Tuesday, November 05, 2013


This is MOLLY, she's going to be getting a baby sister for Christmas!

The only thing left for Molly's Mum, Tracy and her family to do is choose which little girl they want to add to their family.
So far they have 'narrowed' it down to Pearl and Ruby.  Jade is very similar in colouring to Molly, and they would like one with a different colouring.
Well... I have to say it, Pearl is similar in colouring to Molly too! (at the same age of course).

TRACY:  why don't ya come up one day in a couple of weeks and check the girls out?  Then you can make an informed choice.  By then the pups will have developed some 'personality' too.

And... have you decided on a name for your new little girl yet?

ABOVE:  photos of the pups taken yesterday, I forgot to post them!  How adorable!!!

I'm  happy to report I am over my paranoia over the pups welfare overnight, and have spent the last two nights in my own bed, with my darling Stew!  He quite likes that... I think!  *smiles*

Today:  Babysitting first and foremost.  Bex is getting her hair done this morning.  After she is home I shall do some more sewing. And I shall pop out later on in the day and get some fabric I need from Spotlight.

So, that's all for now.


WANNA:  I am sure I can see you when you are in!
CALLING ALL BLOGGERS, if ya want to see Wanna_B_slimmer when she's in town (14-16th Nov), leave a comment.   I am thinking  dinner/drinks in the city on the evening of the 13th?

ANON:  my pups are $600 and HELL NO, I do not give discounts.  I will be advertising them for sale in a few weeks time on Trademe.

TRACY: Like HELL do you need to stay in a Motel!  You can stay here, we have a spare bedroom... with a bed even!  

Well... we got out after Bex had her hair done.
I bought some more fabric, I had NO plain backing fabric!  AND I'd dropped my rotary cutter in the garage and it got a big chip in the blade, so I had to get a new blade.  Fook, they are not cheap!

Anyway, all good.  Home, had lunch, watched some TV and now... I'm off downstairs to maybe have a nap... or more sewing.

Griffin just said one of the puppy's eyes is open, and I checked and sure enough!  Jasper's eyes ARE open.  Wow that's early!  It's usually at 2 weeks their eyes open.
I will check all the others once they have finished feeding...

 ABOVE:  the Mug Rugs and Placemats I'm working on right now.  
I am having so much fun making them.

ABOVE:  self explanatory really!  *smiles*

I am going to try and get a photo of Jasper with his eyes open soon, trouble is the little bugger has gone to sleep now!  

MONIKA:  thanks for that tip, I will check Trademe out tomorrow.  I'm off to bed now.

End of Day:  well it's been a nice day.  Steve let off a few fireworks tonight, Dante stayed inside behind the ranch sliders, so he was safe.  He quite enjoyed watching the pretty ones, and he was mesmerised by the ones that flew into the air!
Off to bed.  
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    so how much are the puppies, then? and how do i get one? what is the lowest price you will accept? are there any discounts for OAP?

  2. Chris I think it's great that you are back in your bed if that's what makes you happy. You have had a bit of a rough time lately with people making comments when you don't need them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I don't agree with the whole kicking people when they are down. You are so good to your dogs, if it makes you feel comfortable watching them at night do it. Anyway just want to let you know that I think you are great!

  3. Lucky Molly getting a little sis. Those belly up pics are soooooo cute Happy and full pups me thinks

  4. think your comments have made my mind up... but yes I should do a road trip in a couple weeks... will email you if I do and you can tell me motels to stay

  5. Wanna arrives on Thursday 14th and sails on Saturday 16th. Not the 12th and 14th. I think the girl needs a drink. lol. Thursday the 14th was the better night to catch up.

    Glad you're back to sleeping in your own bed.

  6. OMGOSH those tummies on those puppies delightful, so pleased everyone has turned the sleeping corner..... Happy sewing.

  7. LOL.... all right... well if I come up, you might have a visitor!!!

  8. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Hi I laughed when I saw the pups all the little fat girls in the middle....so cute!


  9. Hi Chris, I have started buying Rotary Blades in bulk on Trademe - I go through lots of them, and the No-Name ones work for me just as well as the branded ones :) xo Monika

  10. I love seeing the daily photos of the puppies. It is great seeing them change & develop their own wee personalities.

  11. Pff, of course Anonymous wants a discount and wants to know how much the puppies go for. Anonymous will bash you later for how much money you're making. Maybe the same Anon. who said you didn't care about the puppy Flint, just the cash that's gone. Eesh.


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