Monday, November 11, 2013


Bex has an agenda this week.
It's to drag me out walking every day... as it's supposed to be fine and warm all week.

I suppose.... I don't mind.  Although if it gets too warm she can go on her own.  I don't do walks in stinking hot weather!

Last night... little Master Dante tried a new trick:

 ABOVE:  we may have to 'barricade' that gap up so his nibs doesn't fall through it and then down the stairs!

ABOVE:  the Pups were 16 days old yesterday.  The time is flying by, soon they will be running around causing mayhem!  But they will be so much fun too.

Right, I suppose I shall have to go and get me shorts/t-shirt and sneakers on eh?
Fingers crossed it doesn't get too hot... or Bex is gunna get a whack for dragging me out!


It would appear the weatherman got it wrong for today!  It's raining.  No walk outside today then.  I might just do some sewing now instead. 

It stopped raining, so we decided we WOULD go walking... we did a 45 minute walk with a long, slow slog up Hill Road included.  We both have bright red faces now!

I am off to see the Diabetes Nurse soon, I wonder what my latest blood tests will show?  I've not been THAT good, so it's up in the air.

Well... HELLO!  No one is out there today?  I got a good report at the Dr's... everything is going down... except me blood pressure.  So I'm now on a light dose of blood pressure pills.  Yaaa... another to add to the mix.

Lunchtime, so time to sit down and catch up with a couple of taped programmes on the telly...

Ha!  Relax?  Yeah, for about half an hour, then I decided now would be an excellent time to bath both dogs.
I was already tired from me walk, so... in for a penny, in for a pound.
Now... two clean dogs and one knackered Chris!

OH and I now stink like a wet dog too.  Yaaa.
Dinner tonight it already in hand too... I'm on a roll people!

I've got potatoes & eggs cooling for a salad tonight, I'm going to cut some of our own lettuce leaves and spring onions for the salad too.
Might be almost time to get more plants!

Sheesh I smell....doggy.

AHHH.... WOW ANON:  that wasn't very nice of you was it?  I do comment on other's blogs WHEN I GET TIME TO. Anyone who knows me knows I do the best I can... Exetel ( [Label IP Address]    755 returning visits
Australia Flag
Tarneit, Victoria, Australia  ... shame you forgot I can TRACK where comments come from you silly person. 

3.43:  hi... YOU can back to see if I had replied then?  Does that creep you out or what? 

Sorry you won't be back.... even though you do try to push my buttons.  You clearly like reading my blog as you have visited it so often.  Last time you left a not so nice comment you said you wouldn't be 'back' too. 

How about just reading and biting your tongue when you want to leave a not so nice comment?  It CAN be done ya know.

And I will try to be a more diligent blog commentor seeing as it upsets you. 

ABOVE:  Coco right after her bath.

I took a little video of Teddy after his bath too... I will post it tomorrow... it will give me something to put on first thing!

**Hi Froggy **!  I know you are always there Chick.  ♥

End of Day:  I'm watching 'The Help' on the tv, omgosh, it's a good movie!  Everyone else has gone to bed... leaving me all alone to watch it in peace.
nite nite


  1. Exploring children and puppies oh your house is going to be fun and that will keep you on ya toes!! Hope its not too hot for you walking.

  2. Oh better block that off that sounds scary (I know you will though ;))

  3. Blood pressure might have been up from your walk chick. You are doing so well sticking at your new life program. Go girl

  4. That is a very good result Chris Congratulations. Ha little Dante is such a cutie Does he know the stais are there or just being curious about the barrier?

  5. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Get on your treadmill. And you never comment on others blogs so why should they comment on yours?

  6. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Not creeped out, but thanks for the wake up call of sorts. I have decided to not come back here, I wish you the best of luck in life and with your lovely family.

  7. Good result from the Dr. Keep up the walks with Bec & your BP should stabilise.

    As for Anon - are you some sort of creepy stalker? How do you even know if Chris comments on other blogs?

  8. After reading Anon's comment I thought I'd better comment myself! Aaah, you know I read your blog every day (sometimes several times a day as you update). I don't need to comment cause you know I'm always here somewhere :-) Just wanted to put my two cents worth in :-) x

  9. Haha some people just can not help them selves lol......makes for a good laugh (some times) referring to annon's comment from Melbourne AUZ
    (reply from my computer)

  10. I enjoyed hearing Dante laughing while Coco was running around like a silly girl!

  11. Cripes! Never a dull moment around here huh ???? xxx

  12. I'm here!!! I love catching up with what the puppies, babies and family are up too!!!
    Having a hard time deciding which puppy... but now 99% sure ;-)

  13. Oh and funny!!!! Molly does the same thing after a bath!! Like mother like daughter!!

  14. Anonymous6:38 PM

    That's a cute video Funny how Molly does it to Mary H

  15. Lol luv the video soooooo cute crazy mumma and Dante's cute giggle. Good on ya getting out and walking. Keep on keeping on Chris

  16. I watched The Help too. I have always wanted to see it & I loved it. Now catching up with Downton Abbey which I taped.

  17. Congrats on the good report from the doctor....hopefully the blood pressure will be going the right way soon.

  18. Oh she looks so happy running all around!! What a cutie!

  19. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Haha that video of Coco is so cute. She sure is one happy little mummy all clean.
    Congrats on the good results. Omg to Anon from Victoria! She'll be back!!!

  20. Great post as usual Chris. I saw The Help at the movies but recorded it last night as I want to see it again.


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