Saturday, November 16, 2013


This morning Stew, the kids and I are off into the city to finally meet up with Nannette and Co for brunch/coffee.
Hopefully it's a nice day and we can enjoy a walk along the waterfront too.

After that, it will be home to get some housework done... and all the usual Saturday stuff.

ABOVE: Bex made this funky looking 'angel' yesterday and gave it to me.  He will be going on top of our Christmas tree this year.
I've named him Dex.

ABOVE:  three more mug rugs finished, making 9 so far.  I'm on a roll with these ones.  AND I've got at least half the Christmas Presents made now.

OK.... I think we need another little video of the puppies ...

There ya go!  Aren't they just adorable!

PUPPIES:  ALL are doing well and starting to get a little mischievous.  They are all trying to walk, but they look kinda drunk still.  Also, they are jumping at each other, trying to bite each other and generally morph into little bundles of fun.

It won't be long now before they can go outside on the grass for a play!  Now that is gunna be fun time.


Last night at puppy weigh in, Ruby appeared to have a 10 gram LOSS... I was freaking out about that all night!
As the scales we use are very sensitive and the puppies wriggle so much, it's hard to get an accurate weight ... so I came up with a new way to weigh them:

ABOVE:  and yaaaa.... it worked a treat when I weighed Ruby again this morning!  She has put on 50 grams!!   Ignore the number on the scale, I had to take off the weight of the box to get her correct weight, which was 885 grams.  She's doing exceptionally well is our fatty boom-bah!

Right, time to get out of me jama's and get ready to go to town...

 ABOVE:  well our trip into town went well... it was lovely to catch up with Nannette and Brad.  We had brunch, then a little wander around the bottom part of the city.  I hope they have an amazing time on their cruise... that is their ship in the photos.  It's HUGE!

ABOVE:  I put the puppies out on the grass this afternoon... they didn't seem to like it much.  But it's early days!  Just wait until they are running around like mad things. 

ANON:  Thanks for that info about the 'tare'.

BLOODY HELL.  Somebody ransacked my car overnight.  NOTHING has been taken because there is nothing in my car to take.   But it is still unsettling.  I must have left it unlocked?  There is no sign of forced entry... thank goodness.  

The only things worth taking would have been the towbar, fire extinguisher, first aide box and a bloody huge roll of loo paper!  Clearly they didn't want that sort of stuff. lol

Grrrrr... our area has been targeted lately with cars being stolen, car wheels taken, and break-ins like mine.  There is no point telling the cops as there is nothing they can do.

Pissed off. I'm gunna have to clean it now cos it creeps me out knowing someone has been in my car.  BASTARDS, I hope they get theirs one day.

SO...I reported the break in to the Police... cos LACY insisted I do so.

End of Day:  well a really nice day, marred by the car being ransacked, but hey, shit happens.  They could have stolen the wheels and left me car up on blocks like several other cars in the neighbourhood lately!
nite nite


  1. Looking forward to catching up again! Will be great to finally meet Stew too!!

  2. Enjoy your day out in the city it's a nice day for it....luv the pups

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    They are adorable!!!! Can you ship one of the puppies to Melbourne? Thanks!!! :-):-):-) Ashlee

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    So funny Ruby looks as if she is touching all sides of the container. So adorable they are all of them.

  5. Anonymous2:25 PM

    See that little button that says "tare" on the scales? If you put the container on empty then press that it will take the weight back to zero so that only the weight of the little puppy will be recorded... well mine work that way so yours should too - will just save you subtracting the weight of the container each time :)

  6. The video of the puppies is just a wiggly bundle of cute.

  7. Last year you used a big plastic jug remember? are they too fatty boom bum for that now still they are adorable............. Dante looks so intrigued by them.

  8. Yay, did the tare thing work on your scales? I use it all the time - put the mug or bowl on, press that and they weigh!! Easy when you know how... Oh and it's me, Lynda - sorry I didn't sign my name, on a different computer :)

  9. the puppies are so cute!!

  10. Wow!!! these puppies are so sweet. I like them.

    Kopi Luwak

  11. Yes, you must report these things. Our local police officer said that funding/numbers of officers is based on reports made. He said we must report anything at all!! It's also worth getting a local neighbourhood watch group together. We have one in our street and it is fantastic. We all have each other's email addresses etc and anything unusual everyone emails everyone else.

  12. DAM STRAIGHT......and I would tell any one and everyone else the this shit coz if no one does.....then this shit is only going to get worse...Love You Mummy...xo

    1. I totally agree Lacy!! Oh and Chris... did you ever see the photo of Stu's brand new car on blocks after all his wheels were stolen? It happened outside Jo's house in Ellerslie. It was horrible but we still laugh when we see the photos!

  13. Ruby looks likes a tiny panda!!!
    That sucks about the car :(

  14. glad you had a good catch up with Nanette. lovely day for a cruise.

    I would disinfect my car seeings as what a lot of those losers look like. yuk


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