas sewing.  Maybe some Felting.
And hopefully get the puppies out on the lawn for some romping around.



6 Weeks ago, when I was picking up Coco from the groomers, I discussed with Rhonda (the groomer) the dogs next visit.

I told her Coco would be nursing her pups at the time of her next groom... and could I have her groomed as soon as she arrived, so I could then get her home again before the pups needed feeding again?

Rhonda said "YES, not a problem, we can do that".

I rang to confirm those details yesterday morning.  And was told no way were they going to groom a nursing dog,  Rhonda was concerned about perhaps cutting a teat by accident, AND there was no way they could guarantee she would be groomed right away.

PISSED OFF doesn't even touch it.  I was right mad as hell.

So I got out our dog clippers and groomed Coco myself last night.  It's a crap job cos I find it really hard to do the dog's legs and feet.  
And I can't clip toenails either.
AND our clippers are shite, they keep clogging up, like I took over an hour and a half just doing Coco's body!

I'm going to have a go at Teddy today.  Wish me luck... cos he plays 'dead' and it's really difficult trying to groom him when he's lying down all limp and floppy!

...And then there was one.  
JADE is sold.  She is going to live in Napier!

Our puppies are going all over the country.  *smiles*

Now we only have to find Jasper a new Forever Family.

Hee hee... it's 9 am and I'm still in me jammas!
Been on the phone and computer almost all morning so far.

Might go shower and dress me thinks...

Hells bells... I've not been back on here for ages today!
Better show some puppy photos!

I seem to have busy all day, doing nothing!
Seriously, I can't think how I've filled the day.
I did duck out to look at prices of travel cases for Pearl's new Mum, Denise.
Denise is having her puppy flown down to Wellington as it's the closest airport for them.

I do plan on grooming Teddy, but I will leave that until after dinner.  I get dog hair all over me and will want a shower after doing him.  

Bex is cooking dinner... Beef Spare Ribs and salad.  Sounds excellent.

JASPER.... has a home!  His new Mum, Stephanie, is ringing me tonight to confirm everything.  

Can you believe all the puppies sold in LESS than 2 days!

End of Day:  well a good day all round... didn't get much done I must admit.  So pleased all the pups have Forever Homes already.  I can relax now and just enjoy the next three weeks until they all leave home.
nite nite


  1. Dante looks very fascinated with his new shoes....very cute.
    You sure have some popular pups....did past litters go this fast?

  2. Glad to hear your puppies are all going to good homes - I can't imagine being able to let others take them if I had been there !!!! LOL
    I LOVE that sign - I wish I had had it last year when I was really battling with hot flushes !!!
    Have the best day !

  3. Love the photos of the puppies, love the photo of Dante and his shoes kids are always fascinated by shoes, Sienna and Bodhi so grown up and gorgeous.. cute sign so you!

  4. They are just adorable!

  5. What a great picture of Ruby... such a poser!!

  6. ohh wow…all the lil darlings have forever homes….thats awesome.


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